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Just down the road from famous Mystic Pizza in the basement of a red brick warehouse building, BARLEY HEAD BREWERY opened in this quaint seaport village during 2017.

Taking the rustic gray cement-floored space of a former jewelry store, Barley Head’s diminutive low-ceilinged two-barrel nanaobrewery includes several small sectioned-off brew tanks, three-seated wood serving bar (with large blackboard menu), right-walled couch, four left scattered seats, two window seats and many one-off homebrews by ex-Cottrell brewer Drew Rodgers.

I visited the humble underground pub during mid-January ’19, soaking up one signature staple and seven limited edition elixirs.

Approachable flagship offering, Saison du Maison IPA, coalesced dry saison yeast with IPA-like citric hops, leaving orange-peeled pineapple, mango and tangerine juicing upon mild herbal peppering, lemony grape esters and light earthen musk.

Another crossbred saison, Haley Farm Farmhouse IPA, brought sour lactic acidity and leathery barnyard funk to the lightly embittered citrus hop profile.

Dewy peat contrasted spicy yellow-orange fruiting for moderate Interstellar Secret IPA, an engaging English-derived, New England-styled moderate-medium body.

Floral citric herbage spiked 2nd Enthrallment IPA, leaving lemony grapefruit and orange rind bittering upon piney-hopped grouted oats.

Tart cherry piquancy inundated Love & Pop, an easygoing fruited Belgian ale with murky grain malting.

Lightly creamed specialty grain ale, Chevy Levee & Rye let peaty caraway-seeded rye malting run amuck on brusque herbal citrus hops.

Chocolate-y raisin sweetness uplifted Dave The Great Dubbel, allowing mild burgundy, fig and date illusions to encounter dewy peat serenity towards the midst. The nitro version added mildly creamed walnut, hazelnut and black cherry nuances to the Raisinette-candied glaze.





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At Olde Mistick Village just off Route 95 in the maritime hamlet of Mystic, JEALOUS MONK SOCIAL HALL & BEER GARDEN re-creates a German beer hall with its multi-purpose beergarden, community dining and general spirit.

The spacious outdoor area includes an overhang-decked section with wooden tables plus a few Adirondack-chaired fire pits. Inside, medieval chandeliers hang from the arched ceiling at the left bar (with 32 draughts, 4 TV’s and electronic beer menu) while the beautiful gray-tiled floor adds class.

During a lovely Thursday afternoon, August ’18, my wife and I plus youngest son visit on the way to Newport. Of the 32 tapped selections, four are basic proprietary brews crafted at Pittsburgh’s Penn Brewing. Griddled cornbread is recommended alongside German schnitzel and bratwurst dishes.

As for the four Penn brews, simple Bavarian-styled Penn Pilsner brought lemony pleasantries to musky Hallertau hop herbage, desolate caramelized malting and lightly perfumed wheat respite. Soapy Hefewiezen let stylish banana-clove-bubblegum conflux become tarter than expected, but lacked resilience. Sharply citrus-pined India Pale Ale retained yellow grapefruit tanginess and musty earthiness. Mossy dried fruiting relegated understated Dunkel.

I also quaffed two tremendous dark ales, Outer Light Libation Propaganda Stout and Revival White Electric Coffee Stout (reviewed fully in Beer Index).