An outgrowth of Andean Brewing’s quirkily cherished maca root-derived Kuka brand, NAP TIME LIQUID CREATION came to fruition late 2017. Directed by proficient Kuka brewmeister, Alex Coronado, Nap Time’s rangy elixirs sometimes stretch stylistic boundaries, but just as often reach a comfort zone for Blue Collar pilsner-lager lovers as proven by the two fruitful offerings quaffed during my two-hour June ’19 excursion.

Nap Time’s cozy interior featured a few tables, couch, regal black-and-white paper cut wall art and slate-topped serving station with four draught handles. A few black metal patio tables near the entrance add extra seating.

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Sunshiny IPA-like citrus spicing and dank wood musk fronted dry-hopped The Dreamer Light Lager, leaving herbal snips upon its juicy grapefruit-orange tang, mild lemon spritz, latent Hallertau Blanc green grape tannins and teasing Hull Melon gooseberry tartness.

Similarly bright and lively moderation, Incantation Pilsner let lemon-peeled grapefruit zesting and delicate mandarin orange sweetness appease herbal barnyard-dried grassiness and white breaded pale malting.

Heavenly Lick The Mind Of God, a Mosaic-hopped Imperial IPA, brought tangy pineapple juiciness to sweet orange, red grapefruit, mango and peach tropicalia, contrasting its light resinous wood tones.

Dark-roast chocolate and bitter coffee coalesced for easygoing stout, Floating Into The Night, bringing molasses-draped cola, hazelnut and Brazil nut illusions and pureed black cherry daubs into the fray.

Ugandan vanilla beaning and roasted coffee tones guided clean-watered Swedish-inspired milk stout, Fika, a terrific dessert treat utilizing cardamom-spiced cinnamon toasting to caress its minty brown chocolate surge and vanilla-sweetened java finish.

During January ’21 afternoon jaunt with son, Christopher, discovered four more fine suds from this dependable lounge-styled pub.

Dry Italian-styled Imperial Pilsner, Obliviation, leveraged biscuity bohemian pilsner malting with ambrosial fruited oats sugaring.

Mildly creamed pale malt-sugared citrus zest embraced Dream Is Destiny, a crisply clean Imperial IPA with spiced pineapple, grapefruit and orange tang and moderate resinous piney hop bittering.

Temptingly sweet honey and brown sugar adjuncts regaled Nothingness, a judicious Imperial Stout weaving dried cocoa into ancillary hazelnut coffee, espresso, toffee and dark cherry illusions above a rich cookie dough base.

Inconspicuous 9.5% strong ale, Old Queen Cole, a subtly whiskey/red wine-barreled English barleywine-like dessert treat pleated brown chocolate-spiced sweetness with roasted coffee.

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