On the outskirts in Ogden, ROHRBACH BREWING has a log cabin exterior, low-ceilinged right side bar area, left side dining booths, rear brew tanks, and great food prices.

Visited July ’05, beers were a bit tepid, from soft tea-like Red Wing Red Ale, mediocre sharp-hopped tangerine-lemon-fruited Highland Amber Lager, barrenly red-orange-fruited Scotch Ale, lemon-wedged lime-centered wheat-husked Southwedge Summer Ale, softly-embittered blueberry-prominent Bluebeary, buttery raw-honeyed lemon-aided Hefe-Weizen, and dimly cocoa-soured licorice-tinged Sam Patch Porter. But vanilla frosting-scented birch-dried coffee-chocolate-cocoa-fused Vanilla Porter was nice exception.

This brewery has survived since the ’90s – prior to the New Beer Revolution – and the beer recipes have improved.

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