Phoenixville, PA | Iron Hill Brewery


While starting my downtown Phoenixville journey, established franchise IRON HILL BREWERY, led the brewpub parade going west on Bridge Street towards Root Down, Crowded Castle and Stable 12 Brewing. In its Church Street corner lot, Iron Hill opened 2006, making use of immaculate mahogany wood for its upscale sportsbar appeal.

Lofty bronze brew tanks and windowed round tables surround the 16-plus tap bar (with two TV’s, top shelf liquor and beer listing) at the front interior. A backspace dining area and metal-furnished front deck provide further seating.

On my mid-August ’20 dinnertime sojourn, consumed three previously untried Iron Hill elixirs alongside Moroccan salmon and caramelized, mushroom-roasted, garlic-oiled, mozzarella-pecorino-cheesed Garcia pizza.

Mild yellow-cleared light-bodied farmhouse ale, Brambleberry, let tart brambleberry and ancillary raspberry-strawberry fruiting saturate leathery barnyard dryness.

Dry-spiced fruiting secured Hallerback Saison, gathering lemon meringue tartness, creamy vanilla sugaring, Orange Creamsicle sweetness and buttery Chardonnay esters for its dewy earthen bottom.

Perfumed grapefruit, orange and peach spicing fronted dry-bodied New Normal IPA, leaving rustic earthiness upon its wood veneer and celery-watered crisping.

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