Across a small bridge and wiithin walking distance of Brugge Brasseire was beige tiki-styled BROAD RIPPLE BREWPUB (visited August ’06). In the hip northeast section of Indianapolis along the White River and servicing nearby Butler University, its back bar had olden feel due to antique mahogany furnishings and gold hotel ballroom ceiling tile. Several dinky dining sections found customers munching pizza, fried pickles, mussels, and sandwiches while right side brew tanks offered decent variety of beers.

Light tea-like wheat-chaffed grassy-bottomed Lawnmower Pale Ale, sweet malt-fruited tea-honeyed Red Bird Mild, earthen-wooded peppery-hopped floral-grapefruit ESB, and hazelnut-walnut-almond-blanched hop-charred Diving Duck American Brown were smoothly mild.

Better still were zesty mandarin orange-juiced, lemon-bruised, bubble-gummy Farmhouse Saison Ale, creamy apple-tangerine-grapefruit-dabbed, piney hop-smoked IPA, and coffee-caressed chocolate-milked light body Monon Porter.

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