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HANGMAN BREWING COMPANY - 19 Photos - Breweries - 2703 Philadelphia Pike,  Claymont, DE - Phone Number


Just outside of Wilmington in the sleepy village of Claymont, HANGMAN BREWING COMPANY sprung into action March ’20 after a years worth of delays. Inside a tan-bricked mall (with blue awning) at the Town & Country Shopping Center at a former lawnmower repair shop, Hangman’s founding manager Brad Wagner and head brewer Matthew Presley then had to shutdown due to Covid19 before reopening the tavern-like brewpub many moths hence.

A cavernous pipe-exposed ceiling provides airy spaciousness to Hangman’s otherwise compact one-room main space. An octagon-shaped, railroad tie-fronted lacquered wood bar (with 16 tap handles and 20 seats) spreads across one side of the cement-floored interior while high chair-bound seating and a cornered music stage fill out the rest.  A mezzanine area and small outdoor caged deck provide further seating.

Local wines and spirits are available alongside a steady stream of fine small-batch ales emanating from the brew tanks hidden behind the bar.

My wife and I converse with bartender Mo Russ and proprietor Wagner while downing four rangy (generically named) IPA’s, a snazzy tripel, a fruited sour and flagship cream ale.

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Basic maize-dried barleycorn crisping suited grassy-hopped Hangman Light, a dry cream ale with mild herbal snips.

Salted passionfruit tartness surfaced alongside sour lime for slightly acidic Passionfruit Sour, a mouth-puckering sucker given guava, gooseberry and white grape wisps.

A fulsome standout, Belgian Tripel loaded lemon-wedged orange peel zesting and banana bubblegum sweetness with spicy white-peppered Chardonnay buttering above honeyed wheat base.

Dewy compost earthiness sunk into the orange-tangerine oiling of Citra-hopped American IPA, an oats-based moderation.

A fruity bouquet propels East Coast IPA, leaving red berry, red cherry, navel orange and tangerine tanginess as well as perfumed grapefruit zesting to outdo its piney remnant.

Tingly sugar-spiced orange, pineapple and grapefruit juiciness sparked wood-dried West Coast IPA.

Floral-perfumed lemony orange spicing paced dry Hazy IPA, a vaguely New England-styled medium body.


Andy Bass on Twitter: "Site #87: Wilmington Brew Works, 3129 Miller Rd.,  Wilmington, DE. In December 2020, this craft brewery released a beer  celebrating Joe Biden—RAIL CAR ONE: WILMINGTON TO WASHINGTON. Its


Proud to be the first Wilmington, Delaware production brewery in 50 years, WILMINGTON BREW WORKS opened its doors in 2018. Inside the tan stucco Miller Road Station mall, this rustic gray cement-floored pub connects to La Pizzeria Metro, whose light Italian fare and pizzas match the easygoing craft beers produced by head brewer, Craig Wensell, a former Blackhawk helicopter crew chief and local music teacher inspired by his homebrewing uncle.

In 2014, Wensell founded a home brew supply company and then began refining his brewing approach at nearby nano, Bellefonte Brewery. Now guiding a “family friendly” taproom, he has brought Wilmington Brew Works to prominence.

A stark wood-beamed high ceiling hovers above the arched windows (with hanging lights and fans), adding a light goth feel. The white-tiled wood top serving station (with 20-plus draught handles) gets surrounded by community tables and dining seats. There are also plenty of outside tables, some of which are covered by the trellis near the entrance. Stainless steel brew tanks are in the rear.

My wife and I try all nine fine beer selections available on my initial July ’21 noon swoon.

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For starters, crisply clean light-bodied German pilsner, Synonym, a slightly musky Saaz-hopped standard-bearer with lemon-dried herbage grazing its dewy mineral graining.

Spry lemony orange-dried fizzing and mild Vienna malt sweetness contained moderate-bodied helles lager, Krauch’s Creation, a sessionable delight dedicated to a significant Delaware brewing pioneer.

