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Brewers Tim Mc Mullen and Doug Binkley service stone-bricked Old Victorian Mount Joy landmark, BUBE’S BREWERY, with stylistic integrity, using different yeast strands for diversification. Along the countryside inside a haunted hotel with dank Catacombs, old wooden beer barrels, and Medieval-looking caverns, patrons enter Bube’s through a lantern-lined yellow barn door. Walked in through inconspicuous side door with family late morning, December ’05.

Since initial visit, Bube’s added a Biergarten, wood-furnished Bottling Works tavern and elegant dining space called Alois (named after the 19th century German brewer that once regaled this historic venue).

Reasonably priced sandwiches, burgers, and beef-pork-seafood entrees get catered to small wooden-tabled back dining area while brew tanks consume the bar area where a fine bottled selection and handcrafted brews please quaffing habitue.

Bube’s Red Ale, an Irish-styled mainstay from an old recipe, retained an apple-citric-wafted soft-hopped buttery nature. Grassy raw-grained floral-hopped grapefruit-embittered Kolsch, robust fig-fronted grape-nutty hop-sharp Dunkelweizen, and darker-than-usual fruit-bruised dry-hopped IPA satiated the senses on all levels.

Mild banana-ripe clove-dusted vanilla-sweet Hefeweizen had fuzzy, summery vibe. First tried Appalachian Pennypacker Porter here (reviewed in Beer Index).


After leaving Liquid Hero, drove 20 minutes east to revisit Bube’s (May ’13), discovering five more libations at the tree-lined back deck. A serene stone-paved patio featuring canopied open air tap bar, bamboo shoots, water fountain and ivy truly captured the exotic feel of a mystical Jurrasic Park setting. An old steam boiler next to the covered smoking section (with billiard table) added to the charmingly quaint countryside rusticity.

Taking a seat at the raised deck below the hop vines, my wife and I share Mediterranean Pizza (with feta-cheesed olive and ham). I also try haddock fish tacos and Jack Daniels-whiskeyed pecan pie (with whipped cream and chocolate chips).

This early afternoon’s beer fare tends towards the lighter side, perhaps complementing today’s summery sunshine. The lightest offering, Aloise Pre-Prohibition Pilsner, maintains a polite herbal lemon tea-like frontage to its corn-sugared wheat backdrop.

Easygoing California Common Steam Beer captures a chocolate-soured fig-dried appeal. Slick Black India Pale Ale renders a barren chocolate-licorice wisp.

Honey-like Cooper Shed Red spice-hopped its toasted caramel malt spine well. And Blue Moon fans will prefer White Hermit, since its coriander-spiced orange peel tartness, white-peppered citric hop spritz and corn syrupy creaminess resemble the mainstream fave (despite a teensy smoked beechwood snip).