Image result for ambulance BREWHOUSE 2 ANNIVERSARY PIX Image result for ambulance BREWHOUSE 2 ANNIVERSARY PIX

On Saturday, June 11, increasingly popular Nanuet beer joint, Ambulance Brew House, celebrated its 2nd Anniversary in glorious fashion. A sensational amalgamation of limited editions, one-offs, small batches and redesigned beers (Barrier/ Ambulance collaboration Siren 2.0) took over the 20-plus draught lines while barbecued ribs and other fine food was served to the huddled masses.

I got to try six beers from 1 PM to 3 PM – reviewed separately below. Concentrating on springtime fare such as saisons, fruited sour ales and sessionable India Pale Ales, Ambulance introduced its dedicated minions to some fare I couldn’t get my hands on during an abbreviated stay. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll get to enjoy Singlecut Fuzzbox Imperial IPA, Grimm Dream Weapon IPA and Finback/J. Wakefield Smooth Beats Miami IPA alongside Allagash Astrid Saison, Oxbow Freestyle Pils and Kent Falls Blueberry Vs. Blackberry Sour.

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