A multifarious winery-distillery with a mountain chalet-styled brewpub operating on a 100-acre farm, MOUNTAIN VIEW BREWING COMPANY features an earth-toned stone frontage with wraparound tile-floored patio, Arandell Bar kiosk (with slushees, fusions, craft cocktails), meat-grilling station, large fire-pitted umbrella-clad deck area and slate top cabana bar.

Inside, the wood-beamed pavilion pub’s rounded wood-paneled serving station centers several metal-chaired plank wood tables. There are 20-plus tap handles and wood-fired pizzas are made in the back.

Co-owners Randy and Linda Rice first became interested in wine making during a trip to the Finger Lakes, a fertile winery destination. In 2009, the grapevines flourished and the winery was opened. Four years hence came the distillery and then by 2017, the brewery opened for biz.

Randy tested a few homemade brews on friends before buying a bigger brew system and coming up with initial recipes for Mountain View’s Linda’s Amber Lager, Galaxy IPA and Randy’s Shandy. Nowadays, the couple also experiments with wheat beer infused by real juice (Berry Manilow, Peach Boys, Blue Berrymore and Halle Berry).

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June ’24, my wife and I devoured pizza while exploring seven proprietary beers.

Interestingly offbeat dry moderation, Linda’s Amber Lager, sunk raw-honeyed graining into desiccated orange, musky perfumed spicing and leafy hop astringency.

Sturdily stylistically enigmatic, Slightly Sideways Pale Ale braced its dry orange-peeled grapefruit tang with floral perfumed cologne and hard wood siding.

In spite of its laidback banana-clove sweetness and ‘kiss of strawberry’ promise, cloudy beige yellowed Mountain Goat Wheat recalled Fruity Pebbles or Corn Pops cereal more often.

Dry bronze-cleared West Coast India Pale Ale, Bite Me Billy, placed Citra-hopped lemony grapefruit and pineapple bittering next to peachy tangerine tanginess and limey Ekuanot-hopped dryness above a stylishly maltier caramel backbone.

Limited edition tropical IPA, Jeep Juice, a golden sunshiny Citra-Mosaic-Cascade-hopped medium body, let grapefruit-pitted bittering, peachy pineapple-mango tanginess and lemon custard tartness combine alongside light pine tones above its sugared oats base.

Sourly fruited Peach Cream Ale let orange-candied tartness and mildly acidic lemon bittering border its white peach adjunct in a lightly creamed oated wheat setting.


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Occupying a rustic red brick Victorian rowhouse near the center of Jim Thorpe, HAIRY GUYS BREWING started slinging suds December ’23. Co-owning brewers Tom Whitehead and Tim Benyo craft mostly approachable dry-bodied beers at the wood plank-floored pub.

Whitehead and Benyo, two husky bearded brewhounds, began brewing in a garage during 2014, gaining respect from local beer lovers. They finally got a break and decided to open their brewery in Jim Thorpe, a former coal mining town boasting several vintage 19th century architectural designs.

The small two-room nanobrewery features a brick-based wood-topped serving station with 12-plus tap handles, art deco black walls and ceiling, and a few front room tables plus a lounge-chaired ‘parlor’ where this Sunday afternoon’s musical entertainment happened.

John Prine’s antiestablishment anthem, “Illegal Smile,” and the Grateful Dead’s awakening “Eyes Of The World” got righteously rendered by two acoustic locals while my wife and I grabbed two trays with eight beers (plus one) and headed to the grassy community-tabled side space (with tiled fountain) to hang out with some Phillies fans and a few barkin’ dachshunds the first of June ’24.

Hairy Guys most popular beer, lo-cal Premium Light Lager, suited less discriminating dry thirsts with its spritzy lemon fizz and musty orange daub bubbling over grassy hop astringency and maize-flaked pilsner malting.

Gluten-free Impale Ale plied flattish green hop musk to waxy crayon fruiting, arid sorghum flouring and pasty cardboard malting, bettering similar stylistic moderations but lacking verve.

Toasted barley-grained snack knockoff, Pretzel Amber Lager, retained uniquely definitive hot-buttered doughy pretzel resonance.

The second most popular Hairy Guys elixir, lightly golden clouded New England-styled Hazy Pale Ale, remitted sugared lemony grapefruit-seeded mandarin orange tanginess for its herbal hop restraint, attaining a tart candied citrus edge.

Briskly tropical golden hazed NEIPA, Juicy IPA, stayed dry as lightly embittered lemony grapefruit tanginess reached herbal white peppering above musty pale malts.

Dry bronze-hued IPA, Old Skook, matched perfume-hopped orange desiccation and musky lemon spoilage to gluey pale malts, sometimes recalling a dewy Brit-styled India Pale Ale.

Caramelized Vienna malted sweet breading soaked up mild red-orange fruiting for Clouds Of Maibock, leaving tart lollipop dollops.

Soft-toned dark ale, Porter, rallied dried coffee and powdered cocoa past lightly hop-roasted black chocolate malts.

Equally soft and fuzzy, Nitro Stout regaled nutty dark-roast coffee and dark chocolate bittering and mild ashen hop char, staying mocha-dry.


