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Cape Charles Brewing and the Renaissance of Virginia's Eastern Shore


Recently celebrating their fourth anniversary on June 14, CAPE CHARLES BREWING COMPANY came into existence during 2018. Just up the block from the beachy romantic Eastern Virginia seashore, this unique blue collar family-owned pub features not only fine beers and worthy seafood, burgers and sandwiches, but also an array of outdoor activities at its grain siloed farmland.

Utilizing reclaimed wood for its cabin-fronted exterior and cement-floored interior, there are plank wood tables and metal chairs complemented by hanging metal rimmed lighting and white-walled side paneling at the L-shaped bar. A round orange and green-hued Cape Charles Brewing signpost hangs off the back wall leading to the brewroom (with canning line and large tanks). Three tap stations offer around a dozen well-designed homemade brews, many of which were simply stylistically straightforward.

Besides having a charming beach-chaired outdoor space with helmet-like firepit, there’s also a life-sized chess table and plastic furnishings near the trees.

We sat outside on the metal-furnished patio to absorb each draught available during a sunny Friday afternoon, August ’22.

Three flagship beers lead the charge, including Ol’ Reliable, a crisply clean dry helles lager with polite grain breading (named for the Reliable Hardware store CCBC refurbished).

Next year-rounder, classic West Coast IPA, Cobb Island, retained a soft-toned grapefruit rind and orange pith bittering tempered by herbal wood-dried earthiness.

Better still, tropical New England IPA, Assateque Island, gathered pine-lacquered orange-peeled grapefruit bittering, zesty pineapple-mango-peach tanginess and perfumed floral spicing over sugary pale malts, resembling a juicy fruit bouquet.

For its lightest bodied offering, aluminum clear pilsner, Paramore Island, let spritzy lemon zest and cereal grain sugaring reach its white bread base.    

One of Cape Charles’ most successful brews, dry pilsner-malted Nor’easter Pale Ale buttressed its dank orange oiling with French bread buttering and remote vegetal herbage.

Basic moderate-bodied hefeweizen, Heff N Fairytale, brought stylistic banana-clove-coriander sugaring and sweet orange peel tanginess to mingle with mild herbage above honeyed wheat wisps.

Tart blood orange salting consumed Berliner Weiss, Blood-Orange Phunk, leaving lemon-candied sourness atop the floury white wheat bed.

Mocha-bound English dark ale, Puddle Pirate Porter, maintained confectionery caramel-toffee sugaring, hazelnut coffee milking and toasted coconut snip contrasting black peppered earthiness and blackened hop char.

Briny oyster shelling grazed the black chocolate syruping, burnt coffee bittering and earthen truffle soiling of Smith Island Oyster Stout. For the lovely bourbon-barrel aged version, dry bourbon whiskeyed sherry tones gained mild burgundy licks and dried cherry snips over sweet caramelized chocolate malts.


Waldwick NJ first brewery set to open in early 2022


One of the first northern Bergen County brewpubs, GEARBLOCK BREWING COMPANY opened its doors in springtime, 2022. Established by homebrewer, Tony Romano, this green aluminum awninged red brick pub, situated at the quaint Hamilton Square Shopping Center, served a respectable standard array of popular beer styles during my initial April ’22 visit.

A closed-in beergarden with wood and metal tables leads thirsty patrons to the entrance of Gearblock. Its modern Industrial interior includes a black tile ceiling with pendant Edison-bulbed lights, concrete-topped aluminum-sided bar and prohibition era automobile theme. There are twelve taps at the grey and white brick-walled bar serviced by the rear brew tanks. A few stools and four-seat tables fill out the cozy hotspot.

Numb Hands - Gearblock Brewing Company - Untappd

Clear beige Mexican style lager, Mastretta, utilized cologned agave to penetrate lemony white wine esters, lightly vinous Pinot Grigios phenols and buttery Chardonnay daubs above delicate pilsner malts.

Sea-salted lime zest stayed dry for lightly hopped gose, Busted Barnacle, leaving mild lemony grapefruit bittering and snippy coriander seeded peppercorn in its wake.

Sour lemondrop spritz and dry pale malt lagering settled at the grassy hop stead of Race Day Cream Ale.

Lime-salted Huell Melon-hopped gooseberry/ guava tartness, ancillary Tettnang-hopped herbage and recessive grassy astringency reached the white bread spine of The Kolschfather, a crisply clean light-bodied kolsch.

