Rockafella's Sports Bar & Grill, East Rutherford NJ 07073  l.jpg

Inside a rustic saltbox-styled tan edifice with earthen stone base, East Rutherford-based ROCKAFELLA’S SPORTS BAR & GRILL came into existence during ’97. By 2012, the well-established Paterson Avenue pub (with windowed neon signs featuring Yards, Flying Fish and Dogfish Head) expanded its tap selection to include a host of recognizable craft beers sidling blue-collar Bud-Coors-Miller fare.

During a two-hour October ’13 dinnertime perusal with the wife, we also discovered the delightful pub fare – which included the loaded cheese nachos and garlic chicken wings devoured alongside two previously untried brews originating from Virginia’s Old Dominion and California’s Stone.

Sitting at the left side of the rectangular bar, long-time bartender, Jessica, keeps patrons happy serving pub fare while a dozen TV’s capture the eye at every possible angle. A drop ceiling hovers above the bar area. Bead board paneling covers the side walls and exposed pipes bedeck the ceiling. A dartboard at the entrance keeps a few folks busy.

The mixed crowd consumes a wide range of beers going from macrobrewed faves such as Blue Moon to micros from Ballast Point, Founders, Lagunitas and Southern Tier.

Dominion Gigi Farmhouse Ale (an herbal sour-fruited saison with white-peppered perfumed hops guiding banana-clove wisps) and Stone Farking Wheat WootStout (a bourbon-aged Imperial with oaken vanilla serenading chocolate-spiced toffee, molasses and hazelnut) appeal to both ends of the sweet-sour spectrum.

Behind the bar area lies an open kitchen with ample dining space, one billiard table and 11 more TV’s. All in all, it’s an unassuming neighborhood joint that keeps ‘em comin’ back for moderately rotated craft draughts, light food fare and friendly atmosphere.