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Hank Hudson Brewing Co. Opens in Halfmoon [PHOTOS] - 518 Bites & Sights


Inside a redwood clubhouse chalet at the tiny town of Halfmoon in the southern Saratoga vicinity, HANK HUDSON BREWING CO. opened in the autumn of 2018. Fronting the Fairways of Halfmoon golf course, this popular local sportsbar-related brewpub delivers some of the best well rounded suds in the area.

Hank Hudson’s pristine interior includes a large stone hearth to warm up its high-ceilinged barnhouse splendor. An L-shaped bar made from reclaimed wood features 20 tapped draughts sits across butcher blocked community tables while several overhead-doored rear seats look out at the fairway. Brewtanks are staged to the far right. A spacious front deck offers more seating.

On a snowy January ’23 dinnertime visitation, chowed Cheese’s Christ pizza while downing nine diverse brews. Yummy burgers, subs and wings were also available.       Hank Hudson Brewing Co. — Photo Gallery

Maize-flaked barnyard acridity and raw-honeyed carapils malts anchored Win The Weekend Light Lager, a dry easygoing light body.

Smoothly soft-toned Citra-hopped Wheelhouse Blonde, placed yellow grapefruit-peeled mandarin orange tanginess atop acidulated white wheat malts, leaving a hint of sugared caramel to counter soapy vegetal herbage.

Dry-hopped Pruyn Hill Pale Ale maintained an IPA-like fruitiness as lemony grapefruit-peeled orange rind tanginess stayed brisk over honeyed white wheat.

Cereal grained steam lager, Clifton Common, left raw-honeyed grits buttering upon vegetal earthiness and herbal restraint.

Musky Noble-hopped marzen, Hanktoberfest, brought orange-dried mushroom fungi and mild chestnut-pecan notions to gluey Vienna malting.

Sweetly tart blueberry puree lacquered gluey Two Buttons Deep Blueberry, ushering in treacly stickiness and floral honeysuckle perfuming for Maris Otter-malted torrified wheat (and wispy herbal hop astringency).

Tangy tangerine puree saturated juicy Sunshine Girl Tangerine IPA, a fruitful Citra-Eldorado-hopped medium body with oats-flaked carapils malting contrasting mild pine resin.

Dry black-malted stout, My Name Is Chuck, crossed smoky dark chocolate with charred (Band-aid-like) hop astringency and distant seared nuttiness.

Belgian candi sugar sprinkled anise spicing, chocolate minting, cinnamon bark and dried fruiting for wheaty pilsner malted Hap-Hap-Happiest Christmas, a fine wintry digestif.


Other One Brewing opens brewery and taproom in Halfmoon - Albany Business  Review


At the Glenpeter Plaza in the suburban town of Halfmoon (halfway between Albany and Saratoga), OTHER ONE BREWING COMPANY began full-time operations April 22, 2022. A friendly mall-bound pub, Other One features a 12-seat bar with aluminum and wood furnishings plus backroom brew tanks.

Drafted by zymurgic mad scientist, Randy Lewis, a former homebrewer with 30 years experience, each small-batch recipe will happily surprise experienced ‘brewpies.’ Oft-times bringing new elements to standard styles, Lewis experiments with Cryo hops, liquid yeast and whatever else motivates him.

Small pizzas and big pretzels complemented a convincing IPA-centric lineup New Years Eve ’22. I also enjoyed two Irish beers (a red ale and nitro stout) plus a dry winter ale and weightier kolsch.

Other One Brewing opens brewery and taproom in Halfmoon - Albany Business  Review

Amiably richer amber-hued kolsch, Pajamas In Walmart, meshed caramelized Munich malting with light pilsner graining to anchor its subtle orange, tangerine and red cherry fruiting and dry Saaz-Tettnang hopped woodiness in a dehydrated ‘liquid yeast’ setting.

Dewy peat mossed ESB, Your Mom’s A Rockstar, snuck waddle-seeded pumpernickel toasting into Fuggle-hopped herbage and cellared fungi.

Sweetly peaty Irish Red Ale, Big Daddy O’Lappers, placated musky orange oiling with crisply caramelized barley roast.

An innovative offshoot, milky yellowed NEIPA, Trilogy, let Sauvignon Blanc grape skins flitter alongside lacquered Cryo Pop hops as ‘biotransforming’ Cosmic Punch yeast aided the lemony gooseberry-guava tropicalia and salty white grapefruit tartness.

Equally zestful NEIPA, Silent Dude, merged tangy orange, salted mango, fuzzy peach and tart pineapple over sugared pale malting, leaving soft pine tones on the piquant tropical finish.

Another juicy NEIPA, Sajulus, guided spritzy grapefruit, orange and peach tanginess across salty pine tones and above mild wheated oats.

Dry tropical fruited NEIPA, Sydnie Down Under, combined lemony Galaxy/Nelson-hopped pineapple, guava and mango tartness with limey Wakatu/Enigma-hopped bittering, picking up a clean vodka whim atop its lightly spiced pale malting.

Enthusiastic double dry-hopped (Sabro-Eldorado) Imperial IPA, The Artful Dodger, brought lemony orange, tangerine and clementine tanginess, sour guava-mango conflux and mild spiciness to its creamy oated wheat base.

Wintry English-styled Christmas Ale, Rudolph’s Revenge, placed dewy fungi earthiness inside fig-dried raisin subtleties and seasonal nutmeg-coriander-cinnamon spicing.

Nitrogenated dry Irish stout, 3 Eyed Raven, stuffed soothingly clean nut-charred dark chocolate bittering thru dark-roast hops and bottoming black malts.