Today’s menu also offered three variegated New England pale ales for perusing.

Zesty orange and tangy tangerine gained mild vanilla creaming for hazy golden moderation, Oranjealini, a lemon-licked pale ale with dry hay base.

Mellow yellow grapefruit bittering and brisk lemon zesting serenaded double dry-hopped New England pale ale, Return To Sender, fortified by dried oats flaking.

Another similarly named NE pale ale, Undeliverable Mail, let salty yogurt-soured grapefruit, pineapple, guava and tangerine tropicalia glom onto lemony orange peel tanginess and distant pine needled bittering.

Salty grapefruit-soured pineapple, guava and gooseberry tartness targeted dry champagne-fizzed ‘fruited cuvee IPA,’ Polychromatic Dream, a slightly offbeat tropical hybrid.

Palate-cleansing fruited sour ale, Synaptic Solution: Rainbow Sherbet, plied salted lemon tartness to red grapefruit, strawberry and orange tanginess over non-lactic acidulated malts.

Ultra-tart purplish red milkshake sour, Duvette, placed vanilla-creamed blackberry liming inside candied strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, mango, pomegranate and red cherry piquancy above almond-milked oats for puree-fruited Smoothie.

Dry nutty black chocolate and ashen dark-roast hop bittering pervaded ‘velvety’ Irish-styled Oatmeal Stout, Bricfeasta Indiscretion, leaving walnut, Brazil nut and coffee tones upon its earthen-backed mocha finish.


Stitch House Brewery – Distillery Directory & Distillery Map


Two miles south of Wilmington Brew Works, downtown Wilmington’s STITCH HOUSE BREWERY came to fruition in 2018. Using “tailored to drink” as its slogan, the brownstone-fronted, cement-floored, 7,000 square foot pub features a 15-seat zinc-topped elongated bar (with 20-plus draught taps), mod Industrial decor (such as centralized aluminum community tables), wood benched rear tables and glass-encased stainless steel brew tanks.

An open kitchen serves sandwiches, wraps and burgers while specialty cocktails and fine spirits are also available.

The outdoor front deck gets packed on Saturday night as my wife and I try eight versatile brews mid-July ’21.

Renaissance Man: Dan Sheridan and Stitch House Brewery | Edible Delmarva

Spritzy lemony orange fizzing peps up mild chamomile-lemongrass herbage and delicate coriander spicing above pillowy white wheat bed of Friends Witte Benefits, a tidy witbier.

Salty passionfruit pureed Berliner Weisse, Pucker Up, gained tartly limed lactobacillus souring over yogurt-soured wheat flouring.

Orange-dried floral spicing and herbal nuances dotted My Neck, Maibock’s toasted amber-grained pilsner malting.

Lemony orange-peeled banana fruiting topped Shipley Saison, leaving polite clove-cardamom spicing on the rye-dried pilsner malt base.

Sharp citrus pining greeted Snitchz Get Stitchz, a dry Imperial IPA with herbal-spiced grapefruit, orange and pineapple licks.

Smoked beechwood gathered barley roasted sweetness and dewy scorched earthiness for Rauch Haus Smoked Marzen, an easygoing German rauchbier.

Coconut-toasted chocolate sweetness contrasted light-roast coffee tones for Coconut Pete’s Porter, allowing vanilla, praline and buttermilk illusions to shelter the dewy peat bottom.

Black-malted dark chocolate chalking, nutty espresso tones and charred hops lightly embittered Sho Nuff Stout, recalling a dry Irish stout.


Our Home At Barefoot Landing | Crooked Hammock Brewery


Popular retail and entertainment village, Barefoot Landing, once had two brewpubs on its widespread premises. About a decade hence in February ’21, a few coastal Delaware-based entrepreneurs decided to venture south to the same North Myrtle Beach esplanade and try to brighten the comparatively lame South Carolina scene with their third franchise brewpub (and first outside of the First State).

