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Taking up an entire multi-storied tan restaurant facility, BACKYARD BREWERY became reality during 2017. Featuring an exquisite plank wood-boarded 20-seat barroom, Garden Room, banquet space and upstairs pavilion, its interior is reminiscent of a traditional Old English Publick House.

Inside, there’s a cool pub atmosphere abuzz while outside local families – many with pet dogs – gather for dinner. There are ten house beers on draught to go along with the varied food menu (suppers, burgers, salads, munchies).

I had dinner and ten affable brews at the expansive, half-umbrellaed, picket fenced deck on a crowded Friday evening, September ’22.

design in context - McHenry Architecture | Planning & Interiors

Lightweight Bavarian draught, Punky Pilsner, let pilsner-malted wheat sugaring contrast herbal Noble hops as spritzy lemon tingles the throat and stylishly proper sulfuric skunking surfaces.  

Easygoing cereal grained sourdough sweetness encountered mild floral-spiced lemon licks for moderate-bodied Lawnmower Helles Lager, leaving a nutty melanoid smidge.

A New England-styled pale ale, Baby Hook guided its IPA-like lemony orange zesting and phenol New Zealand-hopped green grape esters into delicate herbal astringency above its dry pale malt base.

Despite American pale wheat descriptive, Grace utilized Belgian witbier adjuncts such as Valencia orange, coriander and grains of paradise. Yet its banana-clove sweetness nearly upstages the brisk orange peel zesting.

A more blanched witbier, Spring Fever utilized minty lemongrass to perk up its dry lemony white grape tannins atop musty white wheat malts.

Combining classic saison yeast esters with dry-hopped IPA fruiting, Solstice Dry-hopped Saison sustained lemon limed cologne perfuming.

Tart pinkish purpled fruited sour, Bomb Pom, affixed blueberry pureed pomegranate souring to mild acidulated malts as sedate pink grapefruit, raspberry and crabapple illusions flutter.

My fave this eve, Surplus Imperial IPA, retained a mellow orange-peeled yellow grapefruit zesting, tangy pineapple-mango conflux and floral-daubed spicing above buttery oated wheat.

Sedate light-roast coffee bittering usurped excellent Dark Roast Baltic Porter, settling alongside dark chocolate-draped hazelnut and walnut conflux before picking up earthen truffle latency plus teasing dried fruiting.

Honduran cacao nibs and espresso encountered lemon wedged souring for pale-toned Light Roast White Stout, leaving caramel roasted vanilla daubs on the steadfast citric-dashed mocha finish.


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Occupying a gray brick depot in an unassuming residential spot, TO SHARE BREWING COMPANY sports a spiffy post-mod mosaic mural and overhead doored concrete side deck. A friendly neighborhood pub, this Manchester chestnut opened its doors in springtime 2019.

Owned and operated by homebrewing couple Aaron and Jenni Share, who decided to take their hobby seriously after heading north to the Granite State from D.C., To Share’s communal spirit spreads to hosting live music and other local events.

Besides being a seven barrel nanobrewery, To Share also spins vinyl records for the local denizens lurking inside its plastic-seated, butcher block-tabled, concrete-floored, corrugated-sided, red brick walled confines. Plus, a beautiful cartoon robot mural takes up a whole side wall, reinforcing the novel contemporary pop feel.

Serving a goodly rounded selection of beers along with light pub fare, To Share’s spirited tunes fill the air on my September ’22 visit. I tried all seven available handcrafted suds at the alleyway side deck.

To Share Brewing Company - Venue - Manchester, NH - WeddingWire

Mild metallic-cleared light lager, For Heck Yeah, let wet-grained corn husk astringency get prickled by a sour lemon spritz.

Dewy Community Canvas Helles Lager, seeped mild lemony orange oil into its pasty honeyed wheat base, dialing back its musky raw graining and grassy-hopped herbage.

A sour tiki cocktail, limey passionfruit and lemon-soured green grape tannins contrasted less prominent cherry-sugared cotton candy confection of fruited Berliner Weiss, Secret Wizard Handshake Hurricane, leaving pencil shavings on the back end.

