Naked Dove Brewing Company | Canandaigua, NY


Established by former Genesee employees, Dave Schlosser (brewmaster) and Don Cotter (sales), NAKED DOVE BREWING COMPANY opened its doors in rural Finger Lakes-bound Canandaigua during 2010. As the first microbrewery in Ontario County, Naked Dove is situated just down the road a few miles from Canandaigua’s downtown district.

After leaving Genesee, Schlosser gained respect making nearby Rochester’s most famous local beer, Rohrback Scotch Ale, and soon decided to setup his own brewery at a former Napa Auto Parks outlet. Crafting 50-plus different beers since beginning at their beige aluminum warehouse, Naked Dove’s core four include Wind Blown Amber, Berry Naked Black Raspberry, Starkers IPA and 45 Fathoms Porter.

A slot wood-floored pub with yellow walls, twin overhead doors, high ceilings, interesting growler collection and a spacious backroom brewhouse, Naked Dove features a wood paneled seven-tap draught board at its silver top serving station.

On a sunny Friday afternoon in November ’23, my wife and I downed all seven available elixirs. Bettering that, I picked up decadent Imperial Stouts – one aged in Templeton Rye and another aged in Basil Hayden bourbon plus a whiskey-aged Nice & Naughty Christmas Ale (all reviewed in Beer Index).

Flagship Windblown Amber Ale let mossy dew drip from its initial apple-tangerine-pear conflux as phenol hop astringency coarsened against sweet perfumed spicing and caramelized cereal grains given a gluey cardboard edge.

Passive Berry Naked Black Raspberry Ale retained a fluffy Seltzer-like tart raspberry fizz as slight cherry-cranberry-boysenberry riffs and wispy floral spicing flutter towards the blanched wheat base.

Fruitful summertime moderation, Tangerine Pineapple Kolsch, let raspy pineapple-tangerine tanginess and zesty lemon briskness receive a hard-candied glaze over grain-honeyed pilsner malting.

Dryer, denser and semi-sharper than a typical adjunct IPA, Hop Work Orange (conditioned on sweet orange peel) let its lemon-soured navel orange musk consume candied tangerine, fizzy soda pop and orange rum illusions as musty herbal resin nicked the finishing juniper bittering.

Easygoing double dry-hopped IPA, Drinking Zappa, allowed Fruity Pebbles-like Zappa hops to bring mango-passionfruit-pineapple tropicalia to the fore alongside sweet orange-peeled yellow grapefruit tanginess and salted green grapes, retaining a spritzy floral citrus-spiced misting.

Dry wet-hopped lemon rind bittering and sour lime zesting fronted Hopulus Localus, a Cascade-hopped IPA with green tea briskness, light herbal musk, parched pine acridity and light barnyard leathering.

Dry cocoa powdering, dark-roast coffee and Blackstrap molasses fronted 45 Fathoms Porter, spreading charred hop bittering over the preceding.

Anise-dried black chocolate and day-old coffee rode above the soily hop-charred mossing of Russian Imperial Stout, leaving soy-sauced tart cherry and black currant daubs on the molasses-smoked mocha finish.


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Inside a sterling white-columned tan brick building across the street from Canandaigua Lake, YOUNG LION BREWING COMPANY opened its doors, June ’17. Its multi-faceted mod Industrial rooms include a pristine windowed 16-seat pub room (with white oak block-bottomed tan slate-topped bar, 14 tap handles and blackboard draught list), a casual left side lounge and an expansive second floor lake view event space (housing a separate Edison lit, formica-topped, 10-seat bar plus a four-couch lounge area and large TV). There’s also an outdoor side deck with an old wood floor and plastic seating.

During a two-hour venture, November ’23, I hung out with associate brewer, John O’Flaherty, a former homebrewer, whose cream ale is one of his favorite recipes used as the base for variants such as an upcoming Christmastime elixir, Egg Nog Cream Ale.