‘Classic’ Noble-hopped Fahren Marzen plied mild toffee spicing and wispy herbage to dry amber-grained pale malting.

Dry-hopped Imperial Red Ale, West Coast Red, placed spicy apple and pear fruiting alongside piney hop resin and mild tobacco roast overriding dainty caramel malts.

Sessionable NEIPA, U-Turn, combined honeyed orange, salted grapefruit and sour guava over buttery pale malts.

Coffee-roasted vanilla richness and raw molasses sinew reinforced the ‘slightly sweet’ chocolate base of Standard Coupe Vanilla Porter, a tarry full body.

Rich dark-roasted chocolate and coffee tones guided Leaded Imperial Stout, picking up a slight hop-charred wood sear to contrast its auxiliary burnt caramel spell.



Bright Path Brewing To Open This Winter In Jim Thorpe - Breweries in PA


Open February ’22 in the Pocono Mountain mining town of Jim Thorpe, BRIGHT PATH BREWING COMPANY secures a roomy 4,000 square-foot barn house. Selling its beer to-go initially, Bright Path began inviting the public onsite for draughts three months hence in May.

Co-owner Alex Franko began home brewing a decade ago and worked at Sly Fox, Other Half, Lone Eagle, Dogfish Head and Dock Street beforehand while biz partner, Dylan Smith’s been at it for five years with stops along the way at Lancaster, Lone Eagle and Cape Cod breweries. Both grew up in the surrounding Keystone State area.

Their humble mission is to create ‘refreshing flavorful lagers and low ABV session beers’ for everyone to enjoy. And there’s a peaceful easy feeling that consumes the high-ceilinged pub.

Bright Path’s gray cement-floored, green-walled interior features a 12-stooled wood top bar (with aluminum frontage), chalkboard beer list and a gold-lettered company insignia. Windowed rear brew tanks hold the suds. Pipe-fitted community tables, wall-railed standing ledges and exposed ceiling pipes add rustic appeal.

Bright Path Brewing in Carbon County |

Easygoing flagship, Mc Gowan’s Cream Ale, does a fine job reinforcing Bright Path’s ‘humble’ roots (alongside a half-dozen pilsner/lagers available on my two-hour July ’22 trip). Its lemony Cascade-hopped spritz and salted maize dryness picked up subtle herbal perfuming in a light-bodied setting.

Cleanly dry Keller Pils winsomely guided lemony orange salting into placid floral herbage above freshly baked French breading.

Equally tranquil golden-cleared light lager, Pigsah Mountain Brew, let citric-dried lemongrass herbage and grassy hop astringency reach its simple pale malt base.

Straightforward Helles Lager retained a slightly brusque lemon musk, spicy tingle and herbal respite for its sweet cereal grain backbone.

Another soft-toned moderation, Vienna Lager, plied yellow and orange fruit spicing to sweet barley-steeped Easter breading.

Bright ‘n lively but less sweet than stylish competitors, Hefeweizen stationed lemony banana-clove expectancy across damp hop herbage and atop sourdough wheat flouring.

Dry-hopped IPA-designed American Standard Pale Ale stayed grapefruit-forward as grassy wood-soaked astringency contrasted wheat-floured breading.

Limey agave cologne saturated dryly tart summertime suds, Mexican Lager, leaving fleeting floral chrysanthemum and lavender snips upon a frail sea-salted pilsner malt bottom.

Soft ‘n billowy Switchback Session Hazy IPA gathered a floral-daubed bouquet of lemony grapefruit bittering, tangy peach, mango and tangerine sweetness and navel orange zesting to enlighten its mild piney hemp resin and withered grassy hop astringency.

On the dark side, fine German-styled black lager, Schwarzbier, escorted barley-roasted black chocolate and walnut coffee tones to weedy black tea soiling.  



BOVINO'S PIZZERIA - 52 Photos & 44 Reviews - Italian - 331 N Courtland St,  East Stroudsburg, PA - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp


Open 2012, diminutive freestanding pizzeria-brewery, BOVINO’S, casually re-creates ’60s/’70s pop culture for thirstily hungry local patrons and Delaware Gap visitors. At the eastern edge of the Poconos in the borough of East Stroudsburg, the tan pub with galvanized steel roof siding decks the walls with pix of music and movie stars. Bovino’s left side kitchen turns out New York-style pizza, calzones, strombolis and sandwiches to go alongside spiffy homemade suds emanating from the small rear brew room.