Fluffily cumulous-headed session IPA, Baby Sweluga, brightened its vivacious orange-peeled pineapple briskness and lemony grapefruit bittering above herb-tinged piney hop dryness.

Sedate lemony grapefruit and pineapple bittering picked up dry wood tones and herbal-licked juniper snips for Smokey’s Kangaroo, another sessionable West Coast IPA.

Dry flagship NEIPA, Gold Civic, plied lemon zest and mild grapefruit bittering to resinous pine-lacquered clay hops, gaining ancillary mango, peach and pineapple tanginess.

Best bet: Majestic See Sun Saison let candi-sugared lemon meringue, banana cake, peach cobbler, mandarin orange and tangelo fruitiness absorb light vanilla creaming contrasting white-peppered herbal spiciness of foamy cumulous -headed golden-hazed medium body.

Dark coffee-roasted bittering and hazelnut-pasted molasses treacle gained moderate lactic acidity for Hugs And Belly Rubs, a cold brewed coffee stout.


Hidden gem that is Candia Road Brewing | Manchester Ink Link


Inside a butterscotch vinyl-sided Victorian edifice on the outskirts of Manchester, family-owned CANDIA ROAD BREWING COMPANY began operations way back in 2011. Originally a homebrew shop, Candia Road soon ventured into brewing the worthy Nepenthe Ales lineup of beer before upgrading its cozy facility.

The wood floored interior featured a five-seat stainless steel-topped bar with six draught handles, six community tables and low ceiling. At the left side brewroom, Mike Neel crafts his somewhat stylishly conventional elixirs.

I quaffed all seven available draughts at the large outdoor patio on my Saturday afternoon September ’22 junket.

Softly creamed pale lager, Homestyle, buttressed its delicate citrus sway with crisp mineral graining and bready sour mash respite.

Lemon-limed Skittles candied pale ale, Flow “N Glow – Single Hop, ventured thru wispy Columbus-hopped fungi earthiness and musky graining.    

Slightly lemon-soured plantain starching contrasted mildly spiced banana sweetness for Subtle Banana, a moderate-bodied wheat ale with herbal nuances.

Tart floral-daubed sumac spicing caressed the limey bergamot orange tartness and wavering acidulated malts of Pinky Tart Saison – Sumac, hiding its dry farmhouse rusticity.  

Soft-toned double dry-hopped NEIPA, Tina, let lemony orange-bruised pineapple and peach tanginess absorb mild pine resin above tidy pale malting.

Another fine NEIPA, Cone Zone, plied lemony orange, grapefruit and mango zesting plus subtle gooseberry, guava and papaya souring to minor piney herbage.

Dark chocolate syrup coated the nutty coffee bitterness and wispy earthen truffle pungency of creamy oatmeal stout, Squoke, drifting off into a whiskey-daubed Irish Car Bomb cocktail coupled with Yoo-Hoo soft drink by its pronounced cocoa bean finish.


Stark Brewing Company | Craft Beer in Manchester, NH


Taking the name of its original 1994 pub, STARK BREWING COMPANY (New Hampshire’s first operating brewpub) is the brainchild of brewmaster Pete Telge, who moved to Manchester’s red brick Millyard District and rebranded his bustling basement operation Milly’s Tavern in ’99. Now newly renamed Stark, the rustic brewery also features a distillery.

Down the stairs in an old fabric mill, Stark changed its business moniker from Milly’s Tavern in January ’17. Wood-floored brass tanks and other brewing equipment surround the spacious central bar along with several seating tables. A rear banquet room and full kitchen fill out the interior. Top shelf liquor was available alongside the rangy beer selection.

I had the fried haddock with all fifteen proprietary suds on draught during my enjoyable Friday noon stopover, September ’22.

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Brisk Czech-styled pilsner, Puppy Dog, retained light maize-dried barleycorn musk for woodsy Saaz-hopped lemon twist and slight sulfuric divergence.

Grassy hop astringency penetrated the white breaded lager yeast of Mt. Uncanoonic Cream Ale, leaving orange-oiled lemongrass tartness on the backend.

