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A Dry Town Goes Wet After More Than a Century - Atlas Obscura


A dry Methodist town for over one hundred years, Pitman, New Jersey finally allowed its first brewery to operate in 2016. KELLY GREEN BREWING CO. originally opened a block away from its current downtown location in a small tasting room. Now residing at a tan two-room storefront pub (with green hop nugget emblem) near the railroad tracks, Kelly Green was formed by three local homebrewers, Justin and Jeannette Fleming and pal Dave Domanski, as a part-time venture.

A cozy li’l nano crafting a slew of recurring and one-off brews that usually skirt simple stylistic boundaries, Kelly Green’s gray-floored interior features a ten-draught bar with white tiled back wall, exquisite wood furnishings, noirish black ceiling tiles and a few TV’s.

Classic easygoing German pale lager, Chicko’s, offered musky wet-grained leathering to herbal Halltertau hop soiling and corn-dried malt liquor remnant.

Salty lemon-limed tartness greeted floral hibiscus tang for Lemon Hibiscus, a spritzy kettle-soured ale.

Re-creating a Gummy Bear with flare, lactose-aided sour ale, Festivus Jelly, combined oaken cherry tartness, green grape esters and tannic vanilla above Graham Cracker honeyed wheat base.

Zestful herbal-cologned lemon juicing and mild mandarin orange tang admitted white-peppered sage, basil and tarragon seasoning to spice up lactic NEIPA, Standing On The Shoulders of Giants, a formidably hybridized elixir with grape-stemmed floral citrus Idaho 7 hops nudging mild mineral graining.  

Coffee-sugared milk chocolate sweetened The Teets Milk Stout, leaving ancillary Kahlua, espresso, cappuccino and vanilla illusions in its rich mocha wake.


TAPROOM — Human Village Brewing Co.


Formerly housing the Bus Stop Cafe, Pitman-based HUMAN VILLAGE BREWING COMPANY kept a lot of the nifty walled motifs when they opened up in November 2016. Sundry vinyl albums dot the walls of this boutique downtown nanobrewery with the intimate feel of a cozy public house hosting live speaking events and musical acts.

Head brewer Rich Myers served easygoing, approachable and soft-toned brews at the rear serving station while my wife and I grabbed a small table at the unfinished pergo vinyl-floored venue. However, we missed out on flagship Harlem Shake Singel, inspired by the creamily oats-sugared Belgian-styled Haarlem Bock, which was one of Myers’ earliest inspirations.

Maize-dried moderation, Walking On Sunshine Cream Ale, picked up green peppered lemon spicing and mildly smoked pale malting.

Easygoing Belgian pale ale, Beers & The Bees, brought raw-honeyed Scotch licks to spritzy lemon drop tartness and green grape esters.

That same raw-honeyed graining showed up in Brass Monkey Winter Ale, a mildly spiced white wine-licked moderation with brittle banana-bread base.

Crisply clean Kviek yeast subsumed From The Midnight Sun, a Scandinavian farmhouse ale with barley-smoked toasted breading sopping up dried orange tartness, dehydrated apple musk, juniper-licked hop bittering and soured Vienna lagering.

Perfumed citrus spicing graced Abbey Road IPA, leaving mild juniper-embittered lemony grapefruit zest on its dry plantain bottom.

Sour-nutted chocolate roast nearly hid the lemon-pitted bittering, tart blackberry pucker and rustic leathery bottom scouring Bet On Black Saison.

Coffee-burnt chocolate roast guarded tobacco-soured walnut bittering to the brown toast foundation of Brown Eyed Girl, a middling brown ale.

Brown chocolate-spiced burnt coffee tones gain wood-seared hop char for Cole’s Porter, a lightly roasted moderate-medium body.

Sly chocolate rye malting held oily nut souring in check for Rye Of The Tiger, a slightly vinous stout.