Nearly as rewarding as Arbor Brewing and one-eighth mile west, larger GRIZZLY PEAK BREWPUB offered beautiful wood-carved mantle-bar, ample dining space, summertime front deck, and diverse beer-ale selection, on initial August ’04 endeavor.

Fizzy wheat-honeyed Victor’s Golden Ale; sweet fruit-spiced Pale Ale; pale-malted red-fruited Anniversary Ale Super Bitter; dry lemon-bruised clove-spiced orange-soured Hefeweizen; malt-roasted stone-fruited Steelhead Red; creamy fruit-blanched spice-tingled soft-hopped nitro-injected IPA; and mild coffee-like malt-roasted Bear Paw Porter were admirable.

Cask conditioned specialties included perfume-hopped Scotch-malted rye-breaded ESB, phenol-spiced crystal-malted gin-softened Juniper Pale Ale, and nutty coffee-roasted soft-watered County Cork Irish Stout.

On mid-day August ’06 visit, quaffed dry piney-hopped, yellow-orange-red-fruited, cask-conditioned serenity Williamette Pale Ale and perfumed red-fruited, dry-hopped, sharply-boozed A2 Anniversary Ale.

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