Liquid Art Barrel House

Right above the Maryland border just east of West Virginia lies this sleepy rural getaway. Visited December ’08, ROY PITZ BREWING COMPANY began serving growlers and kegs to its countrified vicinity only six months hence. Using locally grown produce to craft his beers, brewmaster Ryan Richards joined partner Jesse Rotz as we quaffed an IPA, an Amber Ale hybrid, a crossover concoction, and a German-styled moderation.

Since 2008 the team at Liquid Art Brewing Company has been crafting quality beers and experiences – originally as Roy Pitz. “Liquid Art is an expression of artistry that goes into brewing classic and fringe styles of local beer.”

Mellow-hopped grapefruit, orange peel, and lemon zest ripostes the sweetly soured banana-clove-coriander subsidiary of White Horse Hefeweizen. Lighter smoked beer version, Ludwig’s Revenge Rauchbier, brought a salami-wafted black-peppered beechwood-hickory singe to stove-burnt coffee oiliness, barley-roasted nuttiness, and ashen chocolate shavings. Truly Honest Amber Ale could be mistaken for a robust IPA with its woody Cascade-hopped grapefruit peel bittering, lemon pith souring, and peach-apple tang concealing crystal caramel malts. Daddy Fat Sacks Imperial IPA wed a spicy caramel-malted peach-pear-apple posy and sour raisin respite to piney grapefruit rind bittering, but lacked woody expectancy.

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