Zesty orange-peeled grapefruit tanginess gained candied pineapple, lemon curd, talc soapstone and floral whims above the white wheat base of Zeus Belgian Wit, one of Stark’s better-known and best designed offerings.

A Zeus Belgian blonde variant, Razz Zeus, brought salty citric-prickled raspberry tartness to herbal cologned straw wheat.

Another divergent Belgian wit, Smokin Iguana Chill – Razz, let its coriander-spiced orange peel sweetness contrast candied raspberry tartness, yogurt-like lemon souring and vinous green grape esters.

Curiously merged Blueberry Pumpkin Pie plied blueberry rhubarb souring to gourd-like earthiness and lettuce-celery vegetalia.

Toasted caramel, roasted tobacco and dewy peat sufficed for Tasha’s Red Ale, an Irish-styled variant with amber grain crisping outdoing subtle honeyed tea spicing.

“Suspiciously smooth” Bo’s Scotch Ale delivered peaty Scotch malting to brown chocolate, waddle seed, raw molasses and chestnut illusions.

Laidback grapefruit-peeled orange rind bittering soaked up resinous pine and dewy earthiness for Cascade-hopped West Coast IPA, ManchVegas, a caramel-malted medium body.

Perfumed tropical fruiting guided lightly creamed Zilla, a slightly divergent Imperial IPA placating its expected grapefruit, orange and pineapple tang with brown tea-like mossing above roasted caramel malts.

Bold Tropical Punch Hopzilla allowed pineapple-pureed coconut watering to seep inside sharp juniper vodka boozing (10.5% ABV), picking up subtle bergamot orange, candied lemon and pineapple whims.

Pickled lemon juice, briny pineapple puree and soured melon rind tartness created a Margarita likeness for Firkin Gherkin, a cask conditioned sour ale.

Salted lemony raspberry tartness and tannic vanilla contrasted the spun-sugared cotton candied confection of Cotton Candy Sour.

Maple-sugared molasses treacle dripped onto the brown chocolate-y toffee spicing further sweetening Twinkletoed Barleywhine, a mossy English-styled barleywine with dry burgundy snip and medicinal cherry reminder.

Re-tasted flagship holdover, Milly’s Oatmeal Stout, a dry oats-flaked full body with dark chocolate richness, delicate cocoa beaned coffee roast and latent earthen soiling.


Spyglass Brewing Company | Nashua, NH | Beers | BeerAdvocate


Inside a nondescript tan and brown-bricked Industrial mall within walking distance of White Birch, Nashua’s SPYGLASS BREWING COMPANY came to fruition in 2018. A partnership between four scientist/engineers, Spyglass’ towering stainless steel brew tanks serve ‘innovative artisan beer.’

The loungey nanobrewery, a cozy community tabled pub specializing in fruited sours and India Pale Ales, features a small-countered five-seat bar boasting twelve white-tiled draught handles plus art deco pendant lighting, wood mesh floor and orange side-walled Spyglass insignia.

Spyglass Brewing, Nashua's Hidden Gem - NH Flavors

Dry light-bodied zwickelbier, Lockern, retained mild Vienna malt sugaring against hay-like Saaz hop herbage, sour lemon musk and skunky cabbage snip.

Caramelized banana-pureed whipped creaming gained candi-syrupy bubblegum sugaring and pleasant clove-coriander reminder atop buttery sourdough base of Perpetual, a nearly perfect Abbey-styled tripel allowing ancillary Chardonnay, lemon meringue and butterscotch illusions to contrast fungi-dried white peppering and salty Saaz/Tettnang hop herbage (with unassuming 9.2% ABV).


Millyard Brewing - From $18 - Nashua, NH | Groupon


Residing at a pale green aluminum warehouse on the outskirts of Nashua, MILLYARD BREWERY opened in 2016. A gray cement-floored pub with 10-seat bark top bar (including a dozen or so stainless steel draught handles), its black plastic-seated yellow pine tables, detailed Nashua map and two TV’s fill out the pristine space.

