Hefty 14% alcohol content stimulates robust upper crust winter-brewed “malt liqueur” now crafted from original Hurlimann recipe in Austria. Simultaneous cognac warmth and plump raisin aromatics surge through delightful barleywine peculiarity, propelling its ripened black cherry combustion. Chewy caramel creaminess creates ripe prune arousal, gooey maple syrup ascension and back-throated chocolate undertones.¬†Tertiary almondine, armagnac and brandy illusions add complexity. 2012 version upped the brown-sugared dark fruiting, chocolate-covered raisin sweetness and butterscotch-candied vanilla swipe. On tap at Ambulance, 2022, medicinal cherry whiskey entry picked up fig-raisin-prune insistence, caramelized chocolate syruping, confectionery hard-candy glaze and wispy peach liqueur spell. An absolutely first class dessert lager perfect for sipping.

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