Bovino’s cozy 12-seat wood-topped/ wood-floored bar area features two draught stations with twelve taps handles plus four front tables and a few high chaired tables opposing the left side tile-floored open kitchen.

Upon my July ’22 Poconos journey, I tried eight soothing light-hued beers at the makeshift wood-enclosed patio while thoroughly enjoying the hefty Meat Lovers pizza.

Bovinos Pizzeria - Restaurant | 331 N Courtland St, East Stroudsburg, PA  18301, USA

Dry orange-oiled pekoe tea spiciness reached peat-soiled nuttiness for Autumn Red Ale, a lightly barley roasted moderation not far removed from the dry brown tea-daubed chocolate-embittered earthen truffle mustiness of Brea’s Nuts, a delicate brown ale contrasting mild walnut snips with wispy glazed hazelnut sweetness.

Dryer and muskier than most blonde ales, Riding Dirty was stylishly nebulous as murky lemon-candied orange tartness faded alongside the leathery barnyard graining hiding its herbal fungi tinge.

Warhead-candied fruited kettle sour, Lip Tickler, stayed mildly acidic as medicinal cherry tartness and a lemony raspberry pucker grabbed attention.

Tarter fruit-candied Cherry Fixx retained powdered cherry spunk as mellow mango, tangerine and melon tanginess lingered below.

Grapefruit-forward Just N Haze IPA picked up delicate currant spicing and grassy hop astringency above a fluffy white breaded backbone.

Easygoing Mighty Mosaic (a dry Mosaic-hopped IPA) maintained tart orange spicing, gentle herbal musk and lemony floral pining.

Best bet: Vibrant Mango Summer Blonde Ale glimmered with salted mango juicing as mild piney hop bittering enhanced its ancillary berry, peach, pineapple, cantaloupe and guava influx.


Birthright Brewing Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: May 8th - Breweries in PA


Right in the heart of Nazareth on Main Street, BIRTHRIGHT BREWING CO. opened its doors February 1, 2018. Providing a rustic industrial environment perfectly suited for the working-class Blue Mountain Ridge mining area, Birthright’s metal-forged axe-handled signpost, wood-metal furnishings, red brick walls, reclaimed wood doors and slate top bar give the window-fronted pub its charming antiquity.

While the brew tanks are towards the rear, an open kitchen serves wood-fired pizza plus salads, sandwiches, wings and veggie paninis. My wife and I grab a few metal chairs out front on Main with dog, Roscoe, on a humid Sunday afternoon, July ’22, perusing each Birthright offering available, including several worthy double dry-hopped IPA’s.

Pleasingly light-bodied Birthlight Blond stayed soft-tongued as mellowly spiced yellow-orange fruiting picked up pale malt sugaring to contrast its phenol hop esters.

Easygoing pale ale, Gunga Galunga, left fig-honeyed citrus dryness upon waddle-seeded cocoa remnant and nutty rye breading.

Muskily raw-grained moderation, Cross Czech, a dry Euro-styled pilsner, plied herbal-hopped barnyard astringency to mild lemon-honeyed sweetness.

Dryer than most in its class, Whitefield Wit allowed ample chaffed wheat rusticity, delicate oats-flaked malting and white peppercorn remnants to encumber the stylishly sweet orange-peeled coriander spicing.

Affably soft-toned Irish Red Ale, Grudge Bearer, brought dewy peat mossing to gently spiced dried fruiting above roasted barley timidity.

Tropical fruited double dry-hopped IPA, Wolfs Run, retained a bright lemony grapefruit twist, tangy orange-tangerine misting and mild peach-pineapple perk over pale malt sugaring.

Sourly tart stone-fruited DDH IPA offshoot, Wolfs Run Mango, let lemon-seeded mango salting jut out above perfumed floral spicing and fennel herbage.

Another DDH IPA, deep golden bronzed moderation Humulone Centipede, settled into sunny yellow grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering as salty white peppering caressed sour white grape, guava and gooseberry illusions above mildly creamed crystal malting.

Meanwhile, hop-forward’ Azacca The Clones DDH IPA, engaged its semi-sharp citrus spree with floral-spiced herbage above dry raw-honeyed pale malts.

