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Just next door to Burger Loft in simple nuevo fashion sits New City’s DISTRICT 96 BEER FACTORY. Opened July ’17, but serving draughts to Burger Loft since at least January, this elegantly devised open space will be treasured by beer enthusiasts for its easygoing suds (mostly small-batched pale ales and IPA’s) and “illuminating Industrial chic” design.

The storefront-windowed pub features a beautifully vaulted skylight ceiling, plasma cut metal boarded beer listing (with radiant District 96 lettering) and sundry Edison bulb lighting. Sporting twelve white-tiled draught lines plus one nitro line and cider tap, District 96′s fifteen-seat oak bar services eight tables at the red brick left side wall and its burger-centric neighbor at the other side of the entrance.

Owner John Potenza hired New England Brewing Company’s Chase Planson as head brewer to run the daily operation. And the large lower-leveled brew tanks taking up the spacious back area will help make expansion at this site much easier.

I had consumed eight homemade draughts (listed in Beer Index) at Burger Loft over the last several months, but found four previously untried brews one rainy September ’17 evening.

First, approachable The Wit House let funky fungi-herbed Belgian yeast lightly affect floral orange-peeled lemon tanginess to its delicate white wheat base.

Sessionable Misunderestimated IPA brought bright yellow grapefruit and zesty lemon to the fore as grassy hops picked up mild piney bittering.

More stylistically robust, turbidly yellow-hazed Sexual Relations IPA allowed juicy yellow grapefruit, pineapple, mango, papaya and guava tropicalia to gain mild orange rind bittering above creamy crystal-malted sweetness.

For dessert, dry Dark Money Porter recalled an Irish Stout with its mildly creamed Bakers chocolate, burnt coffee and espresso tones upending moderate hop charred bittering (and distant black grape esters).

During May ’18 return, settled into eight more previously untried brews.

Dry pale wheat ale, Wickard V. Filburn, let soft-toned orange-peeled pineapple, lemon and grapefruit zestiness lead the way atop pilsner-malted white wheat.

Dry-hopped, kettle-soured  Have You Tried This Yet Pale Ale left rotted lemon tartness on the tongue above dank earthen oats graining.

Then came four slightly varied India Pale Ales.

Lively orange, grapefruit and tangerine tang gained light lemon zest for Mother Of All Bombs, a ‘crushable’ Double IPA with latent passionfruit, mango and pineapple illusions.

Dry-hopped IPA, Candidate 8, brought affable orange-pineapple-peach tanginess to perfume-spiced wood tones and rye-flaked red wheat malts.

Fruitier Candidate 9 (Haze Of Representatives), an Imperial IPA, allowed Citra-Mosaic hops to spread juicy pineapple, orange and grapefruit zest all over light pilsner-malted wheat and oats.

“Fresh-squeezed tangerine explosion” occupied Political Juice IPA, gaining orange-spiced licks to coerce mild musky hop astringency.

Bittersweet raspberries pierced black chocolate malts for medium-bodied porter, Razzignation, a tart dessert with mild cherry rasp, sedate coffee tones and nutty cola respite.

Meanwhile, Razzignation Nitro softened its mildly creamed cocoa-dried chocolate resonance while streamlining its raspberry puree influence.

Serving Rockland County’s affluent Clarkstown community with a fine menu of ever-changing beers, District 96 has already got local Hudson Valley patrons hooked.




Perched just off the main drag in Rockland County’s affluent county seat, New City (just an hour north of NYC) got a lot cooler when BURGER LOFT went ‘craft’ three years ago. On my March 15 stopover, the pristine beer pub celebrated Long Island brewery, Barrier, dedicating all 12 stainless steel tap lines to the superfine suds.

Inside a colonial-styled, red-bricked mini mall, Burger Loft is not only a fine burger joint, but also a damn fine beer-centric hideaway and roomy sportsbar (with several widescreenTV’s).  Its wide windows shine sunlight on the tile floor of the wood-furnished pale blue interior. Right side dining’s fine for family and friends while the two 15-seat wood counters at the bar spread across the entire left side. Made of maple, oak and zebra wood, the sturdily thick counter tops stretch far and wide, allowing many brewhounds to converge in one spot and still have plenty of room to rove.

All weekend long, Barrier Brewing’s been featured. And on this early springtime jaunt, I quaffed a lofty eight new Barrier offerings that would’ve easily satisfied even the most hardened connoisseurs. Served in lofty 5.5 ounce samplers, each well designed elixir hit its mark, especially my initial libation, Barrier Icculus Kolsch, a tantalizing light-bodied pilsner with a spritzy lemony orange splash and doughy cracker backup that’s as crisply clean as it gets.

Though Barrier Simple California Common Lager couldn’t compete, its phenol citric astringency proved smooth (if soapy). Barrier Delicioulus Extra Pale Ale  meshed perfumed citric hops with tropical fruiting while the even better Belgian 1 Pale Ale brought sour lemon-candied orange and pineapple tang to delicate banana-clove spicing.

As usual, India Pale Ale’s dominated the menu. Evil Giant IPA let rye malts deepen the stylish white-peppered, pine-needled grapefruit bittering while spruce-tipped Atypical IPA showcased lemony grapefruit. Soft-toned Money IPA placed orange-rotted yellow grapefruit bittering atop yellow wood tones. Best bet: sweet fruit-juiced Daddy Warbucks Double IPA, a sunny tropical-fruited beauty with honeyed malts and piney herbal respite.

For dessert, Morticia Russian Imperial Stout brought lusty dark-roasted smoked mocha malting to bourbon-tinged dark fruiting. (Full reviews in Beer Index).

In between beers, my wife and I chomped on a ciabatta-breaded Turkey Club (with avocado, bacon and tomato) while watching the Sweet Sixteen tournament. Burgers, Fish Tacos and Mac  & Cheese lead the American-styled pub menu.

On future endeavors during May and June 2017, discovered Burger Loft’s District 96 brews – currently crafted next door. Delectable fare seemingly inspired by highly recognized microbrewery, Hill Farmstead, the tight range of beers so far includes several India Pale Ales, pale ales and one kolsch (reviewed separately).