Occupying two separate back mall buildings, CROOKED HAMMOCK BREWERY takes up a barn-y wood paneled brewhouse (with beige grain silo) and a spacious dining-roomed wood furnished pub (with antique bikes and skis on the walls). An elongated wood bar (withy 20-plus taps) connects the high ceilinged cement floor main space with a spacious front patio.

My wife and I enjoyed six stylishly conservative dry brews alongside a rangy fruited wheat and an interesting Pina Colada sendup with light pub fare on a crowded Monday nite, July ’21.

Vibrant Palmetto Punch Pilsner stayed tart as its sour passionfruit adjunct picked up lemon-cologned guava, gooseberry and honeysuckle wisps over oats-dried malts.

Musky fungi herbage seeped inside fresh sourdough breading and roasted barley crisping of amiable light lager, Four Tires, Two Friends & A Radio.

Mild coconut-milked pineapple souring teased tropical South To Somewhere Golden Ale, picking up mango-guava-kiwi snips.

Muted lemon-rotted green grape esters spread thru grassy hop astringency and mild fungi mold for Day Kolsch, a sourly sessionable summertime solution.

White peach tartness prodded Cackalackin Peach Wheat Ale, a dry pale body with tertiary strawberry, cherry and pomegranate illusions alongside wispy woodruff herbage subsuming its initial peachiness to the cracked wheat base.

Dry Citra-Eldorado-hopped Beach Escape Session IPA let perfumed lemony grapefruit tanginess and salty white-peppered herbage stay subtle above raw-honeyed pale malts.

Milk-sugared vanilla sweetness guarded strawberry puree tartness as mild grapefruit-orange-tangerine tang surged for Carhop Milkshake IPA.

Summery fruited sour ale, Brand New Day: Pineapple Coconut knocked off a salty Pina Colada with its lemon-limed pineapple tartness, zesty orange tang and vanilla-creamed coconut toasting.


Makai Brewing Company | Life In Brunswick County


Inside a bright yellow aluminum shack at a corner of Route 17 in Ocean Isle Beach twenty miles north of Myrtle Beach, MAKAI BREWING COMPANY began its journey in 2017. After homebrewing for 40 years and running a local brew club, entrepreneurial zymurgist Jim Hill decided to ply his talents towards crafting some of the smoothest, soft-toned, easygoing suds for Carolina’s summertime beachgoers.

A wood-boarded sea mascot helps bring a Hawaiian feel to Makai, a sparsely furnished pub with 10-seat lacquered wood serving station in the back servicing the concrete-floored interior. There are strewn wood community tables and a carpeted leather-couched section opposing the glass-enclosed brew tanks and an outdoor side deck provides further seating.  An electric blackboard lists the current draught selections while board games, foosball and pinball machines activate libating guests.

My wife, dog and I make ourselves comfortable after a full day riding waves at Sunset Beach to try eight sessionable goodies.

A mellow collaboration with Lonerider, soft-tongued Coastal Connection Fruited Gose combined dry oaken cherry, salted lemon lime tartness and candied orange licks above soured white wheat breading.

Mild Berliner Weisse, Strawberry Rhubarb Temptress, let lemon-candied strawberry tartness pick up wispy kiwi, rhubarb and celery snips.

Soft lemon-limed pineapple, grapefruit and clementine tanginess relegated grassy-hopped NEIPA, Kamanawnal’ya, a brisk tropical moderation.

Perfumed citrus sweetness and mild herbal hop bitterness guarded dry malted Hoppy Lagerhead, a politely balanced India Pale Lager.

Slightly sharp piney grapefruit-orange bittering settled down for dry West Coast IPA, a tempered medium body.

Dry pine tones caressed dark chocolate malts for Powehi Cascadian, an IPA-based dark ale leaving floral-bound earthen dew and overwhelmed citrus spicing in its wake.

