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Nasty ice-brewed dreck offers cloy glutinous wheat slickness and stale sourdough breading to oily hop astringency. Clean water crisping makes up for cat urine waft, but this is some offensive stuff. A poor step up from Schaefer – the dumb beer to have when you’re having less than none.


The original Blue Boar brand mixes ‘classic hand-crafted ale with the crisp, smooth finish of authentic ice brewing.’ But this ain’t no quality brew, folks. Skunky malt aroma and cloudy pale hue mismatched against unexpected cloying nature similar to Rolling Rock (sans the creaminess and dank yeast finish). Serve only to novice ale dabblers.


Insipid tin-canned ice-brewed version of rancid lager is flatter and more offensive than already lowered expectations. Decrepitly metallic corn-oiled sorghum frontage, pungent solvent-like oxidization, and stale breading ruined further by tepid malt liquor-like skunking of queasy 6% alcohol refuse.