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Founding brewmaster Bob Rodriguez setup shop as PO’BOY BREWERY in Port Jefferson during January 2017. Inside a red brick-fronted 2,200 square-foot Industrial space, its loose New Orleans vibe gets reinforced by all the greenery, gazebos and decorative ephemera complementing the cement-floored nanobrewery. A gorgeous side-walled forest mural adds to the bayou splendor and caged Edison lights hang from the ceiling.

The wooden kiosk-like front bar, recalling a nifty backwoods shack, features a dozen-plus tree-branched tap handles. Silver tanks fill out the backroom brewing section. Most of Po’Boy’s delectable beer fare are one-offs, but a few recurrent brews have scratched the surface of an IPA-heavy lineup.

There were also a host of sour ales from the rear “Experimental Room” I didn’t get to try, including Miss Granny Smith Sour Golden, Sour Mash-Up (a marshmallowed kettle-sour with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry tartness), black tea-based Prickly Pear-Adox Sour Blonde, coconut creamed Coco-Stoutin’ To Impress and cask conditioned Shadow Of A Stout. Hard ciders are also available. A pub menu with pizzas and nachos sufficed.

Sweet millet-grained rice stayed soft for Ricey Business Lager, a pleasant lemon-fizzed light body perfect for casual tastes.

Tropical fruited IPA yeast and delicate hop spicing embraced My Cousin Kelly Blonde Ale, another soft-toned lightweight.

Dewy peat guided the mild raisin-date conflux, sweet autumn spicing and chalky chocolate parch of The Dark Schwartz Rises, a lightly barley-roasted German schwarzbier.

Molasses-draped cinnamon and nutmeg seasoned ‘yammy’ Pumpkin Out, picking up dry gourd earthiness over caramelized crystal malts.

Spiced orange, sweet cider and white peppered herbs nabbed Saison Rollin’ On, leaving a crystalline citric vodka kick.

Dry Irish stout, Shadow Of A Stout, coalesced black chocolate bittering with black licorice sweetness, gaining musty cellar funk along the way.

Easygoing IPA, East Coast State Of Mind, plied sweet navel orange, bitter yellow grapefruit and tangy pineapple to dry pine tones.

Delicate West Coast IPA, Just Peel It, let mildly spiced grapefruit-peeled orange tanginess and wispy pine resin ride atop dry pale malting.

Lightly honey-glazed Let’s IPA And Chill wrangled tangerine tanginess out of the misty tropical fruiting.

Bittersweet orange-peeled grapefruit tanginess allowed mild perfume spicing and dry piney hops to sidle Citrus Squeezebox IPA, another tropical delight.

Crisply clean lager yeast-induced One Hoppy Ending Cold IPA retained lemony grapefruit, orange and peach niceties above sweet white-riced amber graining.



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Taking up the first floor of a white-railed barn house across the street from Port Jefferson Harbor and amongst the sundry boutique shops crowding the pristine Chandler Square harbor front, PORT JEFF BREWING COMPANY was established October 2011. An enclosed outdoor side deck with barrel tables and a wraparound wood-planked covered porch offer plenty of seating for the diminutive pub.

Inside, a small serving station with twelve-plus taps sidles a glass-enclosed brewing area. Unlike most craft breweries, there is only one small table and some nautical decorations in the dinky brick-floored pub so most visitors buy growlers and cans to go.

My wife and I visited Port Jeff on a beautiful Sunday at noon, September ’23, to consume eleven well-rounded, diversified suds. I’d already discovered Port Jeff’s year-round brews such as Schooner Pale Ale, Runaway Ferry Imperial IPA, Porter and Starboard Oatmeal Stout (reviewed in Beer Index).

For a light-bodied starter, sessionable golden ale, Centennial Sunset, spread mild lemon zesting over sugary pale malts, retaining a clean Seltzer-like spritz.

Tartly sweet strawberry and spritzy lemon fizz received light vanilla creaming for amiable fruited blonde ale, Darryl Strawberry, named for the Met-Yankee baseball icon.

Approachable pale ale, Fresh Hop, plied mild lemon-dried Cascade hop bittering to floral spiced herbage and its white breaded base.

Mildly embittered pineapple, grapefruit and orange rind zesting soaked lightly pined IPA, Casa De Roberto, a dry pale malted moderation.

Lightly creamed vanilla froth guarded the lemony grapefruit peel bittering and resinous pine-hopped stickiness of Shiznit IPA, a straw-cleared moderate-medium body.

Lightly salted lemon-limed passionfruit tartness surfaced for fruited sour, Mermaid Tears, picking up white grapefruit and mandarin orange daubs above slightly acidulated wheat malts.

Rummy orange zesting given creamy vanilla froth and banana pureed sugaring to contrast the boozy vodka-induced 10.3% ABV silking, salty green grape esters and hard cider remnant of lusciously rich Orange Dream, a mighty tripel.

Meanwhile, semi-flagship tripel, Trippel H, caressed candied lemony orange tartness and peachy pineapple tanginess plus sweet banana-clove snips and chestnut daubs with soft herbal spicing above buttery pilsner malt sugaring.

Toned down pumpkin spicing, delicate roasted pumpkin salting and mild brown-sugared nutmeg and cinnamon gave seasonal Boo Brew its blanched flavor.

Chocolate syrup draped deep-fried banana chip sweetness for robust Banana Porter, leaving maple-glazed molasses and peanut-hazelnut snips in the dust.

Coffee-oiled black chocolate bittering in a soft tongued setting guided Coffee Porter – Nitro, a wildflower honeyed take on its flagship porter.