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Occupying a sprawling pre-Civil War complex with brick archways, nestled alleyways and prominent smokestack, INDUSTRIAL ARTS original brewery continues to operate here, pouring popular statewide IPA-dominated beers since 2016.

Inside a rustic white-tiled warehouse, Industrial Art’s large brew tanks dominate the brew room. A red brick-arched serving station featured a dozen handcrafted draughts.

I grab a community bench at the Edison light-strung paved atrium on a warm Saturday at noon, October ’21, to consume three previously untried beers.

Crisp Octoberfest, Autumn Landscape, let peated Vienna malting and leafy hop foliage secure its vodka-nipped orange zesting and honeyed apricot-peach wisps.

Effervescent yellow-orange fruiting settled alongside sweet mossy dew contrasting parched woodiness of Segal Extra Pale Ale, an otherwise crusty breaded moderation.

Piney orange-peeled grapefruit rind bittering stayed zestfully clean and briskly assertive for Bru 1 (No Haze), a Northwest-styled IPA with floral-spiced herbage and dry sawdust remnant.


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