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Originally hailing from nearby Magnolia circa 2015, Haddon Heights’ LUNACY BREWING COMPANY now occupies a yellow stucco Industrial mall (with pale green aluminum roof) in  the rear of the complex.

Interestingly, there is a long winding fence curving towards the entrance that’s reminiscent of a Texas slaughterhouse. An overhead side door leads to a large three-tabled deck next to a ground level wood-benched area.

A luminous Lunacy moon signpost centers the aluminum-sided wood top bar (not shown in above picture) with two tap stations gathering 18 draught handles and an electric beer board. The gray cement floor and blue-grayed walls magnify the black tiled ceiling where pendant lights and large fans hang. A projection screen opposes the left side bar.

I enjoyed eight of the twelve available selections during my January ’21 mid-afternoon jaunt. But there have been bountiful one-offs, seasonals and specialty brews crafted since its inception. Most beers this day were thickly clouded, stylistically richer and delightfully off-center, running the gamut from mango milkshake pale ale to Christmas spiced porter and cookie-inspired stout.

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For a simple light-bodied opener, Golden Slippers Pale Ale sufficed. Delicate lemon-dried tartness and grassy hop astringency topped dry pale malts in a mannered way.

Bittersweet orange pulping and ambrosial grapefruit-peach-grape juicing received vanilla beaned powdered sugaring for Creamsickle Milkshake Pale Ale, leaving jasmine-like orange blossom florality upon the citric vanilla confection.

Another milkshake-inspired pale ale, Mango Moonshake, maintained grapefruit-imbibed mango pulping, tart orange-juiced concentration and ripe nectarine sweetness above astringent hop pining.

Sharp citrus spicing contrasted the yogurt-soured grapefruit rind bittering and green grape esters blitzing spritzy NEIPA, Orion, a dry pale-malted medium body with solid resolve.

Bountiful holiday-spiced porter, Fig E Pudding, brought fig-sugared cinnamon, nutmeg and pine nut illusions to the surface alongside fern-like spruce tip resin and smoky dark chocolate malts.

But Crooked Steps, an English-styled strong ale, allowed corn-liquored grain alcohol ethers to get in the way of its perfumed gin-soaked vodka sway and piney Chinook hop lacquering.

Smoothly creamed nitro-injected Chocolate Coconut Coffee Stout resonated with brown-sugared molasses sap draping dark chocolate-malted vanilla beaning and mild nutty respite.

Best bet: Resembling a chocolate chip cookie, Space Cookie Imperial Stout unleashed molasses-sugared vanilla bourbon, creme brulee and yellow cake sweetness upon its chewy utopian mocha dessert splendor.


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Inside a red brick Main Street cornerstone of Gloucester County’s unincorporated Williamstown, 13TH CHILD BREWERY occupies a former bank/ music studio. Opened March 2017, just a few months before Cross Keys Brewing Company began operations one mile down the road, 13th Child’s white-walled gleam, large sectional windows, olden wood floor and high overhead are reminiscent of a pristine 19th Century schoolhouse.

Five tables front the wood top serving station while pendant lights hang from the black tongue-and-groove ceiling. Corner counter seating opposes right side stainless steel brew tanks carrying approachable suds my wife and I imbibe this sunnily brisk January ’21 afternoon.

A few brave souls fought off the freezing temps by plowing a few at the beer garden.

13TH CHILD BREWERY — Dauntless Design Collaborative | Williamstown NJ

Lemon-soured cranberry tartness rode above wheat crackered pilsner malts and leathery oaken tannins for Cran You Ugly Pale Ale, picking up withered boysenberry, gooseberry and green grape whims.

Mildly puckered lemon-limed peach bittering soaked up the lactic brettanomyces yeast of Wanna Peach Of Me, a kettle-soured fruit ale.

Diffident saison, Break It Frenchie, sidled zesty lemon tartness with honeyed banana, bruised orange, and green grape notions, leaving herbal nuances upon the straw-dried backend.

