Open since 1925 (and a brewpub since 1998), HAM’S BREWHOUSE & RESTAURANT served East Carolina University before economic hardships hit in 2009. Before closing, Ham’s was situated in a red brick factory building with green and white awnings. Its outdoor deck featured a replica of E.C.U.’s football field. Railroad signs lined the walls and a miniature choo choo train encircled the large left side eating space and right side bar area. Brew tanks were in back near secondary bar and upstairs cigar lounge pleased smokers.

July ’06, my family washed down ribs, burgers, and chicken dishes with pallid yellow-fruited peppery-hopped Helles-styled Sunset Lager, sweet Scotch-malted Charlie’s Barley Scotch Amber, soft lemony-hopped rye-breaded wheat-dried  Silver Lake Rye, and fleeting hop-toasted fig-dabbed caramel-teased TR’s Vienna Lager.

Buttery caramel chocolate-y Mother’s Milk Cream Stout could’ve been heartier, but combustible dry-bodied Cascade-hopped Peg Leg Pale Ale proved indispensable with its floral red-fruited spicing, woody-bottomed brevity, and bitterly lemon rind finish.


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