Marzonis-6 - River Rat Brew Trail

Discovered a host of good brewpubs curling ‘round the woodsy highways and rural byways crossing Duncansville, Johnstown, Greensburg, Slippery Rock, Titusville, and Foxburg on April ’06 family excursion.

Opened 2003, freestanding tan-hued brick-stucco Duncansville pizza place, MARZONI’S BRICK OVEN & BREWING, offered Italian dishes (penne-parmigiana-lasagna), brick-oven pizzas, and seafood to double-sided dining area. Brew tanks behind left side bar (with multiple TV’s) stored craftsman Bill Kroft’s eclectic fare quaffed April ‘06.

Though unassuming cereal-honeyed yellow-fruited Locke Mountain Light Lager and slight wheat-chaffed lemony-tart soft-hopped Highway “22″ Wheat cater mostly to softer palates, mocha-malted chestnut-roasted fruit-bruised Marzoni’s Amber, bittersweet hop-malted red-fruited Patchway Pale Ale, raisin-y fig Weisenbock, and whiskey-rye daubed Marzen made germane alternatives.

Dry black chocolate-roasted, coffee bean-soured, Brazil-walnut-smitten Stone Mason Stout flowed easy.

Best bet: bitter floral-spiced Avalanche IPA, a fab 5-star knockout pitting brusque orange peel, lemon, and grapefruit tartness against tropical peach-pear-kiwi-mango tango.

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