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Currently residing at a diminutive gray shed in a Route 7 auto shop facility, RAVENOUS BREWING CO. came to fruition in 2012 when head brewer, Dorian Rave, garnered favorable exposure for his ambitious Coffee Milk Stout. Though a move to larger space is imminent, Ravenous’ current August ’18 digs include a gorgeous granite bar top inlaid with broken beer bottles fronted by a wood-meshed American flag, six handcrafted draught taps, refrigerator with bottles-cans to go, four-stooled table and cement floor.

Each thirst-quenching brew captured its style well, starting with refreshingly crisp staple, Blackstone Pale Ale, a mild dry body with mildly herbal Chinook hop woodiness and grapefruit rind-embittered Cascade hop grassiness sugared by caramelized pale malts.

Next, brisk Seltzer-spritzed Summer Kolsch led lightly white-peppered lemon rot souring into musty white-wined grape esters and straw-grassed barnyard funk, picking up a glancing floral-daubed orange marmalade respite.

Easygoing Bienvenu French Quarter Red Ale brought sugar-caned plum, fig and date fruiting to the fore in a mild manner.

Wood-lacquered juniper bittering soaked up yellow grapefruit bitterness and melon rind phenols for Cogswell Tower IPA, a fine pale-malted dry body hopheads will likely regale.

Coffee-grounded cocoa nibs delighted Cocoa Plouffes Mocha Porter, an off-dry medium body contrasting caramelized black chocolate malts with sour-creamed yogurt milking.

Milk-sugared coffee, sweet brown chocolate and brown-sugared oats coalesced to make Coffee Milk Stout the perfect dessert (reviewed fully in Beer Index).


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