Stylishly robust Czech Pilsner retained a pungent straw grained musk, oats-dried barnyard acridity and herbal tinge to contrast its honeyed cereal graining.

Crisply clean easygoer, Mexican Lager, let lightly floral-spiced fungi musk infiltrate its caramel-toasted Vienna malting – leaving wispy caraway, rye and pumpernickel snips.

Another crispy straw-cleared moderation, Hey Ey Ey Ey Helles, let mild lemon tartness spunk musky barnyard acridity, corn-oiled astringency and cracked barley roast as well as dark floral and light herbal snips.

Leafy hop astringency and hickory-smoked molasses saddled Vienna-malted Oktoberfest, relegating its caramelized chocolate whim.

Like a lighter tasting IPA, Hill Of Fame Pale Ale stayed briskly citrus spiced as light pine sap grazed honey-sweetened pineapple, grapefruit, orange and tangerine tanginess.

Straightforwardly dry and clean West Coast-like IPA merged juicy navel orange, sunshiny yellow grapefruit, zesty lemon, salty pineapple and tangy tangerine in a lightly creamed setting, picking up grassy pine resin.

Orange-spiced grapefruit sugaring reaches cannabis-oiled hop resin as tannic grape must, mild honeydew-cantaloupe sweetness and botanical melon snips file in for Double IPA, a white bread-backed moderation.

Mildly spiced yellow grapefruit and navel orange peel entry and salted gooseberry-guava tartness pickup grassy pine-oiled white peppering for Harvest The Haze, a prim oated wheat creamed NEIPA.

Persistent Concord grape tartness and underlying green-red-yellow grape medley gain oaken cherry dalliance, lemon peel pucker and floral blood orange liming for Fall Into Grapeness Fruited Sour, leaving passive rosé wining, delicate champagne sparkle and l’il lemon icing.

Lightly tarred black malts got slightly whiskey bent for Black Lager, picking up subtle oaken burgundy-bourbon dryness in a distinctly offbeat stylistic twist.

Richly robust Barrel-Aged Hazelnut Coffee Stout plied dry bourbon vanilla tannins to hazelnut coffee tones and sweet peanut-buttered chocolate benevolence, leaving mild red grape, cinnamon bark and burgundy remnants.


Photos of Peacemaker Brewing Company | Untappd


On a downtown Canandaigua side street formerly occupied by Twisted Rail Brewing, PEACEMAKER BREWING COMPANY is situated in a red wood barn house. Open for biz in November 2016, the small three-barrel pub crafts standardly stylized suds with an eye towards balance and quality.

A friendly neighborhood shanty crudely designed, Peacemaker’s windowed and rear brew tanks sidle the diminutive barroom. A ten-stooled hardwood-edged bar with bark bottom (and caged Edison lights) serves rangy liquid fare and a small back kitchen offers pizza, hummus and pretzels. There are four community tables across from the bar. A red-benched side area provides further seating.

My wife and I gathered mid-afternoon on a Friday in November ’23 to try all available elixirs.

Dry grassy-hopped astringency grazed corn-flaked pilsner malts for Captain Suburbia, a politely honey-dipped cream ale.

Dainty yellow fruit spicing secured light-bodied Fonder & Blonder as pallid orange-tangerine lollipop tartness wisped into earthen mineral grained pilsner malting.

Tangy ‘n tart peach sweetness absorbed Peachmaker Smash, a light fruited pale ale with slight lemon twist and herbal candied soothe above white wheat placidity.

Peachy grapefruit and pineapple tanginess embraced Flowerin, a hazy American IPA with ancillary floral-daubed hop pining skirting salty guava-mango tropicalia.

Dry yellow grapefruit and candied orange blew past the mild pine tones and grassy hop stead of Bottom Of The Bay, an easygoing New England IPA.

