Within walking distance of the center of provincial midtown, MILWAUKEE ALEHOUSE is conveniently situated along the Milwaukee River in a red brick building with a waterfront deck providing scenic industrial view (visited July ’05). Upon entering, right side bar with hanging mugs welcomes visitors and oak tables line the center with large screen televisions spewed across the room.

Specializing in martinis, frozen drinks, and the recommended Ale Mary (tomato juice with pickled hop shoots, lemon lime, pepper bells, carrot, and roasted garlic), this large pub also offered pasta dishes, sandwiches, burgers, burritos, and pot roast.

Front brew tanks served wheat biscuit-y soft-fruited Downtown Lites Honey Ale, acidic highly-carbolic dry-hopped honey-dripped yellow-fruited Solomon Juneau Golden Ale, gentle Cascade-hopped pine-embittered stoned-fruited Pull Chain Pale Ale, and dry buttery Scotch ale Louie’s Demise (bottled for consumption).

Perfect milk chocolate-sweetened, espresso-embittered, vanilla-spiced Sheepshead Stout made nice dessert fodder. Red-fruited grape-ester-y Cask Conditioned Pale Ale went down easy as butterscotch swirled finish increased its sticky mocha resonation.

A second Milwaukee Alehouse opened in Grafton around 2007.

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