Reaching across both sides of Williamette River lies the tree-draped “City Of Roses.” Visited March ’03, Portland may have more brewpubs per acre than any American city: Alameda; Bridgeport; Lucky Labrador; Mc Menamins; Widmer Brothers. I finally got to revisit this absolute brewpub mecca again in autumn ’09 for a complete report.

March ’03, B.J.’s BREWPUB offered lemon-soured wheat-cracked Rejuvenator Maibock, gourd-spiced Pumpkin Ale, sugary dry-hopped Hopfenkopf India Pale Lager, salami-smoked beechwood-tinged Rauchbier, spruce-fruited Owens IPA, mocha-smoked Nutty Brunette, juniper-embittered Juniper Rye, rye-dried molasses-sweetened PM Porter, and dry coffee-burnt Imperial-styled Tatonka Stout. Tried Sasquatch Strong Ale and spruce-hopped orange peel-embittered Caldera Dry Hop Orange at Rogue Ales (reviewed in Beer Index).


Bought Hair Of The Dog’s Ruth, Fred, and Doggie Claws Barleywine, Bridgeport’s Ebenezer and Old Knucklehead, plus Eel River’s Extra Pale and Porter at premier bottle shop, Belmont Station. Compared Mt. Hood Ice Axe IPA with Terminal Gravity IPA next door at famous Horse Brass English Pub with local bud, Dan Labeau and wife, Theresa, MArch ’03.


Liquid Solutions, a fabulous mail order company that was in nearby Tigard, Oregon, sent via FedEx September ‘05, several brews by Big Sky (Scape Goat Pale Ale/ Crystal Ale), Dick’s (Grand Cru/ Cream Stout/ Tripel), Andelot (Angelique/ Diabolique/ Euphorique/ Mystique), Skagit (Dutch Girl Lager/ Sculler’s IPA) , and Siletz (Oatmeal Cream Stout/ Paddle Me IPA/ Spruce Ale/ Wooly Bully). November ’06 delivery brought brews by Avery (Samael’s), Boulder (Killer Penguin/ Belgian Stout), Deschutes (Bond Street Hop Trip/ Bond Street Pilsner), Golden Valley (Dundee Porter/ Tannenbaum), Hale’s (El Jefe Weizen), Jerome (Diablo/ Roja/ Rubia/ Negra), and Rader (Amber/ Blonde). Unfortunately, Liquid Solutions went out of business, 2009.

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