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Ready to move to its new digs on nearby Broad Street in Port Chester, RUN & HIDE BREWING CO. still occupied its Westchester Avenue space (opened August ’22) when my wife and I visited the cordial neighborhood pub February ’23.

Entrepreneurial brewer Tim Shanley, a former gypsy brewer with a solid rep, used the prohibition term, Run & Hide, as a description for the stark black and grey Industrial setting, bistro metal-seated curved bar (with tile stone top and eight central draught handles) and bi-fold windows.

A few small tables at the front window and a few more across the bar fill out the tavern. Gourmet food included Tessio (roasted red-peppered mozzerella cheese and prosciutto on roll) – which we enjoyed with the three house beers available.

Musky wet-grained minerality, floral-daubed herbal hops and saltine cracker-like pilsner malting satiated daintily expressive Stick With Grandma, a slightly bolder Italian pils with brisk lemon spritz and latent grassy astringency.

Dry lemon-salted maize astringency picked up celery-watered herbage and bubbly champagne wisps over fresh French breading for Remember Your First Beer, a fine mildly creamed kolsch.

Lactose-free Larry’s Liquid Love, a vibrant IPA, unfurled mellow lemony yellow grapefruit bittering to contrast sweet orange peel briskness and candied pineapple tanginess above its creamy oated wheat base. At zestful citrus finish, dry wood expanse prospered as slight guava-gooseberry tartness wavered alongside mild herbal licks.