Soothing dark-roast Kona coffee nuttiness and dark chocolate bittering captured Nightingale Coffee Porter, a fine dry mocha sedation setting up Brewers Choice Dry Irish Stout, another mildly hop-charred coffee roasted pleasantry with latent cola-walnut-hazelnut daubs.


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Just south of Greenville in the sleepy rural confines of downtown Winterville, NAUTI DOG BREWING COMPANY opened for biz January 24, 2020. Serving stylishly popular, slightly whimsical beers making use of the region’s natural mineral water, this cozy brick-bound neighborhood pub also serves fine local wines.

Nauti Dog’s ten-seat wood lacquered bar (featuring 12-pus draughts) serves a few right side tables, separate left side space and outdoor patio. A centralized mirror with polka dot-bikini stealin’ Nauti Dog insignia backs the bar. The white ceiling-tiled Edison bulbs light the rustically furnished concrete floored nanobrewery (and 2 TV’s provide sports entertainment).

My wife and I visited July ’21 on the way to Sunset Beach to taste eight shadily straightforward suds.

Lime-rimmed Vienna lager, The Last Girl, brought dried apricot tartness and slight fern-like nuttiness to washed-out dewy rye malting.

Dewy tobacco-leafed mossing crisped amber ale, Chill Out Gary, leaving faded date-fig snips.

Easygoing pale lagered dry body, Rascal Cream Ale, let corn-dried minerality settle below its sour lemon rot swag.

Soft orange-peeled coriander sweetness caressed witbier, Bark At The Moon, overriding its salty herbal spicing.

A whimsical oak-aged beige-hazed gose, Sub-Lime, offered salted lemon-limed zesting to orange-peeled yellow grapefruit tartness and mild agave cologne in offbeat Margarita fashion.

Spiced orange fizz, apple-skinned tannins and pear white tea herbage subtle grazed leafy hop foliage above mild toasted amber graining for Helkamp Irish Red.

Modest grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering settled alongside grassy pine hop astringency as wispy pineapple-passionfruit-guava-gooseberry souring underscored Lucky 13 IPA.

Vibrant NEIPA, Astro-Nautical Haze, exuded pulpy orange-juiced grapefruit zesting and tangy pineapple-mango salting for its latent piney hop insistence.


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In the laidback downtown neighborhood of Poughkeepsie, KING’S COURT BREWING COMPANY came into existence August 2018. Founded by UC-Davis educated brewer, Cortlandt Toczylowski, a dry beer lover skillfully concocting sessionable suds, colourful IPA’s, hybridized novelties, dark ales and nitrogenated varietals at his 7-barrel red brick pub, King’s Court occupies a former elite hotel with rustic mainstream American pub appeal.

A beautiful gray marble bar top with aquamarine tiled frontage is the centerpiece of this one-room, brick-walled ground floor brewery. There are right side dining tables and the brew tanks are stationed to the far left as well as to the right of the wood-floored bar.

Currently, Poughkeepsie’s brew scene is thriving as King’s Court, Mill House and Zeus all exist within walking distance.

My dog, Roscoe, and I initially visited King’s Court June ’21 on a steamy Sunday afternoon after perusing Walkway Along the Hudson.

Easygoing dry kolsch, Poughkeepsie KSA, stayed light on the tongue as spritzy lemon-oiled green grape tartness delicately frolicked alongside wispy herbal spicing above biscuity pilsner malts.

Caramel-toasted amber graining and mellow dried fruiting merged for Frog King Amber Ale, a leafy-hopped moderation with latent tobacco roasted crisping.

Spiced lemon zest brightened the mineral grained tenacity of Sunrise Wheat Ale, a summery lawnmower-boating quencher.

Dryly tart coriander-salted Gold Sunset Gose let orange, tangerine and pineapple adjuncts reach brisk lemon-limed bittering above mild pilsner malting.

White-peppered cologne perfumed ginger roots inundated Mr. Ginger, an herbaceous ginger pale ale with timely lemon lime zesting.

