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Just off Route 23 in Wayne at a green-shingled, maroon-sided Victorian farmhouse, SEVEN TRIBESMEN BREWERY opened for biz during springtime 2020. Owned by a dedicated Hungarian-American clan, Seven Tribesmen makes some of the most approachable brews in northern New Jersey.

The vintage wood-floored pub is bursting with antiquity, featuring a quaintly elegant side dining room (detailed by a wall-length nomadic cavalry mural) leading to a stately community-tabled barroom (with twelve draught handles at the pale green-tiled wall and a large blackboard beer list). In the back are several sterling stainless steel brew tanks.

My wife and I bring Roscoe the dog and grab a wooden bench at the mulch-grounded back patio to quaff eight easygoing suds on a sunny Saturday afternoon, March ’21.

Dry raw honeyed citrus sedation and mild pale malt spicing stayed polite for Morning Star Blonde Ale, an easygoing opener.

Crisp Czech-styled dry body, Packanack Pils, greeted citric-spiced mineral graining with musky Noble hop herbage.

Easygoing pale golden light body, Pompton Rye Lager, let subtle honeyed rye spicing drape pasty cardboard malting.

Sweet honeyed wheat breading anchored the sharp (Amarillo-Citra-hopped) yellow-orange fruiting and dainty herbal spicing of Alpenstock, a supercharged pale wheat ale.

Slightly sour yellow fruit-spicing engaged Rhineland Kolsch, a crisply clean moderation with biscuit-y pilsner malts.

Sweet red-peppered Hungarian paprika earthiness consumed transcending offbeat spice ale, Paprika Specialty Amber, a dry pale malted moderation with herbal parsley-sage-rosemary whims.

Orange-spiced lemon meringue tartness shielded candi-sugared rum spicing, sweet banana breading and white-peppered herbal licks for medium-bodied Belgian pale ale, Upshot Tripel.

Dry black malt-driven Dragan Irish Stout retained a flattish coffee bean roast, mild dark cocoa remnant and tarry hop-charred nuttiness.



On tap at Growler & Gill, jubilant cake-battered sour ale (with lactose) conditioned on brown-sugared cinnamon and lightly vanilla-creamed raspberry, blueberry and blackberry stays resilient. Its fizzy-headed magenta crimson dusking is as thick as its vibrantly fruitful crumb-caked flavor profile. Tart lime-soured berry foundation gains rhubarb-soured red cherry stint in yogurt-milked curdle.

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