A makeshift front patio featured metal seating. Sandwiches, pizza, chili and free popcorn were available alongside Millyard’s ‘globally-inspired’ local beers.

Leaning towards India Pale Ales, there was also a pale ale, hefe, Irish red and porter perused on my September ’22 one-hour trip.

More herbal lemony than banana clovish, Uncle H’s Hef left a spritzy citric zesting upon its pilsner malt base.

Herbal lemon-seeded souring, mandarin orange tanginess and dried floral nuances coalesced for Pumphouse Pale Ale, picking up some latent earthen fungi.

Dewy tea-like affability placated Hale Irish Red, an amber-grained moderation with sour fig contrasting toasted caramel below the surface.

Peculiar New Zealand hop-styled India Pale Ale, 3 Lazy Cows, let dry orange-oiled grapefruit bittering surge against sour gooseberry-passionfruit conflux and woody sawdust insistence.

Mildly pungent bronze-hazed Gate City Double IPA brought wood-dried citrus musk to raw-honeyed pale malt dryness.

Salted grapefruit spicing and candied orange tartness secured Karaka NEIPA, leaving vegetal herbage on the dry pale malt bottom.

Bittersweet orange-peeled pineapple and grapefruit tanginess affixed mildly creamed Beached NEIPA, retaining floral-daubed guava juicing and green grape tannins.

Cascadian dark ale, Black Buffalo IPA, dangled black tea bittering, black grape tartness and pine resin above bittersweet dark cocoa.

Dark chocolate nuttiness consumed Boott Porter, suppressing its mossy earthen soiling, day-old coffee sourness and black cherry snip.



2021 Liquid Therapy Brewery. Nashua NH. | (March 30, 2021) C… | Flickr


Occupying a refurbished red brick firehouse just off Main Street in Nashua, LIQUID THERAPY began its journey around Thanksgiving in 2018. Entrepreneurial ‘shrinks’ Jason Palmer and Stanley Tremblay craft a wide variety of diversified beers in Liquid Therapy’s spotless neo-Industrial space.

An L-shaped laminated wood bar with twelve-plus stainless steel draught handles, fifteen seats and hanging Edison lights services the surrounding metal-wood tables.

Calendar • Nashua, NH • CivicEngage

Utilizing clean Kveik-styled Lutra yeast, Nordic Wit revealed easygoing lemon zesting that outlasted orange-peeled coriander spicing, tannic green grape musk, limey soapstone and mild herbage above blanched wheat-flaked base of dryer stylish moderation.

Lactic-soured guava, gooseberry and green grape tartness interspersed yellow grapefruit bittering, orange peel sweetness, salted mango-pineapple juicing and lemon curd piquancy for Tropical Dream, a sweeping NEIPA with resinous wood shards contrasting vanilla creaming to its citric marmalade finish.

A lactic cryo-hopped triple IPA, Juicy Monster, let pureed mango and guava tang pick up tart passionfruit sentiment and floral-daubed clementine-tangerine sweetness as its clean 12% juniper vodka-like lacquering soaked thru.

Murkily beige-bronzed golden stout, White Chocolate Black Raz, stayed washed-out as vanilla-creamed white chocolate sweetness and tart raspberry spritz faded into semi-harsh hop astringency.

As for the sours, fizzy green-hued Blue Wave went down like cotton-candied blue raspberry soda as its spritz lemon lime-candied Seltzer flow and mild acidity punctuated tart Skittles pucker.

Lemonhead-candied kettle sour, Lemon Head Sour, let mildly acidic Seltzer-like lemon lime fizz shadow mild herbal lemongrass pungency above its acidulated white wheat base.

Ultra-dry Tiki Punch fell short of Tropical Hawaiian Punch descriptive as it lacked sugar sweetness against lemon-limed powdered candy sourness, vinous white grape esters, tart peach whim and chaffed wheat desiccation. Sourheads only need apply.


