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Inside an old freestanding red brick building just south of the town of Hudson on the rural back roads off Route 287, Livingston’s SAUREZ FAMILY BREWERY crafts some of the East Coast’s finest lagers, pale ales and saisons since opening June ’16.

Its large white room setting features three massive store front windows, five community tables, wall-bound art deco and high ceilings, creating grandiose splendor from simple auspices. Behind the small serving station lies a refrigerator area and the brew tanks.

Former Hill Farmstead brewer, Dan Saurez, not only crafts wholly approachable, crisp, clean and brisk brews, but each of the four previously untried brews I quaff on this sunny Sunday afternoon, December ’17, maintained an uncompromising originality and majestic aura.

First up, hoppy spelt-grained pale ale, Homespun, aligned tangy grapefruit, lemon and orange juicing with vinous green grape tartness in a fresh mineral-watered setting that gained straw-dried astringency.

Next, splendid wheat pale ale, Crispy Little, brought zesty lemon, grapefruit, orange, pineapple and peach tanginess to perfume-spiced hops and oats-dried wheat cracker malts, gaining the slightest vinous grape perk.

Countryside farmhouse pale ale, Big Night Saison, let subtle brettanomyces funk affect vinous green grape tartness as well as lemony white peach, pineapple and mango subtleties plus lemongrass-peppercorn snips to its grassy barnyard bottom.

Arguably the best selection in a fine field, Bandwidth, a highly approachable pale ale, plied sweet orange-tangerine-peach tanginess, zesty lemon spritz and mildly creamed cotton-candied sugar malts to  grassy hop resin.