Sourly lemon-salted candied tangerine tartness sharpened fruited Berliner Weiss, Wu- Tangerine, a resilient mouth puckering lollipop-like sucker.

A more vibrant BW with a hard candied Sweet-Tart coating and pinkish magenta hue, Fruit Punch Ooh Yeah! regaled powdered cherry, salted orange and lemonade illusions, finishing like Hawaiian Punch.

Dulcet holiday-seasoned winter warmer, Gettin’ Close Imperial Spiced Brown Ale, issued brown sugared cinnamon spicing to wispy caramelized chocolate malting as well as distant nutmeg, allspice and cardamom snips.



Apex Brewery - Visit Orange County, NY


In a beige aluminum warehouse (with flat earthen stone-based storefront) at the Orange County township of Monroe, APEX BREWERY opened its doors October 2020. Operated by roller derby vets Rachel and David Holm, Apex quickly developed a dedicated local following.

A local homebrewer for well over a decade, David Holm concentrates on recurring small batch brews as well as sturdy one-offs and seltzers.

The glassed aquamarine-topped bar matches its reclaimed wide-plank wood frontage and bar backdrop while rear silver brew tanks hold the proprietary suds. Roller skate-wheeled tap handles at a splendid touch.

There are five black four-seat tables at the polyurethane cement-floored, gray-walled, high-ceilinged pub. An overhead door leads to the rustic benched back deck.

There were four well designed brews readied for my midday June ’22 initiation.

Stylistically bold pale ale, Star Pass, retained an off-dry orange, tangerine, clementine and grapefruit tang and recessive raspberry-passionfruit tartness given grassy hop astringency over delicate oats-flaked barley malts.

Limey bergamot orange hops contrasted light vanilla-creamed cereal graining for Brew Stachestrong, a pleasingly dry adjunct New England IPA.

Utilizing crystal clean Norwegian Kviek farmhouse yeast, hazy Mosaic-Citra-hopped IPA, Tropical Dad Joke, united mild yellow grapefruit bittering, zesty navel orange tanginess and candied pineapple tartness as light pine needling spread thru the tropical fruitedness.

Salted chocolate, toasted coconut, spiced toffee and mild hazelnut coffee reinforced fudgy Booty Block, a delectably bold dessert stout.



Five Dimes Brewery Opens in Westwood, NJ | | Bergen County NJ Things to Do,  Restaurants, Family Fun and More


It finally happened. Northern Bergen County issued a license for a brew pub over a decade after the craft beer boom started! And it’s a good one with completely massive crowds comin’ in every night til the tanks finally temporarily ran out of beer in May.

Opened during April ’22, FIVE DIMES BREWERY represents the small village of Westwood. Across from the post office just off Kinderkamack Road in a very busy part of town, this multifarious red brick pub features, among other things, a floor-to-ceiling right-walled open hearth (with cozy couches), several bark-topped community tables and walled bike ephemera. The windowed mezzanine tanks store the efficiently varied suds crafted by brewmaster Mc Lain Cheney (fresh off his stint at Peekskill’s River Outpost Brewing).

Owner Chris Alepa went for a Munich beer hall style when he first decided to go forth and break ground at this former variety store where a large buffalo mural establishes Five Dime’s bovine logo. Retaining a rustic Industrial warmth, its 20-seat, red brick-walled bar spotlights a resilient tiled draught station and a few TV’s (for sportsbar enthusiasts). Plus, the reclaimed wood furnishings add an exquisite feel to the overhead-doored pub.

But that’s not all. There’s also an open air upstairs beer garden plus 2,500 square-foot indoor private party room (with several draught lines).

So successful was Five Dimes that after a few weeks in business they had to shut down to replenish its liquid stock.

In the near future, Mc Lain will no doubt bring his love for sour ales to the fore and experiment further outside stylistic boundaries.

Five Dimes Brewery opening in Westwood

After a few springtime ’22 visits, I was able to consume nearly all initial public offerings.

Crisply clean light body, Pascack Pilsner, left a light herbal-hopped grain musk upon salted floral-daubed lemony grapefruit glee.

Perfect for celebrating Cinco De Mayo, muskily grained lemon agave spicing leveraged the salty green peppered herbage of brisk aluminum cleared Dortmunder Lager, Lo Cinco, an offbeat Mexican styled spinoff.

