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Astonishingly transformative reddish-browned lenten rauchbier betters tremendous competition with its distinct beechwood-kilned smoked malting, blanketed cured meat sear and peaty challah-breaded amber lagering. Molasses-honeyed bacon grease, glazed ham and salami illusions deeply penetrate the sooty campfire-singed hickory char gripping the backend. Stylistic Band-aid waft awaits.  


Amazingly approachable Bamberg-styled smoked beer offers serene smoked beechwood pleasantry to sweet-spiced chocolate malts. Sooty campfire char deepens oncoming Canadian bacon and cured meat illusions. Sweeter than less defined rauchbiers that suffer from getting washed-out and losing initial smoked pleasantry.




Seattle’s Pillagers Pub offered satiny fresh-watered beechwood-smoked kiln-malted German-styled moderation. Fizzy hop-pepped lemon twist underscores evaporative salami-smoked cedar-charred maple-cindered soot. But ‘baron’ smoky resilience upended by sudsy soapiness as the bottle drains. Too soft and unassuming, but never offensive. Crisp, clean springtime session beer may be under-whelming for true traditionalists, but eminently approachable to others.


Languid ’08 ‘dark ale with touch of smokiness’ (previously known as ‘Charlie’ and now a permanent seasonal release) needs deeper flavor insistence. Dry-hopped meat-cured beechwood-smoked frontage drops off quickly as tranquil cocoa-powdered tartness rises above tobacco-leafed vegetal nuance. Staid hickory-smoked molasses malting fades into nutty chocolate murk.


Wispy moderate-bodied German-styled rauchbier places beechwood-smoked peat malts ahead of peppery Hallertau hop spicing and faded salami-bacon singe. Latent lemony orange sourness desiccates nutmeat illusions ’til rye bread finish picks up herbal dusting. On second passing, fizzy lime Seltzer soaping overwhelms any true German rauchbier character.


Peculiar maple-cured bacon, barbecued beef jerky, and singed hickory fumes inundate superfine porter that compares favorably to Germany’s Aecht rauchbiers. Upon pouring, chunky spume forms lusciously cascading tan head atop velvety brown-bodied bottom. Efficient cedar-smoked black chocolate prelude receives dry char-hopped tar-like coffee midriff, ancillary tobacco-molasses-walnut respite, and nimble black cherry trifle.