Easygoing English-styled IPA, Session 19, permitted pasty raw-honeyed pale malts to obtain waxy apricot-fig desiccation and dewy peat mossing.

Another sorta English IPA, inconspicuously soft-toned Cascade Annie IPA brought dewy tea-leafed earthen mossing to mildly creamed candi-sugared citrus spicing and dried plantain snips.

Flagship Mosaic-Citra-hopped New England IPA, Mean 13, allowed its ample yellow grapefruit thrust to gain ambrosial yogurt-soured mandarin orange tanginess and tart green grape esters above pasty pale malts.

Placidly sweet doppelbock, Irons Bock, let toffee-spiced dried fruiting delicately pleat chocolate crystal malt sugaring.

Mildly fudged chocolate creaming sashayed above the chewy cookie dough bottom fortifying Schoko Bliss, a sweet chocolate stout with espresso, cappuccino and cafe au lait undertones.      


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A humble oasis tucked away off the Atlantic City Expressway (one mile north of 13th Child) in the quiet tree-lined suburban village of Williamstown, CROSS KEYS BREWING CO. opened its doors March ’18. Comforting in its charmingly ungarnished warehouse-converted studio splendor, Cross Key’s green-hopped insignias are ever-present throughout the gray cement-floored pub.

An outdoor wood patio at the parking lot leads to the entrance where two overhead doors provide further access. A nifty wood-lacquered bar top with embedded keys, twelve-plus tap handles, twin electronic beer boards and overhead caged Edison lights is situated in the rear. Barreled tables and a few couch furnishings decorate the spare space. A separate high ceilinged right side room with stainless steel brewtanks, large refrigeration unit and ample kegs store the proprietary suds.

The winning array of rounded elixirs proved quite expressive on my Saturday evening jaunt, January ’21. While watching the Packers battle it out on TV, I sank eight sundry suds.

Easygoing light body, Williamstown German-Style Pilsner, confined its pasty corn-sugared malt liquoring and lightly floral-spiced herbage to its salty cracker spine.

Banana-spiced cotton candy sweetness enjoined brisk orange zesting to contrast pungent herbal hop astringency and salty phenols lingering thru the fruitful frontage of The Journey, a peppy Belgian Blonde Ale.

Candi-sugared bruised orange sweetness enhanced rummy banana daquiri cocktail flare for creamy Belgian tripel, The Marathon, a fine pilsner malted elixir.

Tartly vinous Yada Yada Yada Cherry Pie Gose allowed candied apple sweetness to seep inside its cherry rhubarb piquancy and lemon-soured cranberry, strawberry and apple splurge.

Orange-spiced oats sugaring coated Orange Jumpsuit, a tangy citric-glazed double dry-hopped IPA with mild pine oiling. 

Floral-spiced piney fruiting embraced Hopedemic East Coast Double IPA, a pasty pale malt-sugared medium body with tangy peach, grapefruit and orange zesting. 

Robust Peepin’ Porter relied on dark chocolate malts for its cocoa-dried roasted coffee, espresso and macchiato aspect, leaving cola, hazelnut and walnut dabs on the backend.

Decadent Quarantine Reserve Imperial Stout utilized syrupy chocolate-bound Madagascar vanilla beans to boost its boundless aspirations. Lusciously rich bourbon vanilla, chocolate cake, hazelnut coffee and hot cocoa tones as well as bruised black cherry, black grape and blackberry sweetness contrasted dark roast hop-charred bittering over honeyed mocha malt base.




Inside a pale blue aluminum-sided tan brick industrial mall, Mantua’s NECK OF THE WOODS BREWING set up shop in its green-walled space during springtime ’19. On the outskirts of Pitman twenty miles east of Philly, its happy commencement coincided with nearby breweries such as Kelly Green and Human Village.

