In the heart of town at the railroad station, HUSKE HARDWARE HOUSE occupies a historic Victorian building formerly used as a jewelry outlet and furniture store (visited July ’09).

Four miles south of Mash House Brewery, this spacious restaurant-brewery had red brick-walled interior, aluminum-covered side deck, right side bar (with several dining booths), large loft area, and rear brew tanks.

I ate jambalaya while quaffing light-bodied fare such as cardboard-y raw-grained lemon-rotted pilsner-malted Kolsch-styled vegetal astringency Level-Headed German Blonde, glutinous cereal-grained wheat-cracked citrus-honeyed softie Farmhouse French Blonde Ale, muted caramel-malted fig-dried perfume-hopped slacker Rusty Nail Pale Ale, and diacetyl red-fruited hop-toasted bark-dried nut-bottomed warbler Kill A Man Irish Red Ale.

Better were banana-bruised apple-apricot-pear-bound lemongrass-ginger-coriander-speckled witbier-like Consecration Grand Cru and coffee-beaned espresso-embittered cappuccino-milked oat-flaked barley-roasted Sledgehammer Stout (with its serene black chocolate-y finish).

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