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Before America’s microbrew revolution swept the nation, this original Czech-based Budweiser product would rate higher. But competition’s thru the roof so its mild dark-roasted mocha malting and pleasant toasted hop bittering seem complacent by today’s standards. Dusty cocoa-powdered dark chocolate chalking, distant brown-sugared molasses sapping and slight chestnut-praline conflux pick up minor charcoal acridity for musty Old World moderation.

 Czechvar Dark Lager – 330ml


Overreaching Estonian dark lager suffers from murky earthen hop coarsening working against pleasant, if musty, chocolate-spiced burnt caramel malting and ancillary fig-cherry conflux. At its center, molasses-sugared medium body recalls peanut-buttered Mary Jane candy bar, hard toffee and marzipan. But nasty astringency cuts like a knife.