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Inhabiting the old Civil War-era textile warehouse Industrial Arts Brewing resided at prior to upscaling, Garnerville’s ROUND TABLE BREWERY was established in 2023. Part of the bourgeoning  Garner Art Center, the spacious brick pub includes La Redonda Tavern, antique living room couches, rustic community-tabled covered deck, expansive brewing operation and hidden kitchen.

A “cozy gathering place,” Round Table wants to do its part cultivating the local craft beer community. Specializing in varied mixed culture sour ales, hazy IPA’s and dazzling stouts, co-owning brewmasters, Ricardo Petroni and Javier Laurini, show great originality blending ambitious concoctions.

Brewtanks are stationed in a large right side glass-fronted room, wooden beams spread across the vaulted ceiling and the timber-cut wood paneled backdrop at the bar fits the rustic gray concrete-floored interior.

Parking our butts at the corner of Round Table’s L-shaped, 30-seat, crosscut bark-topped La Redonda Tavern (with four tap stations featuring four draughts handles each), my wife and I ate the cheeseboard, bruschetta and hummus while consuming a few previously untried brews on a warm Thursday eve, June ’24.

Tonight’s lightest, easygoing offering, Pampa, a sessionable summertime wheat ale, misted spritzy lemon zest upon freshly baked breading and sight Saaz hop herbage.

Getting into a few brettanomyces-funked wild ales, Mangia Frutta Apricot And Peaches let salty lemon juicing embitter its sour apricot and tart white peach adjuncts as moderately vinous green grape esters puckered the tongue. Also part of the Mangia Frutta series were the Raspberry and Passion Fruit versions.

Another brett-soured wild ale, O Jeito (lightly barrel aged in bourbon), linked lemon-limed bittering to ultra-dry white wining, oaken vanilla earthiness and mild balsamic vinegaring.

Balsamic vinegary foeder aged Flanders Red Ale, Rood, allowed dry oaken cherry tartness and mild plum-raspberry respite to soak up subtle pinot noir acidity.

Sprightly sunshiny tropical fruited hazy IPA, Unga Munga, plied semi-sharp grapefruit-peeled orange pith bittering, zesty lemon souring and juniper-tipped pine needling to crystal-sugared pale malts.

On to the stouts. Rich coffee roasted nuttiness anchored magnificent Natural Necessities: The Natural, a robust stout with precise espresso, macchiato and dry latte reminders and latent dark cocoa powdering.

Milk-sugared coffee, black chocolate and espresso tones led Natural Necessities: The Cup Of Excellence, a more complex dark ale than The Natural, gaining a mild roasted hop char plus tertiary ‘red berry and black currant’ illusions and a sweet red wine reminder.



Luxurious whiskeyed chocolate nightcap soaks cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon and ancho chili peppering with 15-month barrel-aged Pedro Ximenez sherry and Basil Hayden bourbon. Fudgy brown chocolate syruping greets caramelized whiskey sweetness, bourbon vanilla spicing and mild chili burn, picking up spunky dried fruiting and maple-glazed pecan nuttiness over peaty rye surface. Superb!

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Robustly rich stout variant blended in rye whiskey, sherry and herbal liqueurish fernet barrels with bourbon vanilla ice cream, salted caramel and espresso coffee bean adjuncts. Stupendous full body lets sweet bourbon vanilla spicing and caramelized whiskey tones get lathered in fudgy Hershey’s brown chocolate syrup topped by thick Graham Crackered chocolate pudding crust. In the recess, sticky anise, chewy marshmallow, nutty chicory coffee, hazelnut paste, cinnamon toast, dark cherry and brown raisin illusions emerge alongside sherry, burgundy and pinot noir wining to deepen its spiritedly fireside bourbon vanilla-chocolate warmth. Mighty decadence!

Fatality: Blend 5 - Wico Street Beer Co ...


On tap at River Of Beer, luscious bourbon-aged lactose stout infused with dark-roast Vietnamese coffee and given fudgy milk chocolatey syruping plus sweet vanilla splurge picks up mild espresso, toffee and burnt caramel illusions, finishing with Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss nicety. In all, a Vietnamese iced coffee-inspired Imperial Milk Porter given slight bourbon edge for cocoa-nibbed vanilla adjuncts. Recommended nightcap.

Viet Nom Nom Nom - Brix City Brewing ...


On tap at Taphouse 15, decadent 2024 Silk City pastry dessert variant (10.5% ABV) soaked in Smith Bowman bourbon barrels then given rich cocoa nibs, modest vanilla bean and wild Thai banana adjuncts retains bourbonized mocha sweetness at bold finish. Chocolate pudding skin tops creamy vanilla-sugared banana richness contrasted ever so slightly by hop-charred coffee roast.

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On tap at Taphouse 15, slightly offbeat bourbon barreled curiosity provides toasted coconut, roasted pistachio and rosily floral pandan leaf adjuncts for whiskeyed chocolate-backed Graham Cracker base. “Luxuriant” full body’s hefty 13.5% ABV hidden nearly as well as fading pandan-leafed pistachio nuttiness while tertiary black cherry bruise, fried banana and vanilla wafer snips beckon.