Across the street from Kalamazoo Brewing, in an old yellow brick factory, KRAFTBRAU brewer Jim Quinn relinquished several well-rounded beers, August ‘06.

Creaky wood floors, antiquated wood furnishings, small indie band stage, billiard table, and garden deck festoon the rickety walnut-oak bar.

Honey-licked, malt grist-wafted, dry cereal-bottomed Light Lager, mineral-grained hop-spiced corn-sugared clover-honeyed Bohemian Czech Pilsner, silken butterscotch-candied coarse-grained honey-tinged Hefeweizen, and satiny, lemony grapefruit, wheat-chaffed, daisy-dandelion dalliance Helles fared well as softer fare.

A certain Belgian yeast profile seemed to flutter through buttery, bubble-gummy, coriander-spiced, mandarin orange-grapefruit-banana-hinted Summer Alt and creamy wildflower yeast-thickened, yellow-orange-fruited Pale Ale. Daintily carbonated, caramelized apple-dipped, fig-clipped Munich Red and subtle coffee bean-fronted, berry-citrus-date-aided Raspberry Porter completed the score.

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