In a tan commercial building on Route 1, this foremost SOUTHPORT BREWING COMPANY crafts many of the same beers the other four SBC locations rely upon. A small outdoor deck and right side dining area compensate 20-seat left side bar with wood furnishings, exposed ducts, windowed brew tanks, and four televisions.

Brewer Frank Del Greco joined me as I sampled his suitable dry-bodied offerings, March ‘09. Regulars regale grass-dried raw-grained honey-soured Bighead Blonde (first tried four years hence at Stamford SBC), dry tea-like fig-zipped caramel-centered Fairfield Red, and light wood-bound hop-oiled white-breaded Czech-styled Mill Hill Pilsner.

Better were creamy cappuccino-fronted espresso-roasted cocoa-powdered grape-cherry-soured Black Rock Stout and meringue-like medium-bodied South Porter, with its brown chocolate-y burnt caramel sweetness and silken hazelnut restraint.

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