Bobcat Café & Brewery | Discover Bristol Vermont

Amongst old red brick buildings in the heart of rural Bristol (thirty miles Southeast of Burlington) lies THE BOBCAT CAFE, a quaint upscale pub with creaky wood floors-tables, cozy right side dining, and tucked-in left side bar.

Visited November ’06, glass-enclosed rear brew tanks served decent fare such as diacetyl maize-dried perfume-wafted floral-hopped Pocock Pilsner, saltine apricot-soured cornbread-bottomed Cat Paw Kolsch, sweet herbal tea-like Bristol Pride ESB, corn-sweet yellow-orange-fruited Witches Brew Octoberfest, and daintily red-orange-fruited woody-hopped floral-dried bitter App-Gap India Pale Ale.

Bettering these selections was milk chocolate-y maple-tarred anise-zipped char-hopped South Mountain Stout. But honeyed dark-spiced fig-soured black tea-finishing Brickwall Pale Ale had off-putting vegetal spoilage.

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