Piccadilly's Public House | Winchester, VA | Entertainment

Note: Picadilly’s stopped brewing on site circa 2013.

Civil War-ravaged Winchester switched hands between the Confederacy and the Union several times in the 1860’s. In the rolling hills of this rustic Shenandoah Valley town lies the clay-hued brick warehouse grocery that now houses PICADILLY’S PUBLIC HOUSE, visited July ’09.

Brewing since 2007, this family friendly joint had a prominent central bar (with two TV’s and multiple silver pewter mugs), ample side dining, a back patio, and modest brew tanks. I had delicious salmon BLT with five mediocre house brews.

A sweet honey theme ran through creamy floral-spiced lemon-orange-grapefruit-glazed Hometown Hefeweizen, rich barley-roasted orange-fruited cherry-daubed Patsy’s Pilsner, and hop-charred hazelnut-roasted 1752 Stout.

Indistinct pilsner-stout blend, Apple Valley Red Ale needed deeper sugared fig and stewed prune penetration. Fredericktown Brown suffered from lackluster red fruiting, barren nuttiness, and oxidized vegetal waft.


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