Occupying a faded gray aluminum garden house in a dainty mini mall, Country Inn-styled ADVET BREWING COMPANY is the pride of the Coast Guardian husband and wife team of Mark and Jennifer Napolitano. Opened during May ’22, the cozy nanobrewery became Elizabeth City’s third ‘suds factory.’

Entering thru the Kenyon Bailey Garden Center and taking a right inside Advet’s wooden entrance, my wife and I grab a few aviator themed brews emanating from the rear tanks on a hot July ’23 noon swoon before heading to the nearby Outer Banx for body surfing.

Black and metal four-seat tables surround the marbled concrete-topped serving station of the old wood-floored interior and a gated red brick-paved deck with black metal furnishings provides outside seating for today’s expanding crowd. Two opposing TV’s stare out from the gray front wall.

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Stylishly delightful British pale ale, Distant Early Warning, plied dewy tobacco roasted crisping to caraway-seeded pumpernickel rye breading.

Soft-toned fruit ale, Could Not Duplicate Blueberry Ale, let tart blueberry puree ride atop herbal hop astringency and a pallid white wheat bed.

Snazzy orange Creamsickle-sugared fruited sour, First Light Search, pasted marshmallow-fluffed lemon custard, orange meringue and tangelo to its orange soda-like pizzazz. 

Zesty lemon fizz bubbled up against banana-clove sweetness for sourdough-sugared Heavy Maintenance Hefeweizen, leaving mild herbage on its honeyed wheat tail.

Spritzy orange-peeled coriander sweetness enjoined sparkling lemon licks for Three Down And Locked Witbier, cloaking its mild lemongrass herbage above delicate white wheating.

Sour cranberry tartness countered mild cinnamon spicing in the briny lime setting of wheat-soured Holiday Routine Cinnamon-Cranberry Gose.

Dry pine tones secured the bitter yellow grapefruit stead and mild perfumed spicing of Considering The Circumstances, a medium-bodied West Coast-styled IPA.

Grapefruit-embittered orange rind and pineapple tang received a perfume-spiced pine lacquering for Giant Killer Double IPA, relegating its honeyed pale malting.

Candied orange, pineapple and mango sugaring contrasted salty yellow grapefruit bittering then picked up recessive herbal perfuming to tease Restrictive Visibility Hazy IPA.

Lightly tarred cocoa dryness penetrated mild black licorice, raw tobacco and chocolate truffle illusions for Area Of Responsibility Brown Ale.



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Along Elizabeth City’s downtown riverfront in an old hardware building, SEVEN SOUNDS BREWING COMPANY occupies a restored red brick dockside venue opened in the winter of ’22. A panoramic rooftop deck captures the still beauty of the Pasquotank River and the brick-walled pub room utilizes reclaimed wood and old beams to retain a vintage southern charm.

Seven Sounds’ cement-floored metal and wood furnished pub (with scattered beer barrel seating) settles below the pipe-exposed high ceiling. There are twelve draught taps at the pine lacquered L-shape bar.

In April ’23, my wife and I grabbed a few deck seats outback to quaff five ambitious stylistic creations on the riverfront.

Seven Sounds Brewing Company | Reception Venues - The Knot

Lemony passionfruit souring and salty guava tartness engaged Sea Of Love Pale Ale.

Matching its stylish banana-clove sweetness to crusty sourdough breading, Easy To Love Hefeweizen maintained a creamy vanilla-daubed eclair froth.

Mild ghost pepper heat tailgated the dark chocolate-roasted hazelnut coffee bluster of Nell Cropsey Ghost Pepper Porter, an applewood-smoked full body.

Mildly creamed milk-sugared coffee sweetness overlaid cocoa-dried dark chocolate bittering of lactic Front Porch, a milk coffee stout with distant cinnamon, anise and hazelnut wisps.

Luxurious Barleywine soaked rummy raisin, plum and dried cherry into candi-sugared crystal malting, picking up latent sweet burgundy spicing.


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At a historic retrofitted livery stable, Elizabeth City’s GHOST HARBOR BREWING COMPANY sits smack dab in the boutique-shopped Pailin’s Alley downtown district – a place perfectly suited for old pirates singing sea shanties. Opened in December ’18, but at its current larger locale since 2021, Ghost Harbor was the first microbrewery licensed in this historic Albemarle municipality.

Just up the street from waterfront Seven Sounds Brewing, the rustic cement-floored pub is owned by head brewer, Thomas Reese, a durable craftsman who has ‘draughted’ a few dozen one-offs and several recurring brews in the first five years of operation.

Inside a red-bricked shop with mauve-walled side entrance, its green awning protects the umbrella-seated alleyway.  Upon entering, the glimmering stainless steel bar top provides a clean, efficient feel.

There are several black-chaired community tables and two-seaters filling out the pub and the stark black ceiling carries exposed pipes and caged Edison lights. The brick-walled bar back features sixteen bronze-piped tap handles leading to a cold storage system serving the left side brewtanks easygoing fare.

I sank six demure draughts during my April ’23 stopover, then got Vito Italian Pilsner, Gypsy Tears Pale Ale, Blair’s Fall Wheat Ale, That Girl Liz IPA and Mulligan Dry Irsih Stout (reviewed in Beer Index) to imbibe at Myrtle Beach two days hence.

Ghost Harbor Brewing Company

Spritzy lemon fizzled alongside sugary bubblegum for Ghost Heavy Pilsner, a sweet breaded lightweight.

Not far removed, fizzy lemon drops trickled onto herbal licks and spicy snips for sessionable Apollo Golden Ale.

Toasted grain sweetness, roasted tobacco crisping and mild hop astringency girded Mystery Of Nell Cropsey Amber Ale, picking up subtle red and orange fruiting.

Americanized pale yellow-cleared wheat ale, Blair’s Fall (also reviewed in canned version), retained a salty lemon spritz and mild orange-plantain-quince conflux above white wheat breading.

Polite white grapefruit, mandarin orange and pineapple tropicalia led Wight Of The Wild White IPA, a cross between a debonair hop-forward IPA and a coriander-spiced witbier.

Sharp citrus spicing saddled Nautical IPA, leaving lemon zest, yellow grapefruit bittering, brisk orange peel sweetness and salted mango-pineapple tanginess upon lightly creamed oated malts.