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Most Award Winning Brew Pub In NJ – Restaurant Village


Residing at a refurbished 200-year-old gristmill in the bucolic westerly Schooley mountaintops of a secluded village from which it takes its name, LONG VALLEY PUB served fine appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees to go with well-crafted brews on February ’07 jaunt. Entering through a stone trestle to a good-sized patio area leading patrons into an antique wood interior with 1771-built fireplace, central bar, rear brew tanks, and upstairs loft dining, this capacious haven matched woodsy ranch-styled motif to earthy mineral-grained brews.

Dry green-hopped, corn-sopped, honey-malted Grist Mill Golden and astringent wheat-maize-centered, perfume-spiced, orange-dried Hookerman’s Light befit the rural splendor and suited softer thirsts. Spice hop-embittered, caramel-molasses-packed, rye malt-slacked, citrus rind-backed German Valley Amber remains a local fave and bitterly herbal hop-spiced, grapefruit rind-soured, raw-grained LV’s Best Bitter a drier alternative.

Bolder thirsts will appreciate bitterly pine-combed, honey nut-buttered Nut Brown Ale, dry-roasted, walnut-fronted, coffee-grounded, black chocolate-glazed Lazy Jake Porter, and milky lactose-frothed, cocoa bean-dried, hazelnut-sweetened Joe’s Oatmeal Stout.

On February ’09 revisit, tasted woody green-hopped, apple-peach-grapefruit-spiced, IPA-like American Pale Ale and oily cocoa-beaned, coffee-doused, soy-mildewed Devon’s Double Chocolate Stout.

Revisited July ’10 following one-week Poconos excursion, tried dry-hopped, pumpernickel-breaded, rye-toasted, earthen-bottomed, fungi-vegetal Bartleyville Rye. Along with wife, consumed pint of sharply embittered, wood-toned, hop-spiced, citric-peeled, veggie-backed I.P.A.

During May 2011 stopover, discovered dry-grained Signature Pale Ale, an unfiltered wheat-husked, mill-grained, lemon-backed moderation with leathery grass, hay, alfalfa, and barnyard earthiness. Also retried sampler with above-mentioned beers while sipping excellent lobster bisque.