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Rustic RED CASTLE BREWERY, an interestingly decked-out Medieval-themed, Polish-influenced restaurant-brewery located in the perfect rural spot across Lehighton’s imposing mountain range abutting the Lehigh River, benefits from busy crossroad traffic, well-priced authentic Eastern European cuisine and easy drinkin’ homemade brews.

Two small parlor chairs and tables welcome local minions and road-weary beer hounds to the cozy aluminum-topped, plank-wooded shack. Roughhewn planks also bedeck the small maroon-hued one-room interior (with left side private seating) and the 14-stool L-shaped bar serves a few front tables as well as a small side deck.

Six draught handles and one nitro tap adorn the flat-stone designed centerpiece at the bar (along with a Polish-American plaque).   Halupki, a cabbage-stuffed pork, rice and spice dish, Haluski (cabbage with noodles and spices), Perogies and Smoked Mac & Cheese went well with the easygoing five original brews on tap this sunny July afternoon, 2017.

Local wines, Kielbasi, gourmet burgers and potato pancakes round out the splendid menu.

For a fruity appetizer, Blueberry Shandy sufficed, with its sweet ‘n sour blueberry tartness receiving lightly vinous green grape esters and teasing cranberry snips above a delicate straw wheat spine.

Soft-toned English pale ale, Smash English Malt, brought raw-honeyed corn malts and mineral grained earthiness to light lemon wisps.

Likable Lancers Lager retained a dryer-than-expected Helles profile as earthen Noble hops gained cigarette tobacco crisping and neutral wheatgrass illusions for its sly citric tones.

Harkening back to English-styled India Pale Ales, Knights Of Mayhem Imperial IPA let malt-smoked Band-Aid astringency and earthen rye graining prosper alongside desiccated orange tartness.

For dessert, laidback Dark Dungeon Coffee Bourbon Stout hit the spot. Sweet bourbon licks affected light-roast coffee, brown chocolate and spiced toffee illusions to contrast sedate hop-charred bittering.



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A quirky narrow Speakeasy squeezed tightly into downtown Lehighton, BONNIE & CLYDE PUB & GRILL opened in the autumn of 2016. Its Prohibition Era copper tin ceiling, Edison lights, old cinematic paraphernalia and multiple wood-barreled tap handles crowd the 15-seat L-shape bar (with 4 TV’s for sports addicts).

A separate right side dining space divided by a lit New Belgium Brewery sign and a Goose Island plaque serves families this Saturday evening, July ’17.

Fine upscale fare included my wife’s Ma Barker Wrap (Swiss-cheesed turkey with cucumber and horseradish) and the generous ham-like Duck (with duck-stuffed ravioli) I consumed.

On tap during my two-hour escapade were three previously untried elixirs plus one Diabolical Wit first encountered at Springhouse Brewery and one Pittsburgh-bound North Country ale.

North Country Station 33 Firehouse Irish Red regaled tea-like earthiness and tobacco-roasted peat mossing with musky apple-pear illusions.

Singlecut Are You Ready Steve? IPA succeeded as a light-bodied “Hawaiian Punch” with fruited cornucopia.

Toolbox Bog Sauce, a tart raspberry-cranberry-infused Berliner Wiess, gained vinous green apple and white grape tannins.

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