Secatogue Brewing Co.


Spending many a summer playing ball and ridin’ Fire Island waves at the wholesome smalltown Long Island community of West Islip as a kid, I was totally readied to enjoy my sojourn to SECATOGUE BREWING COMPANY. Finally, a well-respected brewpub less than a mile from my grandparents old home on Malts Avenue just ‘cross the trax.

Named after the Native American inhabitants of yore, Secatogue landed in a newly built white-columned brick building with Classical high black ceiling expanse, large brew room and pristine pub.

West Islip-raised homebrewing enthusiast, Ken Srubinski, leads the family-backed entrepreneurial business, utilizing experienced assistant brewer, Gabe Calero (formerly of Fort Pierce, Florida’s Sailfish Brewing and a local Babylon restaurateur).

Scattered metal-wood tables fill the pub’s crystalline white-walled open space. A beautiful white-topped slate bar top with blue-tiled siding adds elegance to the 12-stooled L-shaped serving station (with a café-styled floral-designed wallpaper section bringing springtime aspirations).

Ten blue-tiled draught handles served a splendid array of crisply brisk sedations on my noontime June ’19 stopover with cousins, wife and dog in tow. We tried eight superfine suds at the small outdoor patio area. Image result for secatogue BREWING

First up, hazily opaque yellowed light-bodied flirtation, Cosmic Blonde (used as the base for the ever-popular Berry Blast), brought dry-wooded citrus bliss to creamily seduction crystal malts, herbal restraint and grassy hop astringency.

Sessionably fruitful dry-hopped moderation, OOF IPA, gained sharp grapefruit, orange and lemon bittering as well as ethanol-licked herbal daubs to contrast its peachy pineapple tanginess.

Floral-bound hibiscus, salty citrus zesting and strawberry rhubarb tartness overrode dryly resinous pining for pinkish amber rosé-inspired Pink Hibiscus IPA.

Prickly citrus sharpness led double dry-hopped medium body, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy NE IPA, retaining lightly soured mango-guava-gooseberry tropicalia and pasty Maris Otter malting.

Smoothly lupulin-powdered double dry-hopped pleasantry, Lupulin Pillows NE IPA, stayed slightly one-dimensional in good stead as juicy grapefruit peeled orange rind bittering surged over a sugary pale malt setting.

Soft-tongued tropical effervescence guided Lengthy Island Imperial NE IPA, a juicily fruited summertime treat with salt-licked lemony grapefruit zesting riding atop brisk mineral grain crisping.

Arguably the best, most rounded and juicy of the New England-styled India Pale Ale entrants, zesty tropical delight, Screaming Space Cowboy Double IPA, advanced its sunny lemon-peeled grapefruit piquancy and tangy orange-rimmed pineapple sweetness above modestly creamy sugar malts.

Nutty hop-charred black malt bittering countered barley-roasted chocolate sweetness for espresso coffee-finishing Irish Stout, The Darkest One We Have, leaving dry bourbon whiskey snips on the back end.

Below is a link to fabulous article ’bout Secatogue.

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