“Everyday” West Coast pale ale, Halfspace, brought lightly lingered IPA-like piney grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering and a mellow lemon twist to the same dry Simcoe-Amarillo-hopped wood tones utilized for Back To Basics IPA, a bolder medium body with lacquered grapefruit-orange tang permeating its clay-like hop stead.

Soothing lemony grapefruit-orange-pineapple bittering graced Rainbow Mist, a hazy IPA with raw-grained earthen resin raising its dry edge.

Sharp mango-pureed IPA, Mangoberry Milkshake allowed milk-sugared vanilla sweetness to contrast bold juniper berry bittering and modest blueberry-raspberry-boysenberry tartness while mango-juiced kiwi, guava and pineapple wisps floated by.

Then, there were three nitro-gassed beers onboard as well.

Using Harvest Wheat Ale as its crystal-wheat malt base, Wet Willy Watermelon Wheat – Nitro maintained an easygoing cucumber-watered watermelon rind earthiness.

Mildly creamed Moon Jammin’ Imperial Black Lager - Nitro invited subtle plum, blackberry and dried cherry fruiting into its earthen walnut-charred hop oiling, leaving dry bourbon snips at the dark-roast mocha finish.

Nutty brown-sugared dark chocolate usurped the creamy vanilla sweetness and dry espresso tones of Bat Exodus Milk Stout – Nitro, picking up slight sour soy saucing.


Exhibit A Brewing is the Cat's Meow of Framingham, MA


Just half a mile down the road from Jack’s Abby, Framingham’s EXHIBIT A BREWING COMPANY was established by entrepreneurial brewmaster Matthew Steinberg during 2016. A highly experienced, well known Massachusetts zymurgist, Steinberg enjoys crafting a wide variety of brews utilizing mostly locally sourced ingredients.

Exhibit A’s large outdoor community-tabled beergarden leads patrons to the black aluminum warehouse currently staging storage but marked for a future beer hall. Across the parking lot lies the current brew room where large brew tanks sit across from the quaint epoxy-floored tannish barroom (with 12-plus taps, bronze ceiling tiles, casual high chair seating and countertop stands).

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, June ’21, my wife and I drag Roscoe the dog to an empty outdoor table to consume a few durable Exhibit A products.

Look Inside Exhibit 'A' Brewing in Framingham

Dry lemony orange-rotted fizziness gained a slight sour-candied glaze for wispily herb-spiced Goody Two Shoes, a mild clear yellowed kolsch with crisp bread crust bottom.

Vintage 2020 barleywine, Weights & Measures, stayed mildly caramel creamed as its brown-sugared bourbon licks gained dewy rye spicing to back its bittersweet cherry-bruised orange tang.



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Designing some of the most impressive lagers, dark ales and barrel-aged stouts in the entire country, Framingham’s JACK’S ABBY BREWING has tripled in size since opening in 2011, becoming a premier New England craft beer haven on a grander scale than the fabulous, less glorified Ipswich Ale Brewery. The pride of Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler, three Massachusetts-based brothers originally inspired by German beer culture, Jack’s Abby now encompasses an enormous red brick warehouse (with forest green aluminum siding).

Presently the largest microbrewery in the state, Jack’s Abby occupies a high black-ceilinged 1,300-barrel taproom with multiple barrels, brew tanks and canning operation connected to its community-tabled bar area. A food station with wood-fired pizza oven serves fine pub fare. A roomy side deck offers further capacity.


Entrance to Springdale Beer Co. pictured above

In 2016, the maverick Hendler brothers decided to expand their empire to include SPRINGDALE BEER COMPANY, an offshoot taproom and blendery experimenting with sour ales, tarts, cocktail-inspired knockoffs and barrel aged fare.

I’d already tried at least thirty Jack’s Abby and a dozen Springdale offerings before my initial June ’21 visit to purchase a few new brews, including stylishly enhanced Samoa Bourbon Barrel-Aged Framinghammer Baltic Porter, semi-dark Czech lager Co-Pilot: Leopold, Pride and Parquet Hoppy Lager and Ray Catcher Lemongrass Lager (reviewed in Beer Index).


