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Starting in nearby Pleasantville, New York, during 2006, CAPTAIN LAWRENCE BREWING COMPANY soon evolved into a massive microbrewery at its sprawling Elmsford site. Now a well-known Westchester staple and highly rated East Coast beer destination, the ever-increasing brewhouse (named after a Revolutionary War naval commander) now enjoys robust bottle-can-keg sales.

Led by UC-Davis certified homebrewer, Scott Vaccaro, the good captain’s current 40-barrel brewhouse features a community-tabled outdoor picnic area (with separate serving station and red wood furnishings), large window-encased high ceiling auditorium, plastic-tabled community-styled Beer Hall (including beautiful 30-foot mahogany bar with blackboard beer menu) and Funk Facility (built in 2015 to create sour ale and limited barrel-aged creations).

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During my May 2018 journey on a beautiful Saturday, I got to sample Orbital Tilt – Galaxy IPA (reviewed in Beer Index) while munching on a salad. Other delectable food items included ribs, wings, meatballs, pork, steak and chicken. Though limited edition Fudgy The Beer Stout sold out in one hour two days hence, I picked up a crowler of Powder Dreams IPA.

Able to make highly regarded core beers alongside reliable sour ales, limited edition pilot batches and interesting seasonal stuff, Captain Lawrence proudly delivers a wide range of unfiltered beers (with excess yeast removed thru a centrifuge).