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On tap at Taphouse 15, frothy magenta pinked kettle sour utilizes tart strawberry-blackberry influence and pureed banana scruff as well as botanical runtz terps (oily cannabis-like resin) in creamy marshmallow setting – creating a lactic yogurt-thick Smoothie. Spunky lime zesting soaks up sweet ‘n sour berry-pomegranate scurry, but banana puff pastry scamper accrues.

Schmoojee Croptoberfest - Imprint Beer Co. - Untappd


Chewy marshmallow-fluffed frothiness and caramelized white chocolate whipped creaming sweeten banana pureed passionfruit adjunct of yummy yellow glowed dessert. Eggy custard-like consistency deepens resonance as vanilla pudding, banana cream pie, lemon curd, concentrated orange juice, toasted coconut, tangy pineapple and salted mango illusions sail thru the marshmallow creme wake zone.

Trip 'n' Dip - Imprint Beer Co. - Untappd


Astonishing creamily frothed “Smoothie” sneaks sourly tart strawberry scrum into cannoli-inspired fried pastry dough topped by cocoa-buttered white chocolate frosting over ricotta-sweetened ice creaming. Marshmallow-fluffed strawberry Creamsicle surge given rummy Pina Colada tinge above chocolate-chipped cookie dough bottom of lightly acidic tart fruit setting.

Imprint/Claim 52 Stuffed Schmoojee (white chocolate, strawberry and ca –  CraftShack - Buy craft beer online.


Imprint Beer Company | Hatfield, PA | Beers | BeerAdvocate ReinBro - Imprint Beer Co. - Untappd


Specializing in ‘lusciously thick stouts to mind melting fruited sours,’ IMPRINT BEER CO. is certainly leaving its unique mark on North Penn Valley’s tiny borough of Hatfield since opening, January 2018. Famous for their neverending line of thickly pulped Schmoojees, basically fluffily creamed marshmallow fruited ambrosia salad knockoffs, these ambitious zymurgists craft some of the most diverse brews north of Philly.

Located at a brick Industrial mall, Imprint’s cement-floored pub sits adjacent to the Quality Tank Solutions brewhouse. Several four-stooled metal tables, wooden benches, front-walled barrels and a kitchen kiosk fill out the rustic overhead-doored tasting room where large silver tanks take up the backspace.

Founding brewer, Ryan Diehl, realized he had to immediately expand his space after operating a small one-barrel nano. Now a mid-sized microbrewery, Imprint’s equipment includes its original 7-barrel fermenters (bought for its first expansion) and a newer 15-barrel system plus an experimental stainless steel brite tank.


My wife and I try a mild pilsner and lager before grabbing a few impressive stouts, then get a bunch of canned goodies for the road (reviewed in Beer index).

Zesty dry-hopped lupulin oiling gave Czech-styled pilsner, Citra-Galaxy Wallpaper, its mildly bitter IPA-like lemony orange-peeled grapefruit splurge, delicate peachy pineapple tang and clean Seltzer briskness receiving muskily floral-spiced herbage above milled grain malting.

Another cleanly dry citric-bent moderation, Game Face Helles Lager, retained spritzy grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering for pale lagered mineral graining.

As for the two richly creamed stouts, lactose-bound Vanilla Rye Imperial Stout boasted chewy Madagascar and Mexican vanilla luxuriance for its nutty rye-spiced black chocolate density.

Richly rewarding confectionery milk stout, Dunkable Nilly, let Nilla wafer sweetness entice resilient vanilla ice-creamed brown chocolate milking as tertiary bruised black cherry, toasted almond and praline illusions reached its fudgy vanilla mocha finish.