An expansive, L-shaped, bark-topped bar with sturdy metal siding and twenty-plus draughts ends at the massive courtyard barn wall in the rear. Taking advantage of the high ceilings are the left side brew tanks that head skyward with liquid pleasure. A few wood tables across the bar are available and eight outside tables provide extra seating. A canning line began operating in April ’20.

My wife and I take seats at the front windowed table on a sunny weekday in early January ’21 to enjoy three stouts, two porters, one milkshake IPA, a supersized pale ale, a sour ale and a German pils.

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First up, conventional bohemian light body, Lot P Pilsner, brought musky wet-grained earthen mossing to delicate lemon-spiced Hallertau hop herbage.

Zesty Citra-Mosaic-hopped New England-styled pale ale, Chuppta?, magnified its perfumed orange-grapefruit-pineapple-passionfruit tang with pasty wheat gluten thickening its pilsner malt base.

Easygoing kettle-soured variant, Now That’s Sour: Apricot + Mango + Raspberry, let mild salted lemon spritzing activate its downplayed fruity adjuncts over faded pilsner malts.   

Milk-sugared vanilla creaming and zesty blood orange peel sweetness contrasted sharp perfume-hopped lemon-limed grapefruit bittering and puckered cranberry tartness over gelatinous oats flaked malts for offbeat hybrid, No OJ No Straw, a kettle-soured milkshake IPA.

Bitterly dry Chateau black malt smokiness lingered thru the oats-flaked coffee roast of PTP Porter, a signature Neck Of The Woods dark ale.

Belgian chocolate spicing sweetened the milk-sugared coffee tones and bourbon vanilla respite of Spicy Mochaccino, a sassy porter with restless cinnamon-barked cumin seasoning.

Sweet milk-sugared coffee vodka licks provided Black Russian cocktail novelty to cocoa nibs roast of Guess Who’s Back, a lightly barley-smoked white stout.

Dry coffee-burnt dark chocolate smokiness and nutty wood-seared hop bittering embedded Exit Light Stout, leaving slight black cherry tartness on the oat-flaked Maris Otter spine. Adding chili to the recipe, Exit Light Chili Stout provided mild bark-dried peppery heat to contrast its vanilla-creamed Graham Cracker bottom in a fascinatingly well integrated blend.



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A dry Methodist town for over one hundred years, Pitman, New Jersey finally allowed its first brewery to operate in 2016. KELLY GREEN BREWING CO. originally opened a block away from its current downtown location in a small tasting room. Now residing at a tan two-room storefront pub (with green hop nugget emblem) near the railroad tracks, Kelly Green was formed by three local homebrewers, Justin and Jeannette Fleming and pal Dave Domanski, as a part-time venture.

A cozy li’l nano crafting a slew of recurring and one-off brews that usually skirt simple stylistic boundaries, Kelly Green’s gray-floored interior features a ten-draught bar with white tiled back wall, exquisite wood furnishings, noirish black ceiling tiles and a few TV’s.

Classic easygoing German pale lager, Chicko’s, offered musky wet-grained leathering to herbal Halltertau hop soiling and corn-dried malt liquor remnant.

Salty lemon-limed tartness greeted floral hibiscus tang for Lemon Hibiscus, a spritzy kettle-soured ale.

Re-creating a Gummy Bear with flare, lactose-aided sour ale, Festivus Jelly, combined oaken cherry tartness, green grape esters and tannic vanilla above Graham Cracker honeyed wheat base.

Zestful herbal-cologned lemon juicing and mild mandarin orange tang admitted white-peppered sage, basil and tarragon seasoning to spice up lactic NEIPA, Standing On The Shoulders of Giants, a formidably hybridized elixir with grape-stemmed floral citrus Idaho 7 hops nudging mild mineral graining.  

Coffee-sugared milk chocolate sweetened The Teets Milk Stout, leaving ancillary Kahlua, espresso, cappuccino and vanilla illusions in its rich mocha wake.


TAPROOM — Human Village Brewing Co.