Spritzy lemon spicing fizzled above the gentle white wheat base of easygoing Wampus Wheat, unfurling crusty pilsner-like French breading.

Wondrous candi-sugared Belgian strong ale, More Good News, spread subtle white-peppered coriander spicing across zesty lemon thyme, bruised banana, sweet tangerine and tangy navel orange, picking up modest cellar fungi to counteract its mildly creamed vanilla-daubed flaked wheat.

Roasted amber grain sweetness and dark floral resin contrasted the mildly pungent dry-hopped grapefruit and pineapple bittering darting thru dewy Savvy Cardinal Red IPA, leaving red apple, bosc pear and lychee snips.

Sedate grapefruit-orange-tangerine spritzing settled alongside the dry grassy meadow surfacing for Sunny Day IPA, retrieving mild pale malt muskiness.

Waxy citrus fruiting paced crisply clean hazy golden NEIPA, Hazy Place, furnishing salty lemon-seeded grapefruit rind bittering to contrast sweet orange peel zesting.

Tart raspberry saddled slightly acidic Sulak Sour, bringing barnyard acridity to ancillary strawberry rhubarb, white peach and oaken cherry tartness.

Softly creamed nitro-infused Nickel Stout, replete with nutty coffee-roasted dark chocolate goodness and dark roast hop char, recalled famed dry Irish stout, Guinness.

Revisited on stormy eve in July ’22 and met Chris Alepa, the local chiropractor whose Five Dimes Brewery has become a cherished local spot. Discovered a quaint India Pale Ale and a kickass kolsch along the way.

Though retaining a stylishly dry grassy-hopped lemon zesting, Kinderkamack Kolsch also pursued a creamier vanilla froth to match its sweeter corn sugaring.

Sessionable hazy IPA, Afternoon Fog, a lightly creamed soft-tongued delight, tossed subtle lemon curd tartness, pineapple tanginess, grapefruit bittering and mango salting at its delicate cereal-grained torrified wheat backbone.

A few days later, thoroughly enjoyed Peach Sulak Sour, a thickly golden bronze hazed fruited sour with tart peach puree persistence nestling candied grapefruit-orange-pineapple conflux in mildly acidic setting.

During August ’22, discovered newly ‘draughted’ Clever Goldfinch Double IPA - a golden glowed medium-full body with creamy vanilla froth thrusting affluent mango, guava and peach tanginess plus orange-peeled tangerine, clementine and tangelo auxiliary thru dryly resinous pine zone contrasting its sugary crystal malt persuasion.


Jackass Brewery


Occupying a stately gray bricked Industrial building with aluminum-sided large windows atop a small hill on Route 45 in Lewisburg (home of Bucknell University), JACKASS BREWING opened March 2020. Started by two homebrewers inspired by the Portland Ale Fest, Skip Kratzer and Larry Winans, craft well-designed straightforwardly stylized suds.

A beautifully landscaped property with metal-furnished tiled patio leading to the metal-and-wood factory-like pub, Jackass Brewing’s high ceilinged fans and exposed pipes add proper industrial details to the 4,000 square-foot space. The 25-seat red brick-backed bar features twelve-plus jackass-handled draughts connected to the windowed brew tank room via large red engine room piping.

My wife and I and dog, Roscoe, grab seats on the turf-floored, umbrella-tabled back deck to down nine proprietary brews alongside delectable pub fare. Signature cocktails are also available.

The Story of Jackass Brewing Company - Lewisburg, PA

Polite light-bodied German pilsner, First Voyage, brought lemon-soured herbage to raw-grained maize dryness and grassy hop astringency contrasting sweet corn pop and mild coriander jot.

Smoothly fruited IPA, Orphan Annie, left floral-herbed citrus traces upon caramelized pale malts, as modest lemony grapefruit-peeled orange pith bittering and zippy tangerine tanginess maintained casual summertime appeal.

Easygoing ‘pine-forward’ IPA, Random Walking Nun, held steadfast with mild grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering and modest passionfruit tartness riding atop delicate crystal malt sugaring.

Laidback limey grapefruit, orange and mango zesting paced easygoing Citra-hopped NEIPA, Foggy Doo, contrasting light pine resin with spicy pale malts underneath.

Zestful NEIPA, Juicy(er) Ass, placated lemony grapefruit-pineapple tanginess and orange-oiled tangerine tartness with buttery pale malts.