Lost Shoe Brewing and Roasting Finds Firm Footing in Marlborough,  MassachusettsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


Occupying a red brick professional building (with black stucco top) in suburban downtown Marlborough, LOST SHOE BREWING & ROASTING COMPANY came to fruition springtime 2019. Besides slingin’ delectable homemade suds, Lost Shoe is also a well-known local coffee roastery.

Lost Shoe’s wood-emblazoned emblem sits atop the front door where the cement-floored patio with four glass-rocked firepits is situated. Taking the place of a 4,600 square foot nightclub, this olden wood furnished taproom features a railroad tie-fronted aluminum top serving station, 17-plus tap handles and multiple glass-encased brew tanks. The noirish black ceiling contains crowned Edison lights and exposed pipes. And a black-leathered lounge area adds casual upscale splendor.

On my June ’21 pre-dinner visit, my wife and I try grab an outdoor table to enjoy three wonderful hybridized varietals plus one nitro stout, one German and two Belgian ales. In the two years Lost Shoes has been operating, it has crafted at least forty nifty one-offs.

It seemed every Marlborough-Framingham brewpub visited had a kickass li’l kolsch. Lost Shoe’s second anniversary Kolsch retained crisply crystalline clarity as its orange-oiled lemon zesting picked up herbal hop astringency, mineral grained earthiness and cracked wheat neutrality.

Next up, dryer-than-usual witbier, Whit’s Way, let sour lemon rot pervade its orange-peeled coriander expectancy and mild chamomile-lemongrass snips.

Light molasses creaming draped brown-sugared dried fruiting for sassy dubbel, Size 6, leaving plum-prune-raisin scrum and cocoa-pecan-butternut daubs upon the dewy earthy bottom.

Bright orange-peeled grapefruit tanginess and juicy pineapple zest stayed atop the piney herbal resin of Crossroads of New England: Nugget & Motueka.

For a sweet cocktail derivative, orange-glowed cream ale, Lakeside Avenue Orange Creamsicle, combined cara cara orange zesting with milk-sugared Madagascar vanilla bean richness. Its pulpy orange concentrate juiciness outweighs the sugared vanilla aspect, slowly integrating nearly cloy perfume-candied pineapple, peach, tangerine, cherry and watermelon swipes.

Creamily milk-sugared cold-brewed coffee tones settled softly atop nitrogenated New Pair Of Brews: Vamp -Coffee, a Madagascar vanilla-beaned mocha stout with coconut-hazelnut hints that stays airy and light on the tongue.

Milk-sugared coffee creaming picked up toasted coconut and Madagascar vanilla sweetness for New Pair Of Brews: Vamp -Dark Roast, another ethereal nitro-injected coffee stout.



Originally emanating from Worcester, FLYING DREAMS BREWING COMPANY landed in the quaint downtown neighborhood of Marlborough during 2018. Inside a green-shingled tan-sided professional building, Flying Dream’s wood-glossed interior is reminiscent of an intimate 1920′s speakeasy with its brown embossed tin ceiling tiles, elongated 10-seat pine bar and tulip Edison lighting.

Brewmaster Dave Richardson, a University of Vermont science major and UC-Davis grad who started at Red Hook before heading Gardner Ale House’s operations, went out on his own thereafter. Richardson’s general Flying Dreams fare never strays too far stylistically, promoting well-roundedness, balance and vigor. He’s won several US Beer Tasting awards along the way.

Tonight, on this warm June ’21 journey thru Marlborough, I enjoy nine diversified brews while taking home four more for outside consumption (reviewed in Beer index).

Flagship New England/ West Coast IPA hybrid, Pond Jumper, brought mildly perfumed passionfruit-grapefruit-pineapple-orange tropicalia and peachy mango zesting to honeyed pale malts contrasting dank pine resin.