Odd Fellows Brewing Company | Craft Beer in Nashua, NH


In the heart of Nashua on Main Street within walking distance of Talespinner and a quarter-mile from Liquid Therapy, ODD FELLOWS BREWING COMPANY set up shop September 2018. The perfect centralized location for a British-styled neighborhood gastropub, curious downtown boutique shoppers, local brewhounds and destination tourists will enjoy Odd Fellows’ casual splendor and expansive pub menu (plus homemade desserts).

Inside, the glazed wood furnishings and French terra cotta tiled floor provide elegant warmth. Right side dining tables counter the elongated 20-seat bar (with a dozen tap handles and 30-plus whiskeys) while the glass encased brew tanks are far right.

My wife and I sat outside at the umbrella-laden front patio on a sunny Friday afternoon, September ’22, to consume each available brew – though flagship NEIPA, Vision, was out, three other fine IPA’s were quaffed. Also, mushroom cream-sauteed Steak Stroganov and Caprice BLT hit the spot.

Odd Fellows Brewing Co

Sweet Vienna-malted baked breading lined Intrigue Vienna Lager, buttressing its dewy peat mossing with subtle toffee, caraway and chestnut illusions.

Spritzy lemon zesting outdid stylish banana-clove sweetness of plain-named Hefeweizen, leaving dried plantain starching upon its sourdough bottom.

Fizzy hard-candied raspberry tartness splashed briny rhubarb for Raspberry Chill, a washed-out variant of Chill White Ale with downplayed orange peeled sweetness and white-peppered coriander spicing.

Tart strawberry-salted rose hip florality engaged Rose Hip Saison, placing mild bergamot orange, pink grapefruit and gooseberry sourness alongside cardamom-spiced grains of paradise pepperiness and sedate hibiscus-lavender wisps at the judicious back end.

Dewy tea-leafed grain toasting anchored O’Brien’s Red IPA, a sharply spiced stylistic merger with red ale-like pear and apple crisping abutting IPA-like grapefruit-orange-pineapple conflux.

Brisk sunny-hazed Spring Cleaning Grapefruit IPA surged forth with juicy lemon-seeded grapefruit zest, picking up candy-glazed mandarin orange and tangerine tartness plus floral-herbed spicing above sugary crystal malts.

Bright Citra-hopped yellow grapefruit bittering contrasted orange-peeled pineapple and peach tanginess ascending for Hoppy Ending, a superb New England IPA plying ancillary green grape tannins to woody Simcoe hop herbage in a mildly creamed vanilla froth.

Terrifically spiced eccentricity, Brown Ale, dripped caramelized toffee upon cumin, sarsaparilla, star anise and cola cadences in a unique mix.

Creamy peanut buttered Damn Skippy Stout let bittersweet dark chocolate mingle with roasted walnut-hazelnut tandem over its Graham Cracker base.   


Tasting Room - White Birch Brewing


Going from a small June 2009 startup nanobrewery in nearby Hooksett to a 13,000 square-foot Industrial mall-bound behemoth by 2017, WHITE BIRCH BREWING enjoy pushing the envelope crafting a wide variety of sour ales alongside less daringly sophisticated stylistic fare.

Located in Nashua three miles northwest of downtown, White Birch’s elegant custom wood designed interior features a white-tiled bar, tabled side room with TV’s and far right brew tanks.

During my September ’22 Friday visit, I downed six rangy Berliner Weisses, a German-styled lager, a New England IPA and a Belgian stout.

Sessionable dry helles lager, Birch Lite, got things started with mildly musky raw grained minerality and lemony Noble hop herbage.

Briny lemon tartness, spritzy lime zesting and bubbly champagne fizz guided OG Berliner, lathering its lactic acidulated wheat base.

Limey watermelon rind souring and Jolly Rancher-candied tartness engaged Watermelon, sweetened beneath by a spicy Graham Cracker base.

Candied tangerine saltiness defined Tangerine, leaving mild clementine, mandarin orange and tangelo illusions in its wake.

Lemony blueberry-pureed pomegranate dryness led The BOM, a lightly acidic Weiss with mellow peachiness and salted strawberry tartness.

Peachy mango tanginess added sunshine to Peach Mango, a tropical fruited Berliner Weiss with briny lemon zest, watermelon rind tartness and toned-down acidity.