Candi sugared dried fruiting ensconced Belgian IPA, Rakau Me Amadeus, bringing Rakau-hopped apricot, plum, pear and plantain illusions to spicily white peppered fungi phenols.

Sweetly tart candi-sugared banana puree, lemon meringue and orange marmalade bluster fronted Wonkey Donkey Tripel, picking up wispy white-peppered clove and coriander spicing.

Soft-toned breakfast stout, Bfasst, an Imperial Porter despite its descriptive moniker, placed cream-sugared medium roast coffee alongside dry espresso, milk chocolate and cocoa nibs resilience.

Dry Irish stout, Kizma Irish Ass, saddled barley roasted caramel malts with mild hop-charred coffee, espresso, dark chocolate and cola illusions.


Old Forge Brewing Company & Riepstine's Pub | Beer Infinity


Terrific family-owned English pub-styled alehouse, RIEPSTINE’S PUB & BREWERY, opened by Bart & Tess Ripple in 2015, creates an expansive range of beer recipes complemented by ‘traditional comfort food.’

Located on the westside in the Newbury section of Williamsport, this white concrete-fronted brewery (with red brick foundation) features a brown aluminum-topped Riepstine’s Pub insignia above the front door.

Inside, Riepstine’s small penny-encased wood lacquer bar (with eight seats, sixteen draught handles and many walled mugs) services four right side wood booths plus one next to the bar and front wood dining seats. An outside cement-floored patio with aluminum-topped canopy sidles a plastic beach-chaired open firepit spot.

My wife and I visit on a muggy Saturday evening, May ’22, to down thirteen efficiently rounded and well differentiated brews leaning on the heavy and/or dark side.

Easygoing yellow-cleared light body, Lycoming Lager, stayed off-dry as mild lemon-oiled corn souring and buttery raw-honeyed pale malts coalesce.

Dry German schwarzbier, Pitch Black Lager, brought dark-roast cocoa malts to bitterly hop-charred tobacco chaw, tannic vanilla astringency and charcoal latte whims.

Riepstine’s Summer Ale received an herbal kick for offshoot Thyme Out Rosemary, placing rosemary and thyme alongside its cologned lemon lime zesting.

Brisk orange-peeled grapefruit rind bittering picked up herbal-tinged floral daubs and soft pine tones for flagship Imperial IPA, Alpha Deuce, leaving slithers of tangy peach, pineapple and tangerine on the caramelized backend.

Candi-sugared orange marmalade, lemon meringue and banana puree fruiting picked up buttery Chardonnay wining to engage the briny herbage securing farmhouse ale, 7th Ward Saison.

Beautifully designed Belgian quadrupel, Quadmire 2018, laced caramelized fig, raisin and prune sweetness with whiskey-soaked toffee spicing over dark crystal candi-sugared malts.

Muted coffee roasted nuttiness permeated Jaysburg Porter, draping black chocolate syrup on earthen black peppered hops.

Cold brewed coffee alkalinity settles across creamy vanilla sugaring for Buzzsaw Coffee Kolsch, plying black peppered herbage to lemon rind bittering underneath.

Dry cocoa powdered molasses oats surged forth for KRS Oat Stout, leaving latent black cherry, blackberry and date nut illusions.

Dryer Lumber Jack Imperial Stout, let mossy wood char seep into dark chocolate malts and black cherry snips.

Decadent Madagascar vanilla bean-imbued Vanilla Bourbon Stout sent creamy vanilla bourbon sweetness on a rich black chocolate journey, serenading mild burgundy, brandy and port snips.

Another luxurious dark ale, Society’s Reserve: Bourbon-aged Imperial Milk Stout, unleashed milk chocolate fudging upon light buttercream-frosted bourbon vanilla sweetness and molasses oats.

Even more luscious, Chocolate Cherry Bourbon Stout caressed soft-tongued chocolate caking with bourbon vanilla-daubed bruised cherry tartness, subtle blackberry-boysenberry-blueberry serenity and mild coffee tones.


Boom City Brewing Company – Lycoming County Visitors Bureau  Home


A family-friendly cafe-styled gastropub with its logo sprawled along a wide green awning above the glass door entrance in the center of Williamsport, BOOM CITY BREWING CO.  opened up in autumn 2016. Making use of rough-cut timber, co-owners William Fredo and Mark Lorson designed their small pub-eatery to recall a cozy dining hall. Its metal-framed overhead door frontage has an antique dime store appeal.