Mildly creamed wheated oats contrast dank pine resin underlying the orange-bruised peach sweetness and mild grapefruit bittering of The Experimental IPA #2, a dry Imperial moderation.

Worthy India Dark Ale, Nightcrawler, heaved dry cocoa-malted nuttiness at less pervasive citrus-spiced dried fruiting and dark-roast hop char.

Sour lemon-limed Himalayan sea salting and light coriander spicing provided oceanic intrigue to Straight Up Gose, scaling back its acidulated wheat malts.

Herbaceous citrus spicing guarded Dreaming Up Summer Saison, a musky barnyard-grained farmhouse ale with lemony mandarin orange tanginess and buttery Chardonnay illusions darting thru musky barnyard graining contrasting creamy caramel malts.

Even more herbalized, Just In Thyme Saison brought evergreen thyme freshener to lemony woodruff syruping, mild rosemary-basil-paprika shimmy and lead-based pencil shavings.

Honey-glazed brown chocolate dipped into sweet fig-plum-prune conflux and caramelized hazelnut-pecan notions for Dragonator Double Bock.

Easygoing Park Avenue Porter plied dark chocolate malting to sedate hazelnut coffee, walnut ice cream and cola nut illusions plus distant dried fruiting.    

Rich brown chocolate syruping drapes the mild chili burn of robust Aphrodisiac Russian Imperial Stout, letting creamily cocoa-nibbed hazelnut coffee tones as well as gentle burgundy-bourbon sweetness engage its fudgy cookie dough bottom.



Live At Tackle Box Brewing Company | Tackle Box Brewing Company, LLC,  Marlborough | May 29, 2021


Inside a cavernous Marlboro Square Shopping Mall backspace, TACKLE BOX BREWING COMPANY opened for biz, November 5, 2020. Entrepreneurial brewer Adam Krasinski, a Penn State grad, spent several years honing his craft at Strange Brew – the home brew shop concurrently occupying this Marlborough hotspot.

The high-ceilinged, pale blue-walled pub features a bark-sided serving station (with high-back chairs, four-seat tables, twin TV’s and two billiards tables), backroom red-white-blue vinyl floored game lounge, expansive brew room, separate keg-bottling section and grain mill section under a black ceiling.

Krasinski’s traditional American-styled fare stays on the mark, appealing to casual mainstream thirsts as well as seasoned aficionados.

My wife and I grab one of the six side-decked community picnic tables (with red umbrellas) to imbibe nine tasty suds this sunny Saturday afternoon, June ’21.

Efficient best-selling moderation, Gail River Trophy Amber Ale topped its toasted amber grain minerality with herb-spiced hops, fizzy lemon licks and latent wood tones.

Stylishly dryer than expected, Hefe On The Horizon leavened its tart banana-soured clove spicing with lemon-rotted herbage.

Wild blueberry pureed golden ale, Money Lure Blueberry, retained sweet-tart berry fizziness over Graham Cracker-honeyed malts.

Crisply clean clear-yellowed kolsch, From Streams Come Dreams, engaged orange-dried lemon oiling with bubbly champagne fuzz and wispy herbs.

Lightly lingered jalapeno peppering cut thru the fizzy lemon spritz and soft wood base of Ripped Up Jalapeno IPA, leaving only a mild green pepper burn.

Lemony grapefruit bittering darted across serene juniper-smoked pine tones for Jiggin For Pigs, a semi-sharp IPA.

Flagship IPA, Colorado Fisherman, let perfumed grapefruit, orange and pineapple tanginess splash into resinous Nugget hop oiling over dry pale malts.

Dark chocolate-malted peanut buttering smeared Dock Side Peanut Butter Porter, leaving wavered black grape, walnut and granola illusions upon its mild hop-charred nutty bottom.

Sweet brown chocolate and milk-sugared coffee tones bustled inside Baltic Sea Monster, a dark-roasted Baltic Porter-derived stout with confectionary Milk Dud-candied finish.