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Indecisive deep maroon-bodied soft beige-headed dark lager (caught betwixt less resilient rauchbier and styptic Schwarzbier) drapes beechwood-smoked malts across suspect chocolate-anise bitterness, losing glazed ham and cured meat illusions as sharp-tongued phenol hop char increases. Ashy earthen astringency, wavered cocoa-fig sourness, and roasted nut harshness deplete marble rye hints.


Peculiar seim-flat maroon-hued moderate body remindful of sweet milk stout brings syrupy maple smokiness to dry cigar leaf pleasantry, rain-drenched charred redwood spell, and dry pulp tinge. Thin watery finish depletes brown sugar caress and tar-like backdrop. Don’t be fooled by its beautiful chocolate aromatics. Creamy caramel-chocolate center gets overbearingly cloy, ruining relaxing mood. Also sold as Cuzco Dark Peruvian Lager.