In a quiet sub-mall in Kennebunkport lies bottling company Kennebunkport Brewing Company (birthplace of Shipyard Brewery). On the second floor, with rear entrance overlooking the harbor, FEDERAL JACK’S RESTAURANT & BREWERY, was visited October ’05. Upon entering, central oak-hued bar (with Shipyard mugs lining the topside) and billiards backroom capture attention. Televisions in all corners of dining section and nice menu dominated by seafood, pasta, and burgers sufficed as I ate mussels, clams, and crab.

Non-bottled tap beer tried were smooth nougat-y Cask Porter (not unlike Shipyard Blue Fin Stout), British bitter-styled malt-sticky sour-fruited tickler Taint Town Pale Ale, chocolate-cocoa-swirled vanilla-malted hazelnut-walnut serenity Longfellow Winter Ale, and fizzy paper-thin cotton-candied grapefruit-soaped Goat Island Light.


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