New Restaurant Could Be Coming to Former Capitol City Brewing Space in  Shirlington | ARLnow - Arlington, Va. local news

Visited two worthwhile brewpubs in these northeast Virginia-based Washington DC suburbs post-X-mas ’04.

Arlington’s Shirlington Village promenade featured CAPITOL CITY BREWING, a high-ceilinged modern-designed restaurant-bar offering brewer Mike Mc Carthy’s ever-shifting beer menu.

Its front-windowed 30-barrel tanks had brewed spruce-sweet Cascade hop-spiced Amber Waves Ale, dryly phenol crystal malted ESB, deeply bitter Rye Pale Ale, congenial Belgian Abbey (with its raisin-pureed orange-clad warmth and creamy-textured coriander-banana-star anise adjuncts), and lactose-injected sweet grain-roasted Blackout Oat Milk Stout during winter ’04 sojourn. Brewery defunct: 2018.

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