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At the foothills of Silverthorne inside a reasonably large freestanding building a mere three miles west of Bakers Brewery, highly respected ANGRY JAMES BREWERY opened for biz January 26, 2018. Residing in the nondescript semi-industrial area just off Route 70, this glorified cafe features modern wood-designed furnishings, a 12-seat concrete-lacquered bar and enclosed side deck with gas fire pit.

The partnered Cultivate Kitchen serves a limited smattering of  ‘off beet local eats’ from veggie lovers plates to bison chili dogs to complement the delightful homemade suds crafted by entrepreneurial couple  AJ and Darcy Brinckerhoff.  Two electronic blackboards list the beers currently on hand and two TV’s keep sports fans at bay.

My wife and I plus long-time friend Dennis take seats at one of the community tables near the side-decked overhead door to consume all ten brews on hand this sunny March ’19 afternoon.

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Easygoing sugary pale-malted opener, Jake’s Pils, gained a musky wet-grained herbal hop pungency to contrast its caramelized lager yeast setting.

Just a tad beyond typical German pale ale styling, efficiently light-bodied Bavarian Blonde utilized gooseberry-soured, tangerine-sweetened Mandarina hops to engage its dry cereal-grained bottom.

Candi-sugared Belgian blonde, Pali Wog Pale Ale, stayed dryer than stylistically expected as herbaceous white-peppered spicing saddled lemon meringue tartness, lemon rind bittering and lemon-candied sugaring, gaining tertiary banana, peach and green apple illusions as well as possible sage-thyme passages.

Sour lemon-drop candy draped phenol banana-clove soaping above creamed wheat flouring of moderate Alpen Weisse, a dryer stylistic take on a German-styled hefeweizen.

Dry Imperial Red Ale, The Emperor’s Red Robe, sufficed with its dewy moss sweetness contrasting resinous pine tones alongside sweet orange-spiced grape juicing before mild sarsaparilla bark adds tea-like residue.

Straight-ahead Terrifica Double IPA brought tangy citrus spicing to mild piney juniper bittering and sticky pine resin.

Briskly vibrant grapefruit-peeled orange juicing enlivened Tricentric IPA, bringing light caramel spicing to the fore as spritzy lemon, tangerine and tangelo undertones flutter.

Sinewy honeyed Scotch malts and dewy rye breading inundated Norwegian Farmhouse, an offbeat saison with mild green grape esters and orange-lemon liqueur enticement gaining a briny vodka snip.

Creamily soft-toned Two Tone Footer Stout – Nitro let cinnamon-toasted coconut sweetness and dark chocolate malting rub up against Graham Cracker-like wheat sugaring, changing the complexion of the richer, carbonated, coffee beaned Two Tone Footer.

At nearby competitor Bakers Brewery, sipped serene wheat wine, Gin-U-Wine, a unique ginger-spiced hybrid with mild juniper berry bittering skewing its lemon-peeled grains of paradise tartness and pine-needled lavender and rosehips illusions.



The Bakers' Brewery - craft beer and food in Silverthorne, CO


Inside a freestanding blue-and-gold brick edifice just off Route 70, Silverthorne’s BAKERS BREWERY opened March 2015. Formerly the historic Village Inn, Bakers Brewery’s café-styled dining space at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains offers not only a friendly assortment of beers, but also homemade pub-styled dishes, creative cocktails and freshly baked goods.

Doing a fine job creating a ‘contemporary brewpub experience,’  Bakers Brewery centers around its stellar granite-marbled beetle wood bar (with rusted corrugated tin siding). An open kitchen serves the bistro-like tables and chairs sidling the bar while TV’s line all corners. Semi-private back seating’s available near the 15-barrel brewing system and a small outside patio offers further space.

Working at nearby Dillon Dam for 15 years prior, experienced brew master Corey Forster crafts a full range of popular local faves, everchanging one-offs and infused concoctions. During my relaxing two-hour afternoon perusal, March ’19, I sampled eight of Forster’s delightful potions while looking out at the snow-covered Colorado mountain range.

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First up, zestful Cotton Mouth Killer Session IPA laced lemony grapefruit-orange peel bittering with dainty floral herbage above caramelized pale malting.

Next, citrus-spiced dark fruiting engaged Belgian Rebellion Pale Ale, loading fig-apricot-plum niceties alongside lemony orange tanginess and peppery herbal hops atop caramelized rye malting.

Perhaps Bakers’ finest offering, durable Double Diamond Imperial Red Ale brought caramel-spiced honey nut sweetness to tropical citric hop fruiting and tertiary fig-prune notions.

Leathery red wine tannins pervaded Bourbon Barrel Sour Saison, a dry farmhouse ale forwarding vinous bourbon-aged burgundy tones to puckered lemon lime acidity.

Sharply dry Winter Is Coming Imperial Dark Saison placed plum, prune and date illusions beside its spruce-tipped chai tea spicing, picking up caramelized wheat sweetness over time.

Brown-breaded earthen grains consumed spot-on Barking Dog Brown Ale, an English-styled Mild Ale with lightly seared nuttiness and dark cocoa snips pervading brown-sugared molasses malts.

Merrily mocha-infused Tag-Along Sweet Stout allowed rich chocolate, cocoa and coffee tones to engage nutty pecan-almond notions slightly embittered by walnut-charred blackened hop oiling.

Lustrous Sumatra coffee beans detailed lovely French Silk Stout, a creamily mocha-heavy full body with smoky dark chocolate and powdery cocoa undertones gaining mild earth-scorched hop bitterness.