Bustling magenta-hued, pinkish-headed Persephone Blueberry Raspberry Vanilla, a slightly lactic fruited sour, let skulking vanilla creaming sweeten its tart blueberry pucker, salted raspberry tannins and gunky orange concentrate as well as tertiary purple grape must, pink champagne sparkle and blush rosé wining.

Cocktail-inspired yellow aluminum cleared fruited sour, Persephone Pina Colada, stayed a tad thin as lemony pineapple tanginess and toasted coconut sweetness could’ve used frothier vanilla creaming.

Maple pecan glazed the cocoa-dried walnut and hazelnut surge of Buffalo! Brown Ale, picking up relegated dried fruiting.

Candied yam glazed the brown-sugared nutmeg spicing of Shadyside, a nifty sweet potato porter with anise-daubed black chocolate malting.

Dark chocolate syrup draped the milk-sugared hazelnut coffee tones and black grape musk of Black Soul Of Mine, a cocoa nib-roasted Imperial Stout (with disguised 12% ABV).


Frequentem Brewing Co. | Canandaigua, NY


Defined as a ‘social space to gather,’ FREQUENTEM BREWING CO. began operations at an old Main Street dairy in Canandaigua during 2020. Garage-bound small batch homebrewers David and Meagan D’Allesandro enjoy crafting ‘modern and traditional beer styles’ at their spacious downtown lair, leaning towards India Pale Ales and fruited sours.

Residing at a brown-bricked station, Frequentem’s windowed brew tanks service the 20-seat lacquered oak bar where the white tiled backsplash draught board offers a dozen-plus choice suds. Two TV’s entertain the six-seat tables fronting the bar. A plastic-furnished cement floored palate-enclosed deck with a few firepits offers further seating.

My wife and I got some pizza and popcorn to go with the ten available brews onsite during our Friday afternoon, November ’23, Finger Lakes exploration.

Anchor Steam-styled California Common, Cali Lager, placated its toasted grain crisping and dank hop musk with subtle caramel spicing that turns cardboardy.

Utilizing a corny Czech pilsner base, Cream Ale tempered its musky grains and grassy hops with orange-dried herbage.

Spritzy fruit-candied Fresh Squeeze (Strawberry, Lemon), a kettle soured pale ale, exuded tart lemonade and salted strawberry cadences as well as watermelon Jolly Rancher souring and raspy raspberry ripples.

Dry-hopped with zestful Idaho 7, citric Mandarina Bavaria and cannabis-oiled Strata, #39 NEIPA let seltzer-fizzed mandarin orange, clementine and tangerine briskness plus salty grapefruit bittering pickup subtle herbal spicing and dank pine resin.

Yellow grapefruit-forward #24 NEIPA, dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic and Rakau, allowed ancillary orange-peeled pineapple sweetness to contrast salted guava-gooseberry souring and piquant lemon meringue tartness in a mild oated wheat setting.

Kettle-soured IPA, Natural Flavors (Concord Grape), retained lightly vinous red wining to contrast its muskily sweet Concord-Muscat grape conflux above creamy marshmallow fluff.

Similarly kettle-soured Natural Flavors (Cara Cara Orange) rampaged salted navel orange concentrate and mandarin orange tartness thru slight vanilla creaming.

Smoothie-creamed fruited sour, Just Fruit (Cranberry, Peach, Strawberry), combined sharp cranberry souring with sweet peach tanginess and strawberry rhubarb tartness, bringing mildly acidic orange concentrate to the surface alongside latent mango salting and banana pureeing.

Another vanilla-creamed fruited sour Smoothie, Just Fruit (Pineapple, Orange, Mango), daubed bittersweet orange juicing with tart pineapple and sweet mango, staying mildly acidic.

An experimental red-hued tequila barreled sour IPA, Cincoro Anejo Tequila-aged Not From Concentrate (Blackberry, Tangerine) maintained burgundy-dried red grape tartness and tangy pineapple juicing for its relegated blackberry and tangerine adjuncts.