Formerly housing the Bus Stop Cafe, Pitman-based HUMAN VILLAGE BREWING COMPANY kept a lot of the nifty walled motifs when they opened up in November 2016. Sundry vinyl albums dot the walls of this boutique downtown nanobrewery with the intimate feel of a cozy public house hosting live speaking events and musical acts.

Head brewer Rich Myers served easygoing, approachable and soft-toned brews at the rear serving station while my wife and I grabbed a small table at the unfinished pergo vinyl-floored venue. However, we missed out on flagship Harlem Shake Singel, inspired by the creamily oats-sugared Belgian-styled Haarlem Bock, which was one of Myers’ earliest inspirations.

Maize-dried moderation, Walking On Sunshine Cream Ale, picked up green peppered lemon spicing and mildly smoked pale malting.

Easygoing Belgian pale ale, Beers & The Bees, brought raw-honeyed Scotch licks to spritzy lemon drop tartness and green grape esters.

That same raw-honeyed graining showed up in Brass Monkey Winter Ale, a mildly spiced white wine-licked moderation with brittle banana-bread base.

Crisply clean Kviek yeast subsumed From The Midnight Sun, a Scandinavian farmhouse ale with barley-smoked toasted breading sopping up dried orange tartness, dehydrated apple musk, juniper-licked hop bittering and soured Vienna lagering.

Perfumed citrus spicing graced Abbey Road IPA, leaving mild juniper-embittered lemony grapefruit zest on its dry plantain bottom.

Sour-nutted chocolate roast nearly hid the lemon-pitted bittering, tart blackberry pucker and rustic leathery bottom scouring Bet On Black Saison.

Coffee-burnt chocolate roast guarded tobacco-soured walnut bittering to the brown toast foundation of Brown Eyed Girl, a middling brown ale.

Brown chocolate-spiced burnt coffee tones gain wood-seared hop char for Cole’s Porter, a lightly roasted moderate-medium body.

Sly chocolate rye malting held oily nut souring in check for Rye Of The Tiger, a slightly vinous stout.


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On the bustling corner of New Orleans Street and Coastal Highway, Dewey Beach landmark Gary’s Beach Grill started crafting homemade suds under the latitude/ longitude handle 38-75 BREWING in 2017. Homebrewing owner Gary Cannon has operated this summertime hotspot for thirty years.

A crowded, low-ceilinged, wraparound joint with a cornucopia of cool beer bottles and cans lining the wall (near loads of pop culture memorabilia, beer label stickers, cartoon snippets and surfing regalia), Gary’s also features a covered wooden side deck with multiple neon-lit beer insignias plus a nifty green T-Rex model and aquamarine turtle mural.

An L-shaped railroad tie-sided bar stretches across the front end to the rear where the pale blue walls melt into grey sky walls. Five tables snake around the multi-draught stationed bar and two rear tables offer more seating.

My wife and I with Roscoe the dog grabbed one of those back tables to sample all four available house brews this seasonably warm Saturday in early January ’21. Cannon’s appealing midrange fare went well with my yellowfin tuna sushi. But all the sandwiches, wraps, apps and ‘seafood pasta’ health-oriented dishes looked great.


Gary's Dewey Beach Grill /38° -75° Brewing - Gary's Dewey Beach Grill / 38-75  Brewing

Three of Gary’s blue collar offerings this mid-afternoon were interconnected by rye wheat. Traditional famrhouse ale, For Your Ryes Only, allowed saison-like herbal lemon zesting to ride above mild rye spicing while Malt-forward ESB, Bucket O’ Parts, let buttered rye breading pickup subtle spiced orange zesting as its whimsical sweet potato adjunct faded.

Grassy citrus-juiced Comet hops fortified the rye-spiced black tea sedation and chocolate-daubed carapils malting of Holly’s Comet, a casual dry-hopped India Pale Ale.

Soaked in Jim Beam for three days, mild Scotch-licked dark chocolate malting delicately paced Cleveland Beamer, an oak-chipped brown ale with nutty toffee spicing and drifting perfume-hopped pekoe tea snips.