Pina Colada-like sour wheat ale, Pineapple Coconut, engaged salty coconut-creamed pineapple puree with limey mezcal tease. 

Abstruse pasty-fruited NEIPA, Hawaiian Friday, let briny pineapple-pureed coconut milking provide Pina Colada cocktail likeness buttressed by lacquered mango, guava and kiwi tropicalia and weird cologne-soaked sage snip.

Belgian-inspired Imperial Stout, Indulgence, plied cocoa-dried dark chocolate bittering to mild coffee respite, dry burgundy wining, sarsaparilla sweetness and anise spicing.


TaleSpinner Brewery | Nashua, NH | Beers | BeerAdvocate


Downstairs from Water Street’s Rambling House in the old Merrimack Valley textile city of Nashua, unassuming neo-Industrial pub, TALESPINNER BREWERY, opened its doors, March 2022. A street from the Nashua River and a block from Main Street, the shiny white-fronted, brown-trimmed beer cafe has certainly caught the attention of locals crowding its limited lower level space.

Occupying the second floor and a roof deck, exquisite wood-designed Rambling House featured picturesque window skyline viewpoints, a prominent timber-framed bar, pipe-fitted draught board, partial green-tiled bar back, low-ceilinged exposed pipes and cozy stone fireplace plus a fine farm-to-table pub menu and Sunday brunch (with decorative mimosa flights) during my morning trip, September ’22.

Efficiently diversified on-site Talespinner brews included an Italian pils, traditional pale ale, New England IPA and strong French-styled pale ale.

Straw-dried lemon musk and mild perfume-cologned herbage wavered for Campy 39 Italian Pilsner, a reticent light-bodied opener.

Easygoing Crispus Attucks Pale Ale let lemony orange and pineapple zesting gently caress herbal Simcoe hop astringency and dry pale malts in a spritzy manner.

Tropical NEIPA, Bomba Bombita, pitted tart gooseberry-guava sourness against bittersweet orange-peeled grapefruit tanginess and lemony pineapple zesting above creamy wheated oats, retaining a clean vodka wisp.

Abstruse Biere De Garde, Idiome Syncratique, attached vinous white grape tannins, tart lemon meringue piquancy and leathery barnyard musk to suitable chloride alcohol esters.



Burnish Beer Company


Situated on the northern outskirts of East Salisbury at the eastern shore of Maryland, bright blue brewpub, BURNISH BEER CO., began operations October ’21 inside a converted 6,000 square-foot boat factory. Co-owning brewmaster Randy Mills gained experience at nearby Evolution Brewing and Cambridge’s RAR Brewing and his IPA-dominated elixirs tend to lean on the dry side.

A V-framed entrance advances patrons to the weathered Industrial pub sporting a dramatic rust metal bar back, black slate floor, left side seating kiosk, echoey high ceiling with Edison lights and exposed pipes plus multiple TV’s, tables aplenty and three overhead doors providing open air seating.

On a sunny August afternoon, my wife and I enjoy Sunday brunch with all thirteen available suds, chowing down fruitful maple sugared Liege Waffles, Napolean pizza and wings at one of the four canopied high chaired tables.

Burnish Beer Co. bringing drinks, community to north Salisbury

Rustic corn-dried milled graining grounded Kickin’ Brass, a moderate Noble-hopped Italian pilsner with basil-herbed floral wisps.

‘Crushable’ Cornhub Premium Lager saturated its lemon-soured corn starching with musky herbal hop astringency and mild pilsner graining.

Spritzy lemon souring and maize-dried herbal musk ambled thru brusquely grained Roy Light Lager, a peppy golden light body.

Lemondrop-soured Petite  Farmhouse Ale stayed dry as hay-like barnyard leathering contrasted less prominent floral-spiced beet sugaring.

Peachy daiquiri-like amber-hazed summertime wheat ale, Peach Socks, provided light vanilla creaming to the lacquered citrus onrush subsuming its chewy banana-doused peach pureeing.

Dry beige yellow-cleared wheat IPA, Finite Precision Chaos, plied wheat cracked flouring to wood-parched grapefruit peel and orange rind bittering, leaving tidy herbal spicing on the backend.

