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Celebrating its 10th anniversary in September of 2023, ROSCOE BEER CO. continues to roll out fine approachable beers for the Catskill Mountains. Located at the fly fishing capitol of the world in the hamlet of Roscoe, its trusty tasting room and glass-encased brewtanks anchor a former 1,600 square-foot firehouse.

A silver grain silo welcomes beer lovers to the log cabin-sided microbrewery (with green aluminum awning). Tented wood benches, a grassy patio area (with tucked-in stage) and blue-tiled deck offer beautiful outdoor views of the mountains.

Inside the pub, a marbled concrete floor with two central oak trees, chop-block wood furnishings, lacquered wood paneling and hunting club paraphernalia provide a lodge-like feel. A colorful Woodstock festival signpost

The day before the 10th anniversary party, my wife and I stopped by Friday to enjoy all available Roscoe brews, then headed back Saturday for the official celebration, watching a cool local rock band while downing Eagle IPA and Red Wit & Blue before the closing celebratory fireworks. Roscoe Trout Town Two Headed Stout and American Amber Ale were quaffed a few years prior and reviewed in Beer Index.

Maybe our favorite, pinkish beige-cleared Red Wit & Blue (a fruited wheat ale), gave its tart raspberry-blueberry conflux a mild coriander spicing alongside wispy orange lollipop, Bazooka bubblegum and Bosc pear illusions.

Mild Fightin’ 29 Pilsner, a bohemian Czech-styled light body, spread honeyed lemon goodness all over musky hop herbage and white breaded pilsner malting.

Spritzy blonde ale, Peace Love & Ale, tossed lemon briskness, lemongrass oiling and musky grains at its floury white cracker base.

Sharp perfumed grapefruit spicing and blackcurrant tartness spackled Rainbow Red Ale, hiding its sweet amber graining.

Lightly pined citrus spicing engaged hazy IPA, Darwin’s Theory, letting candied pineapple, tangy orange peel and bitter grapefruit find room in a musty green hop setting.

Dark-roast hop pungency and piney residue embittered Eagle IPA, gaining orange-peeled pineapple and grapefruit zesting over its sweet caramel malt backing.

Another dark-roast hop-imbedded medium body, Trout Town Brown Ale, let lightly charred walnut, Brazil nut and cola nut dryness settle alongside mild toffee sweetness above lightly kilned barleymalts.