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Inside a nondescript tan and brown-bricked Industrial mall within walking distance of White Birch, Nashua’s SPYGLASS BREWING COMPANY came to fruition in 2018. A partnership between four scientist/engineers, Spyglass’ towering stainless steel brew tanks serve ‘innovative artisan beer.’

The loungey nanobrewery, a cozy community tabled pub specializing in fruited sours and India Pale Ales, features a small-countered five-seat bar boasting twelve white-tiled draught handles plus art deco pendant lighting, wood mesh floor and orange side-walled Spyglass insignia.

Spyglass Brewing, Nashua's Hidden Gem - NH Flavors

Dry light-bodied zwickelbier, Lockern, retained mild Vienna malt sugaring against hay-like Saaz hop herbage, sour lemon musk and skunky cabbage snip.

Caramelized banana-pureed whipped creaming gained candi-syrupy bubblegum sugaring and pleasant clove-coriander reminder atop buttery sourdough base of Perpetual, a nearly perfect Abbey-styled tripel allowing ancillary Chardonnay, lemon meringue and butterscotch illusions to contrast fungi-dried white peppering and salty Saaz/Tettnang hop herbage (with unassuming 9.2% ABV).

Easygoing Imperial IPA, First Luminous Objects, stayed sedate as lemony grapefruit-seeded bittering reached sweet orange-peeled peach and mango spritz over delicate pale malt sugaring.

Another elegantly approachable IPA, New England-styled Double Helix, let ripe yellow grapefruit tanginess, perky lemon zesting and peachy pineapple snips contrast salty guava and green grape tartness and grassy hop astringency as its soft creamy fluff subsided.

Lively hazy golden NEIPA, Interstellar, retained a cumulous-headed froth as lemony yellow grapefruit sunshine spread across sweet orange peel, tangy pineapple and tart peach regalia plus sour gooseberry, white grape and guava cluster, allowing salty herbal pining to slightly impact juicy citrus-spiced finish.

Meanwhile, boldly dense golden-hazed NEIPA, Fuzzy Logic, packed an unassuming 7.8% ABV punch as orange-sugared white grapefruit zesting and peachy tangerine-pineapple tang enjoined Nelson Sauvin hop-derived gooseberry-guava saltiness and lightly juniper-embittered pine lacquering.

Soothing floral-daubed citrus spicing engaged the pine lacquered foundation of Aspect Oriented, a debonair Imperial IPA evenly spreading grapefruit-peeled orange, pineapple, peach and papaya tropicalia.

Juicy golden-hazed Imperial IPA, Object Oriented, spread Citra/Mosaic-hopped lemony orange and grapefruit tanginess, Rakau/Simcoe-hopped pine resin and limey mango, passionfruit and guava salting all over its sugary crystal malt spine, leaving a candied citrus coating.

Gooey sea green-hazed kettle sour with lactose, Superconductor, let limey blue raspberry syrup drape skittish pineapple, peach and banana tartness but lacked counteractive vanilla-sugared marshmallow sweetness.