Enjoy Craft Beer And Burgers At Madison's Brew Pub in Vermont


Just thirty miles outside Albany in the center of Bennington, MADISON BREWING boasted rustic Old World charm, November ’06. Small right side L-shaped bar with cool beer can collection and comfy waiting couches opposed wooden table-chair dining section. Rear brew tanks were across from antique piano/ stage area.

Along with good pub grub, sucked down dehydrated fig-date-spiced, red fruited, nut-bottomed, Fuggle-hopped Crowtown Pale Ale, bittersweet tea-like pumpernickel-breaded quince-pinched Willoughby’s Scottish Ale, and dankly metallic prune-dried fig-spiced fungi-wafted Old 76 Strong Ale.

Spicily hop-tingled raw-honeyed oats-dried cereal-sugared Buck’s Honey Wheat and berry-quipped wheat-cracked Stark Hose #1 Raspberry were unassuming. Styptic coffee-burnt walnut-sharp chocolate-blanched cigar-ashy Hazelnut Porter, with its maple-thick firewood-singed cedar tinge, was preferable.

I met owner-brewer Michael Madison, whose fine décor and murals adorned walls, January ’09. Got chance to imbibe creamily corn-sugared, tangy orange-bruised, lemon-soured, wheat-honeyed, Saaz-hopped, Kolsch-styled Sucker Pond Blonde while feasting on delicious deep-fried Cornish hen.

Chocolate-malted, maple-sapped, black cherry-soured Oatmeal Stout sufficed. Better were creamy candi-sugared banana-ripened tangerine-sweetened Wassicks Begian White and musty bourbon-muscatel-fronted fig-sugared raisin-dried Belgian Sour Trappist Ale.