Winter Hill Brewery Installs Walk-in Cooler


A rustic hillside pub in the heart of Somerville and a mile east of Aeronaut, WINTER HILL BREWING COMPANY opened in 2016. Specializing in small batch beer as well as craft coffee and fine pub fare (BBQ, sausages and sandwiches) this freestanding industrial brewery-cafe overlooks the Boston skyline in a shop-filled residential neighborhood.

Winter Hill’s interior features a capacious lacquered wood serving station with a few chairs surrounding the bar and Edison lights plus exposed pipes dangling from a black ceiling. A four-tabled patio deck with Trex composite decking adds further seating.

My wife and I took seats at the front window across from the large refrigeration unit during our March ’21 rendezvous to try all three current draught offerings.

Winter Hill Brewing Company Cafe is Now Open

Sessionable saison, Testing Testing, bent stylistic boundaries as its expectant lemony perfumed herbage and earthen wood rusticity received intensified lemongrass tartness and quirky lavender-chamomile-mums florality.

Zestful hazy yellow glowed IPA, Johnny Juice Bomb, paraded sweet orange-peeled pineapple, mango and peach tanginess alongside salted lemon-candied grapefruit tartness, leaving floral-daubed pine resin upon its sharp citrus-spiced finish.

Bittersweet raspberry-pureed carob tartness anchored Raspberry Russian Ending (a fruited offshoot of Russian Ending Imperial Stout), picking up chocolate-covered cherry, strawberry rhubarb, raspy raspberry and blueberry compote illusions in a semi-sweet chocolate setting.


Aeronaut Brewing Company | Just Beer


Inside a cavernous unfinished warehouse, Somerville’s AERONAUT BREWING CO. opened 2014 and soon after began operations at nearby Aeronaut Cannery. Just off Union Square down an alleyway to a glass-doored entrance, the huge cement-floored indoor facility features simple cafeteria tables and plastic seats plus a 20-plus seat L-shaped bar. Already crafting 100-plus seasonal, one-off and recurring brews in its first six years, Aeronaut has annually increased capacity.

My wife and I grab a folding chaired table near the Venezuelan cuisine booth in a dank room left of the bar area while others brave the cold March ’21 dinnertime breeze at the benched picnic tables outside.

We tried the flagship pilsner and a mocha dessert treat before heading to Boston’s Little Italy for an exquisite meal at Rabia’s Dolce Fumo.

Mild lager-malted Robot Crush coalesced lightly spiced apricot-dried peach tones with earthen raw-honeyed minerality and quaint Citra-hopped lemony orange zest.

Bittersweet creme bruleed dark chocolate engaged caramel-roasted Creme Brulee Pastry Stout, leaving dried cherry, vanilla cream and toffee illusions on the back end.