Lost Generation Brewing Co. Opens! | DC Beer


Opened October 29, 2022, District of Columbia’s LOST GENERATION BREWING COMPANY celebrates novelist poet Gertrude Stein’s ‘you are all a lost generation’ slogan as its painted on the left side rear wall. Residing at the Capitol’s northeast Eckington neighborhood, this olden-styled tavern showcases antique sewing machines, rusty horns, mechanical typewriters and aged books as well as a fine array of stylistically popular beers.

Entrepreneurial head brewer, Jared Pulliam, began his journey at DC’s Chocolate City before leaving for the West Coast to work at Lagunitas then returning back east to start Lost Generation. Inside a century-old blue grey-bricked former Nabisco factory, this niftily re-created Speakeasy features a primordial Douglas fir bar with caged lights, barreled and wood tables, picnic benches, butcher block table, rustic pipe-exposed high ceiling, black studio lighting and a left walled animation cartoon painting. The red brick interior walls recall the pre-Prohibition Era. 16 central draught taps carried beers and seltzers.

I enjoyed seven rangy elixirs on my March ’23 nighttime journey.

Lost Generation Brewing Company Opens in DC

Orange-peeled banana and clove sweetness picked up light vanilla creaming to contrast Mandarina Bavaria-hopped green grape esters and tart lemon-drop souring for Listen To The Wind Hefeweizen.

Fizzy golden clear moderation, Shift Crisp Lager, plied herbal lemon zesting and lightly vinous white-wined Hallertau Blanc hops to dry pilsner malts.

Signature dark lager, Grave Shift, combined dark toffee, roasted coffee, dark chocolate and cola nuttiness in a mossy setting.

Zestful limey yellow grapefruit bittering settled mildly alongside sedate mandarin orange, salted pineapple, mango and ‘blueberry marmalade tanginess for hazy IPA, Dismantle The Sun, nearly hiding its mild vanilla creaming.

Creamy vanilla-sugared sour SmoothieCherry Pie A La Mode, let its cherry pie tartness get sweetened by brown-sugared Graham Cracker honeying as tertiary candied orange, sour tangerine and pineapple lollipop wisps wavered.

Black peppered chicory coffee roast met creamy lactose milk sugaring for A Hopeless Gesture, an impressive Imperial Stout with cocoa-beaned Vietnam coffee finish.

Decadent lactose pastry stout, Oreo Cookie, married milk chocolate fudginess to creme-filled vanilla sugaring over its cookie dough bottom, hiding black cherry and red grape nips.