A centralized seven-seat wood top bar with eight draught handles services three front-windowed steel-chaired wood tables and three bark-backed booths. Signature steaks, thin crust pizza, pasta and sandwiches bedeck a fine locally sourced food menu.

Wine, cordials and top shelf liquor are available alongside Boom City’s approachable stylistic beers. My wife and I spent a few hours prior to Saturday dinner in May ’22 to consume seven homemade suds.

Mild Cascade-hopped lemon zesting perked up the musky milled graining of Pine Street Pilsner, sliding trusty rye-pumpernickel breading into the backdrop.

Leathery horse-blanketed straw wheat acridity sidled tart lemon-dropped grapefruit oiling draping rustic moderation, Wheat Pale Ale, picking up celery watered vegetalia.

A tad washed-out, pinkish amber-cleared Raspberry Wheat spread chalky floral-perfumed raspberry tartness atop fragile white wheat bottom, picking up wispy watermelon and lychee illusions.

Creamed coffee sedation gained dry hop-charred black peppering and oaken vanilla tannins for Coffee Cream Ale, a fair breakfast companion.

West Coast-styled Boom Rat Pale Ale brought IPA-like grapefruit-peeled pine lacquering to resinous cannabis-oiled fungi mustiness.

Soft-tongued West Coast-styled IPA, Log Jam, took salty grapefruit rind and lemon pith bittering plus spritzy orange-peeled pineapple zing to tobacco-leafed pale malt crisping.

Espresso-dried dark cocoa resonance saddled Muddy River Porter, guiding day-old coffee souring into hop-charred earthen musk at the finish.


New Trail Brewing Company | Williamsport, PA | Beers | BeerAdvocate Image result for new trail brewing


On the southside of Williamsport, NEW TRAIL BREWING COMPANY opened its doors April 2018. Crafting a ‘plethora of beer’ styles, the rustic red brick warehouse pub initially offered a traditional pilsner, India Pale Ale and their first beer ever, Trail Amber Ale.

Large silver brewtanks gathered on the left side have increased volume from 3,000 barrels annually to an astounding 8,000 barrels in four years. The flagship beer, Broken Heels Hazy IPA (reviewed in Beer Index), consumes an overwhelming 50% of total production.

Inside the high-ceilinged cement floor pub, a 12-seat slate top bar features a white-tiled draught station and eight community tables front the bar. Overhead doors open up to a patio with slate walkway curling thru a covered deck area, picnic tabled space and a fire pit spot with oversized beach wood furnishings.

My wife and I took a seat outside near the firepit while downing a few New Trails.

Placid light-bodied German-styled pils, Lazy River, caressed laidback lemony orange tanginess with subtle floral perfumed herbal musk and mild maize-dried astringency.

Aluminum clear-hued dry-hopped Japanese rice lager, Forgotten Stream, retained rice-dried lemon liming and relegated perfumed hop musk.

Wildflower-honeyed amber ale, Trail Ale, attached floral red and orange fruited hop dollops to toasty cereal-grained granola nuttiness.

Dryer than most witbier, New Trail White let zestful lemony mandarin orange spicing and sweet banana licks pick up herbal earthiness above wheat-flaked pilsner malts.

Approachable Simcoe-Amarillo-hopped IPA, Gear Head, brought dry lemon, grapefruit and pineapple salting plus spicy orange, tangerine and clementine tang to its oated wheat bottom.

Peaty tea-like fungi wavered thru orange-oiled candied lemon for Indigo Skies, a ‘modern’ West Coast IPA.

Dry moderate-bodied hazy IPA, Lightning Bug, parlayed mild grapefruit-peeled mandarin orange tanginess to light hop pining and celery-watered crisping.

Another dry IPA, Double Broken Heels, placed spicy grapefruit and orange sedation up against coniferous pine resin and mossy hop dewiness, picking up latent perfumed guava-pineapple tropicalia.

Fudgy ice cream-inspired milk stout, Elk Tracks, brought heavy lactic influence to creamy peanut buttered Madagascar vanilla stead, mocha latte caramelization and hazelnut-glazed cola daubs, placing dry truffle-like earthiness next to its chocolate pudding crusted molasses oats base.