Soft-toned NEIPA, Edge Of Sanity, left lemony grapefruit, pineapple and orange zesting as well as peachy passionfruit and mango tanginess upon the earthen tamped down hops relegating raw-honeyed pale malts.

Placid lemony orange-tangerine tanginess reached light piney bittering for mellow Mosaic-Citra-Simcoe-hopped Imperial IPA, Paperclip Guitar, riding atop a buttery pale malt base.

Lightly lingered grapefruit rind bittering, orange peel sweetness, pineapple salting and red cherry whims gathered for Awkward High Fives, picking up floral perfumed spicing and dry herbal-doused wood tones.

Brisk Imperial IPA, Behind The Pallets, allowed dry-hopped grapefruit and orange tang to gain lightly spiced pale malt sugaring.

Sunny IPA, Shine, placed mild yellow grapefruit seed, pith and rind bittering alongside estery white wine whims and sedate earthen herbage for desiccated oats flaking.   

Smoothly dry English porter, Rusty Rivet, let dark cocoa bittering pick up raw molasses and earthen soiling to contain its dark toffee spicing.

Dark-roast coffee imbued lightly creamed milk stout, Storm Of The Bones, wrought by black chocolate syruping and charred walnut bittering.


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Just off Kill Devil Hills beach a block away from the Wright Brothers Museum lies SWELLS’A BREWING COMPANY, an interestingly setup cedar planked pub with dapper Mod styling. Burnt sienna-hued Spanish mission tiles and a cozy fireplace welcome patrons to the 10-seat bar where snacks and refrigerated cans to-go get sold alongside a dozen or so straightforward homemade draught beers listed on skateboards and emulating from the left side brew tanks.

There are wide stairs leading to the slanted-roofed sunset mezzanine and wood-benched rooftop deck – both with beautiful ocean views. A covered outdoor picnic area with three community tables, central firepit and twin bathroom kiosks are stationed at the right exterior. to the bohemian Outer Banx vibe. Open summertime 2021, Swells’a is a virtual surfer dude’s boss beach shack positively reinforcing the bohemian Outer Banx vibe.

The stylistically apropos and affably approachable suds ranged from light-bodied pilsner and moderate cream ale to lactic stout (and a rum barreled fruited sour – Kahuna Matata – bought in a bottle and listed in Beer Index) on my two sunny August 2022 perusals.

Image result for swells'a brewing

Sweet cereal graining contrasted the hay-dried barnyard parch of crisply clean Pea Island Pilsner, leaving a lemony orange spritz upon its lightly herbal hops.

Easygoing helles lager, Sand Pounder, placed orange-oiled lemondrop tartness atop sourdough breading.

Dry cream ale, Day For It, muddled lightly spiced orange tartness and soapy lager yeast with grassy hop astringency.

Just a tad less bitter than an IPA, Bay Dreams Pale Ale offered delicately perfume-spiced orange and grapefruit rind dryness and herbal snips to sugary pale malts.

Perhaps a bit offbeat for a saison, Sea Donkey let its stylishly dry farmhouse rusticity and candied citrus tartness get swayed by lacquered lavender and chrysanthemum florality and/or sage-like herbage.

Sweet-Tart candied strawberry salting fronted puckering fruited sour, Under The Strawberry Moon, picking up lemony watermelon wisps in a lactose setting.

Dry briny lemon souring and light woodruff syruping swayed reliable Berliner Weisse, Carpet Shark, reaching its lactic white wheated pilsner malt base.

Dry fruited wheat ale, You’re A Melon, pitched earthen melon rind mustiness and lemony orange rind snips to its saltine cracker base.

For a neat cocktail turnabout, Pina Ola Wheat, initially resembled a lightly salted Pina Colada with its rummy pineapple-juiced coconut creaming but succumbed to oaken lemon-limed tequila tenacity.

Milk-sugared coffee creaming contrasted dry cocoa powdering and soy-sauced mossy soiling of Choco Sea Dream Stout - today’s only dark ale available.